women's health

25 Oct 2021
--- Flo Vitamins, a premenstrual syndrome (PMS) gummy producer, is releasing its parent brand O Positiv, which will cater to women’s wellness and beauty needs. O Postiv will also feature new products across a... Read More
20 Oct 2021
--- Middle-market private equity firm Gryphon Investors is acquiring Metagenics, a nutraceutical company that develops and manufactures lifestyle medicines. The acquisition will bolster Metagenics’ portfolio of global... Read More
19 Oct 2021
--- Wellness brand Hum Nutrition is launching Fan Club, an estrogen-free solution for managing perimenopause and menopause symptoms. The launch also seeks to normalize the conversation on menopause and “help women feel... Read More
13 Oct 2021
--- Consumers are taking health more into their own hands as shopping has migrated online in the lingering wake of COVID-19. Trust in supplement brands and on-pack claims have become increasingly important as consumers make... Read More
04 Oct 2021
--- As the fall season rolls in, industry players are commencing budget meetings to decide on upcoming product projects for 2022. NutritionInsight speaks to a PharmaLinea executive who details the future trends in industry in... Read More
22 Sep 2021
--- Non-hormonal menopause supplements provider Equelle – part of Pharmavite – is spotlighting the “significant” lack of communication between women and their health care providers (HCPs) about menopause.... Read More
20 Sep 2021
--- Folic acid is on track to be added to UK flour to help prevent spinal birth defects in babies, the UK government is preparing to announce. It is estimated that the move will prevent up to 200 birth defects a year, but could... Read More
13 Sep 2021
--- Country Life Vitamins has unveiled Women’s Line, supplements targeting key aspects of the female body to help ensure that women get the care and support they need daily.
01 Sep 2021
--- Synbio Tech’s SynForU-HerCare lactobacilli strain is effective in treating vaginal candidiasis (VC). This is according to a study, which supports that this probiotic is beneficial to pregnant women, particularly in... Read More
31 Aug 2021
--- Canadian researchers are calling for greater awareness of iron levels during pregnancy, following the revelation that 40 percent of pregnant women in Ontario never had their iron levels checked. Half of the women who did... Read More
27 Aug 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, EnWave Corporation and Dole Worldwide Food & Beverages Group, a division of Dole Asia Holdings, revealed a strategic partnership to develop nutrition solutions using fruits and vegetables.... Read More
26 Aug 2021
--- For the first time, research is shining light on the rate of people’s exposure to the potentially carcinogenic substance acrylamide in the Spanish population. An analysis conducted by Spanish researchers detected the... Read More
09 Aug 2021
--- Simplex Health, a US-based medical nutrition company focused on preventing and reversing chronic diseases, has launched FitNatal – an on-demand fitness program for expectant mothers. FitNatal was designed to help women... Read More
06 Aug 2021
--- The consumption of plant-based foods can boost heart health, according to two research studies published in the open access Journal of the American Heart Association. In two separate studies analyzing different plant food... Read More
05 Aug 2021
--- Akay Natural Ingredients’ Fenusmart, an organic extract of fenugreek, supports hormonal balance and improves sexual dysfunction among young, healthy women, according to a study. The ingredient did not produce side... Read More
30 Jul 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, Bioiberica received certification for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management system, which aligns with the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). Meanwhile, Nestlé launched... Read More
22 Jul 2021
--- Her1 has closed a series A investment round of €5.5 million (US$6.5 million), which will help the female wellness brand grow in Europe. The Germany-based company, which focuses on natural and plant-based ingredients,... Read More
12 Jul 2021
--- Supplementation with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) during pregnancy at 1,000 mg per day significantly reduces the risk of early preterm birth (EPB), or birth before 34 weeks gestation. This is according to a new... Read More
09 Jul 2021
--- Taking a protein hydrolysate supplement during carbohydrate-restricted training helps women, but not men, increase training intensity. This is according to a new study that will be presented this week at the Physiological... Read More
09 Jul 2021
--- US-based supplement specialist Pharmavite has acquired urinary health brand Uqora in efforts to expand the “underserved” women’s health market. The acquisition will grow the reach of Uqora’s urinary... Read More