women's health

17 Jun 2021
--- Kindra has closed a US$4.5 million seed funding round to expand and grow its menopause offerings. The US-based brand, which is backed by P&G Ventures, aims to drive a cultural shift around menopause, which has been... Read More
17 Jun 2021
--- Nutrafol has developed Nutrafol Postpartum, a physician-formulated nutraceutical supplement that targets the root causes of hair thinning in postpartum women.
16 Jun 2021
--- Pharmactive’s Affron ingredient, a saffron extract, was linked to improved psychological symptoms in perimenopausal women in a new study. The company says this opens a “new health category” in its offering... Read More
09 Jun 2021
--- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released guidance outlining key investments for the nutrition sector within President Biden’s Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Request – the President’s recommendation... Read More
07 Jun 2021
--- Children born to mothers who took fish oil during pregnancy have been found to have faster problem-solving skills and greater attention focus, according to a new study.
07 Jun 2021
--- Women-led health and wellness brand Rae has landed US$9.5 million through a series A investment round. The company says it plans to use the financing to build on the “skyrocketing” growth in supplement demand it... Read More
01 Jun 2021
--- Sweden-based Probi and the Competence Centre on Health Technologies (CCHT) have signed a long-term R&D collaboration agreement that aims to develop new products based on probiotic lactobacilli strains.As part of the... Read More
18 May 2021
--- The debate over omega 3’s health benefits has been reignited by new research from the Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute (IHHI) in Salt Lake City, US. It found higher EPA blood levels alone lowered the risk of... Read More
23 Apr 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, Probi showed “good growth” in its first-quarter financial report, while Verdure Sciences got its Longvida curcumin extract approved for sale in Brazil. Also, research revealed a... Read More
22 Apr 2021
--- Probi’s FerroSorb supplement concept improves the iron status of pregnant women, according to the results of a recent study. Based on the probiotic strain Lactiplantibacillus plantarum 299v (Lp299v), the product was... Read More
12 Apr 2021
--- Nestlé Research has linked a specific blend of myo-inositol (a type of sugar), probiotics, riboflavin, zinc and vitamins D, B6 and B12 to the decreased incidence of preterm birth when consumed before and during... Read More
12 Mar 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) announced the winners of its AHPA Awards, while Gencor had its herbal extract AGEprost approved for prostate health claims. Meanwhile, Aker... Read More
11 Mar 2021
--- Swedish probiotics company Probi is entering into a collaboration with La Trobe University in Australia to investigate the relationship between the gut microbiome and bone health. Supported by novel techniques, the... Read More
08 Mar 2021
--- The women’s health sector still faces challenges from overcoming gender stereotypes to educating consumers about probiotic strains. However, this space also holds major potential as the world faces a... Read More
05 Mar 2021
--- Personalized diets based on sex and age are key to optimizing mental health and well-being, according to a cross-sectional study conducted at Binghamton University, US. The research, now published in Nutrients, analyzed data... Read More
04 Mar 2021
--- Despite addressing demands as ancient as humanity, the women’s health space has never looked so modern. The sector is continuing to evolve in tune with busy lifestyles and a reframing of womanhood itself.
26 Feb 2021
--- In nutrition news this week, Glanbia’s performance nutrition unit revealed a decline in its 2020 revenue compared to last year, but says it is optimistic for the future. Evolva also reported a drop in earnings incurred... Read More
25 Feb 2021
--- Ferring, Rebiotix and MyBiotics have entered into a multi-year collaboration to develop live microbiota-based biotherapeutics to address bacterial vaginosis (BV). BV is a common vaginal infection among women of reproductive... Read More
25 Feb 2021
--- Breast milk may provide infant children with protection against toxins and pollutants, according to research that has uncovered a range of microbiome species never seen before in human milk. The study authors suggest... Read More
11 Feb 2021
--- The Functional Chocolate Company is marrying health benefits with indulgence in its first range of chocolates. The US-based newcomer says its four offerings address the most-cited conditions that impact women: PMS,... Read More