women's health

12 May 2022
--- Arla Foods Ingredients has obtained a positive opinion from the European Food and Safety Authority (EFSA) on their new infant formula. The statement declares that the formula would be classified as a novel food concerning... Read More
11 May 2022
--- New research funded by the US National Institutes of Health has found that those who develop high blood pressure-related disorders during pregnancy are at a significantly higher risk of future cardiac events, such as heart... Read More
11 May 2022
--- Royal DSM is showcasing its latest “purpose-led” offerings for the immunity, gut, brain and maternal health categories. As global communities emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic and new consumption habits are... Read More
11 May 2022
--- While there is a gamut of heart-health risks specific to women, they remain underrepresented in heart disease research, according to a new report by American Heart Association.
10 May 2022
--- Women’s wellness brand O Positiv is launching Meno, a supplement to support women experiencing the effects of menopause. The product is said to combat common symptoms, including hot flashes, night sweats and mood... Read More
10 May 2022
--- SternLife and SternVitamins – subsidiaries of the German-based food ingredients enterprise Stern-Wywiol Gruppe – has launched vegan protein bars, water-soluble powder supplements and micronutrient premixes.
02 May 2022
--- DSM’s Hologram Sciences is seizing a “US$600 billion” industry opportunity by offering “comprehensive, science, technology and diagnostic-led solutions in the menopause space,” where few fixes... Read More
29 Apr 2022
--- The infant formula industry is using every trick in the book to gain access to pregnant women and mothers, using marketing techniques which should have long been prevented, a damning report by the World Health Organization... Read More
26 Apr 2022
--- Higher vitamin D levels are associated with lower breast cancer rates among women of color, according to a new study of Black and Latina women. The findings are expected to impact nutrition advice and medical recommendations.
19 Apr 2022
--- Nutrition company Farlong Nutraceutical has initiated the “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) assessment process for its plant extract, Persicaria Capitata (Polygoni Capitati Herba) on US markets. The... Read More
08 Apr 2022
--- This week in nutrition news, Flavorchem unveiled a state-of-the-art pilot plant at their US-based Downers Grove campus. CBD American Shaman released its cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) cannabigerol acid (CBGA) Extract product for... Read More
06 Apr 2022
--- Despite inflationary pressures and increased input costs, Chr. Hansen is reporting strong organic growth amounting to 14% for Q2 of the 2021/2022 financial year. According to the latest interim report spanning between... Read More
05 Apr 2022
--- Nutrition deficits are becoming increasingly evident in Ukraine as the war rages on, with severe malnutrition fears. Currently, nearly one-third of trapped Ukrainians are facing food shortages, according to the Food and... Read More
01 Apr 2022
--- This week in nutrition news, BASF confirmed its climate targets for the years ahead, pledging a net-zero emissions goal by 2050. The company unveiled the steps it will take to implement this, such as reducing product-related... Read More
28 Mar 2022
--- Maypro is now an authorized retailer of NZMP’s BifidoB HN019 and LactoB HN001 probiotic strains in North America, as well as other strains in development.
23 Mar 2022
--- Healthy diets that prioritize gut health can help offset menopause-linked changes to metabolism. This is according to an investigation from personalized nutrition company Zoe, which is also highlighting the importance of... Read More
23 Mar 2022
--- Wellness company Lean Factor is unveiling its EmpowHER supplement, featuring an adaptogen blend that may alleviate adverse effects of prolonged stress in women. EmpowHER contains 52 natural herbs, vitamins and minerals.
10 Mar 2022
--- US-based Blueshift Nutrition is launching its hydro-nutrient system, which includes an app-powered, motion-sensing Wellness Bottle and tasty functional beverage blends. The buttonless bottles are modeled after the latest... Read More
03 Mar 2022
--- Many areas of women’s health like mental well-being and sexual wellness are currently overlooked, leaving ample space for innovation.This is according to industry experts who speak to NutritionInsight ahead of... Read More
25 Feb 2022
--- This week in nutrition news, BASF releases 2021 financials and intends to enhance its Nutrition & Care segment. The Federal Trade Commission is returning US$930,000 to consumers because of untrue health claims.... Read More