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20 Sep 2023
--- The demand for high-quality collagen ingredients and solutions are surging as science continues to reveal the nutrient’s health effects across numerous body systems. Usually touted for its joint health and... Read More
18 Sep 2023
--- UK-based life science business SkinBioTherapeutics has secured approval from the French health authorities and plans to begin advertising its food supplement AxisBiotix-Ps in France this October. The product is designed to... Read More
07 Sep 2023
--- PhytoGaia is set to present the science behind its palm-based phytonutrients as well as application versatility at Vitafoods Asia in Bangkok, Thailand (September 20-22), during two separate Nutra Focus sessions.
05 Sep 2023
--- In conjunction with the Malaysian Palm Oil Council (MPOC), nutraceutical supplier PhytoGaia is set to co-exhibit innovations in sustainably sourced palm-based nutraceutical offerings and ingredients at Vitafoods Asia in... Read More
31 Aug 2023
--- Skin care is closely tied to nutrition via diet or topical applications. Nutrition Insight speaks to experts at Gelita, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), Monteloeder and PhytoGaia about outstanding nutrients for... Read More
17 Aug 2023
--- Japan Bio Science Laboratories (JBSL) has created Biozyme, a highly effective postbiotic from an extract containing at least 40 fermented vegetables and herbs. It is rich in physiologically active substances produced by a... Read More
11 Aug 2023
--- Australia-based herbal extract formulator Network Nutrition, in collaboration with the University of New South Wales, has developed Equisil, a natural silica extract drawn from the horsetail plant Equisetum arvense,... Read More
07 Aug 2023
--- China-based researchers have found that consuming fruits and their extracts “significantly enhances skin hydration and reduces transcutaneous water loss” – water loss from deep skin tissue through... Read More
04 Aug 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Soul Strips unveiled its “hyperconvenient” vitamin-delivering tooth strips – for humans and pets. Meanwhile, Vital Proteins unveiled new fall-flavored collagen peptides. Also,... Read More
03 Aug 2023
--- Botanical extracts and natural ingredients supplier Euromed has unveiled Pomanox, a pomegranate fruit extract for beauty and healthy aging benefits, which will be showcased at Vitafoods Asia from September 20 to 22 in... Read More
27 Jul 2023
--- Joint health continues to be a major trend in the supplement, F&B and nutraceutical space as the consumer demand grows beyond skin and beauty and healthy aging into sports and active nutrition. In this special report, we... Read More
26 Jul 2023
--- The potential for vitamin D supplementation or consumption of foods rich in the nutrient for healing the skin condition psoriasis has been posited in a recent analysis by the American Society for Nutrition and presented by a... Read More
21 Jul 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) joined other organizations in support of the Dietary Supplements Access Act. Also, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declined a request... Read More
14 Jul 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Michael B. Jordan and Propel Fitness Water team up to promote fitness and exercise. At the same time, Backslash published a report linking the effects of climate change and other pressing world... Read More
13 Jul 2023
--- In this second of our two-part special report on vegan innovation, Nutrition Insight continues our conversation with professionals and experts from Sensus, International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), Sensient,... Read More
12 Jul 2023
--- With plant-based innovation co-aligning with the rise in veganism, Nutrition Insight delves into consumer demands shaping product developments based on animal alternatives. In this first of our two-part special report on... Read More
10 Jul 2023
--- Monteloeder has created a fruit-flavored vegan gummy that’s a twist on its Eternalyoung antioxidant botanical blend containing vitamins C and E, coenzyme Q10 to be incorporated into its plant-based ingredients... Read More
04 Jul 2023
--- China-based researchers reviewed the use of natural products, containing polyphenols, saponins, alkaloids and polysaccharides, as potential anti-aging agents by highlighting the nutrient-sensing pathways these products... Read More
30 Jun 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, American Diabetes Association (ADA) joined forces with Abbott to help promote health in diabetic patients through wearable technology and personalized nutrition plans. Kemin revealed it has... Read More
29 Jun 2023
--- Pharmaceutical ingredient producer Suanfarma has appointed Anthony Weston as CEO at Suannutra, the company’s nutraceutical division. This move underlies the company’s aim to enhance its presence in the global... Read More