Jun 2023

There is a steep growth in baby and toddler launches featuring human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) as an ingredient. With an annual compound growth of 93%, the launches when comparing 2018 and 2022 launches. Most of the launches in 2022 were baby formula and milk. The top health claims for product launches with HMOs were brain and immunity. These products are often paired with DHA claims.


Ethical Nutrition Nutribaby Stage 1 Milk-Based Formula Powder for Infants up to six months (Argentina)

  • Stage 1 milk-based formula powder for infants up to six months. 
  • Containing HMO (2'FL/LNnT), prebiotics, probiotics, DHA and ARA. 
  • HMOs are the third solid component (in quantity) of human milk. The 2'FL and LNnT represent the highest percentage of the average LH oligosaccharides. They have a chemical structure identical to LH, ensuring their benefits.
  • HMOs are clinically proven to keep babies healthier. 
  • It has proven additional benefits in intestinal health, allergy, brain development and cognition while promoting a healthy microbiota.