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aging; brain/mood health; cardiovascular health; children's nutrition; digestive health; energy and alertness; general health and wellness; herbal medicine; immune health; maternal and infant health; men’s health; mobility; nutraceuticals; nutricosmetics; plant-based; salt reduction; sports nutrition; stress and inflammation; sugar reduction; supplements; vegan; weight management; women’s health


Univar Solutions is a leading global specialty chemical and ingredient distributor representing a premier portfolio from the world's leading producers. With the industry's largest private transportation fleet and technical sales force, unparalleled logistics know-how, deep market and regulatory knowledge, formulation and recipe development, and leading digital tools, the Company is well-positioned to offer tailored solutions and value-added services to a wide range of markets, industries, and applications. The food and nutraceuticals businesses are some of the organization's fast-growing industries through product innovation, technical experience and capabilities of its solution centers. Learn more at univarsolutions.com

Products / Markets

A selection of ingredient categories in our nutraceutical portfolio include:
Dietary fibers
Mineral salts and fortification
Natural preservatives
Nutritional lipids
Protein fortification
Sweeteners and sugar alternatives

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Articles On Nutrition Insight
A girl washes broccoli in the sink.


Beyond The Headlines: US’ growing nutrition insecurity, Tate & Lyle dubbed “Climate Leaders”

17 May 2024 --- This week in nutrition news, Feeding America revealed the results of its “Map the Meal Gap” study. At the same time, Tate & Lyle was recognized as a European climate... Read More

Vitafoods Europe 2024 overview of exhibitor booths.


Supplementation tech: Spotlight on innovative delivery formats at Vitafoods 2024

17 May 2024 --- At this week’s global nutraceutical trade event, Vitafoods Europe 2024, companies showcased their solutions and technologies in supplement innovations to offer manufacturers... Read More

Various supplement formats


Sirio Pharma earns healthy turnover on the international supplement market

17 May 2024 --- Global nutraceutical specialist Sirio Pharma reports a 43% increase in turnover due to international sales, bringing the company’s revenue to US$508 million. Sirio’s... Read More

A man with a beard drinking milk.


Strategic shift: Fonterra to divest Oceania and Sri Lankan businesses for dairy ingredients focus

17 May 2024 --- Dairy giant Fonterra is planning “full or partial divestment” of some or all of its global consumer businesses, including Fonterra Oceania and Fonterra Sri Lanka. The... Read More

German food potatoes plant toxins


Natural toxins in food can be a health hazard, warns German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment

17 May 2024 --- The majority of Germans (53%) are not aware of the existence of natural plant toxic substances, finds a new survey by the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR). These... Read More


FAO: Expert nutritionist highlights plans to revive Africa’s “forgotten crops”  

17 Apr 2024 --- Dr. Mphumuzi Sukati is a senior nutrition and food systems officer at the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Ghana. He discusses the FAO’s recently released compendium identifying 100 underutilized crops, also referred to as the “forgotten foods of Africa,” which have the potential to boost nutrition security on the continent. Dr. Sukati elaborates on the significance and nutritional benefits of some of these crops, which are indigenous or well-suited to the local environment.


Foodvalley: Boosting vitality through expanded personalized nutrition offer

02 Apr 2024 --- At the publication launch of the first pilot’s outcomes in Foodvalley’s Vitality via Personalized Nutrition Solutions (VIPS) program, we caught up with Dr. Judith van der Horst-Graat, the organization’s innovation lead for Food and Health, to discuss the trial’s main outcomes where organizations combined personalized nutrition services and products into one offering. In the VIPS program, Foodvalley aims to create a blueprint for profitable and viable personalized nutrition entrepreneurship models.


NPEW 2024 live: Cargill details latest research on stevia safety and health benefits 

28 Mar 2024 --- At Natural Products Expo West (NPEW) we talked to Alyssa Leyva, Cargill’s product line manager for high-intensity sweeteners, about the company’s latest research on its stevia sweetener, finding no significant impact on gut microflora. She also highlighted how another study showed that consuming stevia-sweetened beverages pre-meal reduced feelings of hunger and calorie intake. 


NPEW 2024 live: Novonesis spots need for “deep science” in biosolutions

26 Mar 2024 --- At Natural Products Expo West (NPEW), Jérôme Caussin, health category innovation director at Novonesis, highlights the company’s latest biosolution technologies for brain health. He details the importance of scientific evidence for natural solutions to meet consumer demand for transparency and efficacy. 


ShareAction: NGO insights on Nestlé shareholder scrutiny over the nutritious qualities of products

22 Mar 2024 --- The co-head of health at the responsible investment-focused NGO ShareAction, Thomas Abrams, goes into detail as to why a coalition of Nestlé shareholders, holding US$1.68 trillion in company assets, filed a resolution against the F&D world leader last week. Nestlé has rejected the shareholder criticism that it offers too many “unhealthy and not enough healthy products.”

Technical Papers

Magtein®: Better Magnesium, BETTER BRAIN

05 Feb 2024 --- Together with our partner AIDP, Disproquima presents Magtein®, an innovative Magnesium threonate salt that improves memory, alleviate anxiety, and help to prevent cognitive decline. Magtein® is the only magnesium compound that has been shown by two double blind placebo-controlled studies to effectively raise the brain’s magnesium levels, which leads to enhanced learning abilities, working memory, and short-and long-term memory.This Technical Paper is from Disproquima. 


Mobility Market Report: Meeting Consumer Needs and New Opportunities.

29 Jan 2024 --- Holistic health starts with good mobility. Laying the foundation for key aspects of wellbeing; fostering strength and flexibility, while supporting mental health. Download the paper to discover FruiteX-B®, the new patented, novel food approved ingredient igniting new opportunities with a mobility health movement.This Technical Paper is from vaneeghen. 


Omega-3: Nutrition and Application Insight

18 Dec 2023 --- This technical paper cites research and market data to highlight the crucial role of Omega-3 in cardiovascular health, Alzheimer’s disease, and its anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating functions. Additionally, this paper explores the application of CABIO’s Omega-3 in prenatal nutrition, dietary supplementation, and in food and beverage solutions.This Technical Paper is from Cabio Biotech.


Targeted Delivery with Genuine Liposomes

25 Sep 2023 --- Pharmako Biotechnologies, Gencor’s partner company, developed PlexoZome®, a genuine liposomal delivery technology that increases bioavailability and format versatility. With various ready-to-go formulations, PlexoZome® technology is a cutting-edge innovation that improves the efficacy and capability of hydrophilic ingredients in the core and lipophilic in the bilayer, or both.This Technical Paper is from Gencor. 


Demystifying EU Health Claim Regulation: Understanding the Basics

21 Aug 2023 --- Our comprehensive guide on EU Health Claim Regulation provides a clear and concise overview of the fundamental principles and requirements governing health claims for functional food products in Europe. Gain a solid understanding of the EU Health Claim Regulation.This Technical Paper is from Atlantia Clinical Trials. 


The NutriPod (#12): Hispanic Food Communications CEO talks about nutrition and the Blue Zone diet

17 Jan 2024 --- In this episode, we speak to Sylvia Klinger, nutrition consultant and founder of Hispanic Food Communications about the relevance and rise of the Blue Zone diet. Having grown up in Loma Linda, the popularized zone in California, US she is uniquely positioned to describe nutritional principles in relation to the diet. Klinger provides her career insights and personal approach to nutrition, in the context of the region and food culture she grew up in.  


The NutriPod (#10): Breakthroughs in gut-brain axis: ADM looks at supporting mental well-being with gut science

15 Nov 2023 --- In this episode, we speak with Dr. Viktoriya Nikolova, a medical science liaison for ADM. Dr. Nikolova explains recent findings in the field as well as how ADM’s ingredients may be used to support mood and other aspects of mental well-being. Lastly, Dr. Nikolova discusses what the future holds regarding research and innovation in the gut-brain space.


The NutriPod (#9): Gencor highlights potential and developments in women’s health and nutrition market 

18 Oct 2023 --- In this episode, we speak with Mariko Hill, global innovation manager at Gencor, to discuss the women’s health and active nutrition market, developments in ingredients and products on the market and which functional ingredients are missing for female health. She also highlights several ingredients that Gencor offers for women’s nutrition and their benefits, detailing the role of scientific and consumer research in the company’s product development.


NutriPod (#7): Lonza highlights viability of UC-II undenatured type-II collagen

16 Aug 2023 --- In this episode, we speak with Emily Navarro, Lonza’s global product marketing manager for nutrition products and services, and Amy Sunderman, the company’s director of R&D for ingredients regarding the potential for Lonza’s UC-II ingredient in the functional food and beverage sector in light of a new benchtop study, which demonstrated its retention under different processing and manufacturing conditions. 


NutriPod (#5): Businesses should see sustainability as a “necessary strategy to safeguard future supply of ingredients” 

12 Jun 2023 --- Monique van de Vijver, innovation manager health at the Solidaridad Network, discusses the organization’s recent move to introduce high-value botanicals to smallholder farmers to give them a higher income and drive the transition to more ecological production practices. Van De Vijver goes over sustainability issues in the medicinal plant industry and how the organization aims to overcome these in a project in India.


The Editor Presents: Flavor Fusion Ready Meals

02 May 2024 --- Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor, Missy Green, in a 15-minute roundup of themes from the ready meal edition. Discover how small ingredients like yeast are making a big impact on savory flavor, as well as modern fermentation techniques to perfect the taste and nutrition of plant-based foods. Cooking at home has gotten more exciting as consumers aim to reign in spending with chef-inspired and fusion flavors. We’ll also explore “an ocean of possibilities” with hydrocolloids from the sea and the FDA’s new Food Traceability Rule—FSMA 204. In other news, brands should beware of SARMs, unauthorized muscle-building supplement ingredients, which are appearing in online stores. 


How can natural vanillin tackle your taste challenges?

25 Apr 2024 --- The food market is currently facing a shift in social dynamics, contributing to strong performance in the global nutrition market, which is moving from a sport and weight management focus to a wider health and wellness category. As a leading and historical producer of synthetic and natural vanillins, Syensqo will present the range of benefits natural vanillin can offer for nutrition products, backed by scientific evidence and case studies.


Understanding Sustainable Nutrition

12 Mar 2024 --- Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute (KHNI) has determined that Sustainable Nutrition is a key Mega Trend shaping the industry in 2024. Food is at the heart of one of the biggest challenges of our time – how do we feed a growing population whilst managing the accelerated environmental degradation of our planet? We urgently need to find solutions.


The Editor Presents: Functional & Flavorful Beverages

07 Mar 2024 --- Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor, Missy Green, in a 15-minute roundup of themes from the beverage edition. Wellness tea, no- and low-alcohol beverages and health-enhancing drinks are growing, but so are premium, higher-in-alcohol offerings. We’ll explore opportunities in adult beverages across Europe and Asia as well as “smart” ingredients for adding nootropics to energy or sports drinks.


Elevating Women's Health through Nutrition Innovation

05 Mar 2024 --- Explore the latest consumer trends shaping the industry, gain insights into the specific expectations women have from their supplements and uncover the fastest-growing subcategories. Powered by insights from Innova and the Industry Transparency Center. We will then provide an overview of the cutting-edge ingredients and nutritional science with speakers from ADM, Gnosis and KD Pharma. We will finish with ready-to-launch unique concepts that go beyond traditional pills, offering solutions that enable brand owners to stand out and succeed in the competitive women's health market.