oral & eye health

15 Sep 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) sounded the alarm about rising poverty rates among the US’ aging population. Also, Meals on Wheels America gave grants to several local organizations to... Read More
25 Aug 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, No Kid Hungry unveiled a program to thank school workers for their roles in child nutrition. Meanwhile, a survey found that most US citizens trust the whole grain label and strive to include more... Read More
04 Aug 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Soul Strips unveiled its “hyperconvenient” vitamin-delivering tooth strips – for humans and pets. Meanwhile, Vital Proteins unveiled new fall-flavored collagen peptides. Also,... Read More
28 Jul 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) collaborated with sports nutrition brand C4 for a line of co-branded performance supplements. Also, Xim unveiled a “new” nutrition category based... Read More
09 Jun 2023
--- Adding more dark leafy greens and yellow or orange vegetables to athletes’ diets may help improve how well they see a target at a distance. According to US-based researchers, brightly colored foods are high in lutein... Read More
05 Jun 2023
--- Personalized nutrition is experiencing a boon. Within this expanding market, Sun Genomics is offering a customizable multivitamin based on the needs of individuals that can make up for deficiencies and meet desired... Read More
02 May 2023
--- Biotech company AB-Biotics has revealed it is expanding its biotic portfolio to market-ready products for dry eyes and fatty livers and at-home fermenting solutions for consumers. It will showcase its probiotics at Vitafoods... Read More
02 May 2023
--- Swedish researchers found that using high- and medium-fat cow’s milk and coconut milk in spinach smoothies may make it easier to digest the antioxidant lutein from the leafy green. These liquids significantly improved... Read More
25 Apr 2023
--- Food ingredients supplier, Iprona will feature its CraftIngredients range of botanical extracts at this year’s Vitafoods Europe nutraceutical tradeshow in Geneva, Switzerland (May 9-11), at booth E54.
06 Apr 2023
--- Increased exposure to blue light through screen time has increased the need to ensure good eye health for increasingly younger age groups. As experts emphasize the need to change dietary patterns, industry players are... Read More
20 Mar 2023
--- On the occasion of World Oral Health Day (March 20), the FDI World Dental Federation is calling on governments and global health bodies to prioritize action against oral diseases.
27 Feb 2023
--- The authors estimate that if the US population with vision problems used a lutein and zeaxanthin supplement daily in 2022, this could have prevented 21,022 cases of transitions to more severe vision impairment states. An... Read More
23 Jan 2023
--- Roelmi Health and Personal Care (HPC) has expanded its ExceptionHYAL brand with Blossom and Wink, two ingredients designed to meet the need for moisturization in various body parts and catering to holistic women’s... Read More
23 Jan 2023
--- The supplement market’s proliferation is being driven by mega-trends toward holistic well-being, beauty-from-within and immunity support in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Supplements offer numerous health... Read More
23 Dec 2022
--- NutritionInsight looks back at the biggest industry developments of the year. From the US infant formula shortage to rising inflation, it was a year filled with upheaval and opportunity. The easing of COVID-19 restrictions... Read More
13 Dec 2022
--- Advances in the formulations, formats and application of probiotic products took center stage during the recent FiE and HiE 2022 trade show while healthy aging, immunity and beauty-from-within remain key themes driving... Read More
23 Nov 2022
--- Dutch health and nutrition multinational DSM and privately-owned Swiss fragrance and flavor leader Firmenich are launching an exchange offer as part of their merger to create DSM-Firmenich. The companies jointly announced on... Read More
10 Nov 2022
--- FrieslandCampina Ingredients is extending its Vana-Sana range of micro-encapsulated long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (LCPUFA) ingredients for infant milk formula. The new ingredients – Vana-Sana DHA algae 20L,... Read More
09 Nov 2022
--- Shaklee is expanding its Meology line with the introduction of Meology Prenatal to assist each of the three natal stages. The new products – Prenatal MultiV Drink Mix, MultiM Tablet and the Omega 3 Gellys – aim... Read More
28 Oct 2022
--- This week in nutrition news, FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ Aequival 2′-Fucosyllactose (2′-FL) ingredient for infant milk formula was approved by the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ). Also, at... Read More