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22 May 2020
--- This week in industry news, Evonik and Glenn Corporation, a division of Azelis Americas, entered into an exclusive agreement enabling Glenn to distribute the product protection line by Evonik’s Dr. Straetmans brand in... Read More
12 May 2020
--- The global senior population continues to grow, with predictions saying that by the year 2060 the percentage of people over sixty will outnumber that of teenagers. This has led to a broader group of consumers seeking... Read More
30 Apr 2020
--- Daily supplementation with BioCell Collagen for 14 weeks can make skin elasticity 18 percent higher compared to placebo groups, according to a new peer-reviewed mouse study. The study found that the company’s flagship... Read More
30 Apr 2020
--- DuPont Nutrition and Bioscience’s XIVIA xylitol – a wood-based sweetener – has a positive effect on skin microbial growth. This is according to a new study published in the Korean Journal of Microbiology,... Read More
29 Apr 2020
--- A staple ingredient within the health and wellness category, collagen maintains a steady course of growth, with pronounced focus on joint health, skin care and sports nutrition. NutritionInsight speaks to key players in the... Read More
22 Apr 2020
--- The restrictions necessitated by COVID-19 have created difficult financial situations across the nutrition industry, including in the US, where 95 percent of natural products businesses have had their small business loans... Read More
20 Apr 2020
--- Gelita’s Verisol bioactive collagen peptides have been found to improve hair structure by significantly increasing thickness and the proliferation of human hair follicle cells. This is according to a new randomized,... Read More
09 Apr 2020
--- Swiss-based company Caviarlieri has created an “age-defying” caviar supplement after two decades of intensive research. The potent bioactive nutrients of caviar have long been a challenge to encapsulate into a... Read More
07 Apr 2020
--- As demand for hand sanitizers and soaps is rising in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, major personal care players are making charitable moves to help ameliorate the crisis. After the US Food and Drug Administration’s... Read More
07 Apr 2020
--- A year into its partnership with South Korean plant cell culture company, BIO-FD&C, Givaudan Active Beauty has unveiled two active ingredients crafted by “green biotechnology.” Inspired by the latest Korean... Read More
27 Mar 2020
--- In nutrition news this week, Givaudan reported a 3.3 percent increase in its 19th consecutive dividend at its annual general meeting. Gencor received clinical validation that its palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) extract Levagen+... Read More
16 Mar 2020
--- Givaudan’s cosmetic branch Givaudan Active Beauty has released a “breakthrough innovation” in skin care. Synchronight is an active cosmetic ingredient derived from gardenia fruit extract designed to protect... Read More
16 Mar 2020
--- Flow Alkaline Spring Water is tapping into the growing collagen beverage trend with its new Flow Collagen Infused Water brand. Facilitated through Flow’s acquisition of Canadian collagen start-up BOONS, this latest... Read More
11 Mar 2020
--- There are minimal differences between the bioavailability of four types of collagen peptides according to a study conducted by Rousselot, which simulated the transformation that collagen peptides undergo during human... Read More
11 Mar 2020
--- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will officially reopen the public comment window on cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products, “extending it indefinitely.” Although the extended comment period is to... Read More
21 Feb 2020
--- At a time when cannabidiol (CBD) enjoys market prominence for its therapeutic qualities, but is widely limited by regulation – Brazillian company Beraca introduces an “natural and safe alternative” to the... Read More
20 Feb 2020
--- Tapping into the skin-gut axis, UK-based AxisBiotix, a subsidiary of SkinBioTherapeutics, has made an agreement with Dutch company Winclove Probiotics to develop and manufacture a probiotic food supplement to help manage... Read More
19 Feb 2020
--- South Korean cosmetics conglomerate Amorepacific’s R&D Center has launched the Green Tea Probiotics Research Center to further study a newly found lactobacillus in Jeju island’s organic green tea variety. The... Read More
18 Feb 2020
--- Beyond food and nutraceutical applications, cannabidiol (CBD)’s potential for the personal care industry is increasingly recognized. CBD holds beneficial properties, such as calming and nourishing the skin, in addition... Read More
06 Feb 2020
--- Consumers are increasingly being lured by better-for-you and clean label sweets and snacks, with natural ingredients and vegan positionings set as key growth drivers. At ISM 2020, NutritionInsight spoke with a range of sweet... Read More