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08 Jul 2024
--- Bioiberica experts Antonio Vendrell, marketing and communications director, and Daniel Martinez-Puig, R&D manager, sit down with Nutrition Insight to illuminate the latest research into the company’s Collavant n2... Read More
05 Jul 2024
--- In an expanding healthy aging market, Nutiani recommends nutrition brands develop targeted solutions to “accurately capture the diverse needs and preferences” of the varied consumer base, who aim to maintain... Read More
04 Jul 2024
--- Amid a growing consumer demand for functional ingredients, holistic health products and effective formulations, the nutrition industry is exploring the potential of ingredient synergies — combinations that enhance... Read More
03 Jul 2024
--- Bioiberica has obtained self-determined generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status in the US for its Collavant n2 native (undenatured) type II collagen for joint health, which can now be used in US functional food and... Read More
27 Jun 2024
--- Nestlé Health Science has launched its GLP-1 nutrition support platform, specifically designed for individuals working toward weight management, including those using GLP-1 medications. The nutritional science company... Read More
20 Jun 2024
--- Global nutraceutical contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) Sirio Pharma, launches its recently unveiled women’s health platform in the North American (NA) market. The portfolio, which consists of... Read More
17 Jun 2024
--- The newly published WHO guidelines for countries provide recommendations and implementation considerations on fiscal policy to encourage healthier diets. These include a tax on F&B and food subsidies to change consumer... Read More
12 Jun 2024
--- Australia-based biotech company Marinova has finalized the AU$5 million (US$3 million) expansion of its fucoidan extraction facility, tripling its manufacturing capacity. The company’s branded Maritech range is a... Read More
12 Jun 2024
--- Ingredients from the sea are poised for growth to meet the global demand for sustainably sourced, nutritionally dense and functional ingredients. As an emerging food and nutritional category, marine ingredients will be a key... Read More
04 Jun 2024
--- The ingestible beauty market continues to expand as consumers frequently seek out holistic solutions that offer multifunctional benefits in convenient formats. To meet the demand, Lycored has unveiled its latest delivery... Read More
31 May 2024
--- This week in nutrition news, the US Patent and Trademark Office granted Aker BioMarine its first patent for its PL+ EPA/DHA delivery technology, and the US Institute of Food Technologists Student Association (IFTSA)... Read More
27 May 2024
--- Beauty from within is a core focus for Rousselot as the company aims to bolster its Peptan collagen peptides with thorough scientific data that endorse skin beauty and hair strength claims. We catch up with an expert from... Read More
23 May 2024
--- Consumers continue to become more aware of individual health needs, as well as how those needs change across an individual’s lifespan. Personalized nutrition provides an answer to this market trend and companies... Read More
22 May 2024
--- At this year’s Vitafoods Europe, women’s health was a key topic, with leading brands showcasing their nutraceutical solutions for the growing category. Brands offer a range of products across the lifespan,... Read More
21 May 2024
--- A new study reveals that two months of supplementation with Kaneka Ubiquinol alleviates menopausal symptoms in almost 80% of participating women. They reported reduced stress, irritability and sensitivity after taking 200 mg... Read More
10 May 2024
--- This week in nutrition news, several US government agencies revealed they will collaborate to clarify regulations for biotechnology products. Meanwhile, Meiji Holdings joined forces with dsm-firmenich to reduce methane... Read More
09 May 2024
--- Advancing clinical research and technologies set the scene for innovative, ingestible beauty products while consumers increasingly demand scientifically-backed ingredients and products. The nutrition industry explores... Read More
08 May 2024
--- The dynamic nutricosmetics market benefits from increasing consumer awareness of the impact of nutrition on skin health. Spotting a growing holistic mindset and health consciousness, industry experts highlight a focus on... Read More
03 May 2024
--- The new, multi-partner European consortium led by University College Cork, Ireland, has received close to €10 million (US$10.7 million) in funding to research micronutrient deficiencies over the next four years. Zero... Read More
03 May 2024
--- At this year’s Vitafoods Europe trade show, DolCas Biotech will showcase a new chocolate prototype infused with its biocurcumin ingredient, Curcugen. With the functional chocolate sample, the company aims to... Read More