NPD in action: Dairy proteins

Sep 2020

The use of dairy proteins in food and beverages continues to grow. With an average annual growth of 21 percent globally between 2015 and 2019, Sports Nutrition is the fastest growing category of launches containing dairy proteins. Dairy manufacturers are innovating their products to fit within high-protein and active lifestyle demands, bridging the gap between traditional dairy and sports nutrition.


Danone YoPro Cherry Yoghurt (Australia). Cherry flavored yogurt in a plastic doy pouch. Packed with seriously high protein and no added sugar, this is a healthy snack that will give you the right fuel to keep going. 0 added sugar. 0 artificial sweeteners. 0.3 percent fat content. High in natural protein. Contains 15 g protein. Australia Team partner. Limited edition. Proudly fueling the Australian Olympic Team at Tokyo 2020. Made in Australia from at least 96 percent Australian ingredients with Australian milk. No preservatives, gelatin, artificial colors and flavors.