skin & beauty

30 Jun 2022
--- The microbiome and personalized nutrition are set to take center stage across the industry in the next four years, as consumer interest in immunity is slated to continue, according to nutrition giant ADM.
22 Jun 2022
--- A study led by the US-based Brown University School of Public Health has revealed increasing overall fish consumption is associated with a higher risk of melanoma development – an aggressive form of skin cancer.... Read More
09 Jun 2022
--- The beauty-from-within innovation is expanding to encompass new outcomes, with consumers linking good skin and aspects of overall health. NutritionInsight speaks with industry experts who evidence that wellness and skin care... Read More
25 May 2022
--- Akay’s Fenumat technology is opening the doors for enhanced absorption in the nutraceutical and cosmetic industries, according to study findings that improved the bioavailability of natural ingredients, including... Read More
17 May 2022
--- Ingredient producers Suanfarma and Solvay are bringing natural ingredients including Solvay’s vanillin to the market and increasing production. The partnership will involve increasing Solvay’s existing... Read More
16 May 2022
--- Global provider of botanical ingredients for dietary supplements Monteloeder is expanding its Eternalyoung ingredient to the Chinese market and showcasing it at Vitafoods Europe 2022. NutritionInsight speaks with Ignacio... Read More
13 May 2022
--- Gelatin and collagen peptide manufacturer Gelita flags skyrocketing demand for fortified gummies on the market and collagen ingredients, leading to stretched supplies. Addressing the booming markets, the company recently... Read More
10 May 2022
--- SternLife and SternVitamin – subsidiaries of the German-based food ingredients enterprise Stern-Wywiol Gruppe – have launched vegan protein bars, water-soluble powder supplements and micronutrient premixes.
02 May 2022
--- DSM’s Hologram Sciences is seizing a “US$600 billion” industry opportunity by offering “comprehensive, science, technology and diagnostic-led solutions in the menopause space,” where few fixes... Read More
28 Apr 2022
--- As consumers take a more holistic approach to their health, functional ingredients like collagen continue to rise in popularity. Industry experts address emerging collagen formats fueled by the need for increased... Read More
21 Apr 2022
--- Ingredients supplier BGG World (BGG) and its subsidiary Algae Health Sciences (AHS) are doubling their AstaZine natural astaxanthin capacity with the expansion of their 100% glass tube photobioreactor microalgae farm.
21 Apr 2022
--- An oleo-resin-based curcumin extract for skincare and nutrition – Curcugen by Dolcas Biotech – has been deemed effective and safe for long-term use following a study bringing the ingredient closer to GRAS status.... Read More
20 Apr 2022
--- Peptides can hold the key to unlocking innovation where active ingredients are concerned, leveraging health and nutrition as well as utilizing food compounds to treat diseases. Biotech specialist Nuritas speaks to... Read More
12 Apr 2022
--- Probiotics manufacturer Probi and fragrance supplier Symrise have released SymFerment, a skincare ingredient made from Probi’s upcycled Lactiplantibacillus (Lactobacillus) fermentation.
28 Mar 2022
--- Maypro is now an authorized retailer of NZMP’s BifidoB HN019 and LactoB HN001 probiotic strains in North America, as well as other strains in development.
24 Mar 2022
--- As human life expectancy increases and the elderly population expands, a rise in illnesses and disabilities is at the forefront. Considering NPD to combat and prevent these chronic issues, the aging well space is growing and... Read More
17 Mar 2022
--- Cultured beef steak innovator Aleph Farms is scaling its product line to include a unique platform for cell-based collagen production. The food-tech player’s patented cultivated collagen offers attributes of natural... Read More
16 Mar 2022
--- Nutrition supplement manufacturer Laboratoire PYC is expanding its line of products to include two vegan gummy beauty and immune health supplements. The launch targets the growing demand for nutrition support that offers... Read More
14 Mar 2022
--- Collagen proteins manufacturer and supplier Gelita is unveiling two gelatin products, Soluform, which is a protein booster and Verisol HST for beauty applications. They are touted as “hassle-free” in production... Read More
08 Mar 2022
--- German researchers are developing a new process for creating nutrients and cannabinoids in a cost-effective way. The method, which centers around amoebae, is currently being investigated for THC, but it could also be... Read More