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02 Jun 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Bayer created a new division to deliver personalized nutrition and health care, while Abbott Nutrition teamed up with Real Madrid’s charity foundation to combat malnutrition in children.... Read More
30 May 2023
--- The 76th World Health Assembly – a forum by The World Health Organization (WHO) – has adopted a new resolution to urge member states to address the issue of micronutrient deficiencies, particularly folate, iron,... Read More
19 May 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, the wellness brand, Nature’s Bounty, launched two women’s health products to stop hair loss and help manage weight. Also, Truterra revealed that it sequestered over 462,000 metric... Read More
18 May 2023
--- Demand for vitamins soars as consumers are increasingly conscious about their health and well-being, looking for products in health areas such as cognition, mood, immunity and beauty from within. As vitamin deficiencies... Read More
16 May 2023
--- Supplements and sports nutrition launches with women’s health claims have been rising steeply since 2017, according to Innova Market Insights. Additionally, the company highlights that beauty from within supplements... Read More
12 May 2023
--- As the collagen market continues to thrive, so does the “noise” surrounding dosage, types and category applications. NutritionInsight spoke with collagen suppliers Bioiberica and Biocell Technology at Vitafoods... Read More
11 May 2023
--- At Vitafoods Europe, Balchem Human Nutrition and Health and its recently acquired Kappa Bioscience are showcasing synergies between their portfolios and opportunities for innovation. “We defined a joint vision for the... Read More
05 May 2023
--- Scientists have demonstrated findings supporting omega 3’s reduction of damaging effects on the aging brain. This action happens through a special transporter protein critical in regulating brain cells, protected by... Read More
05 May 2023
--- As consumer demand and awareness of digestive health and nutricosmetics continues to grow, IFF is launching new solutions based on its Howaru probiotic ingredient. The company has developed new concepts to address limited... Read More
04 May 2023
--- Corbion has entered the field of human nutrition with algae-based products rich in omega 3 and omega 9, with environmental sustainability at a high focus. The product range is made from different oils, enabling dietary... Read More
28 Apr 2023
--- According to Innova Market Insights, gummy supplement launches from October 2017 to September 2022 grew by 54%. This trend was a key feature at ISM this year, revealing that, as one of the fastest-growing nutraceutical... Read More
26 Apr 2023
--- India-based NaturaYuva will debut its botanical ingredients, grown using traditional and sustainable agroforestry practices that enhance soil health, reduce water consumption, sequester carbon, increase biodiversity and... Read More
24 Apr 2023
--- Clean labels continue to influence consumer purchases and perceptions regarding the healthiness of products, according to Innova Market Insights. At Vitafoods Europe in Geneva, Switzerland (May 9-11), Divi’s... Read More
21 Apr 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) and the Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) revealed that most Americans would like to use their flexible spending accounts (FSAs) and... Read More
19 Apr 2023
--- The official collagen sponsor of this year’s Vitafoods Europe will hone in on prominent trends in the market, such as “healthy aging” and “beauty-from-within,” burgeoning areas of interest in... Read More
17 Apr 2023
--- Collagen is known for its multifunctional effects on mobility, bone and joint health, beauty-from-within and healthy aging benefits. According to Innova Market Insights, mobility claims in supplement and sports nutrition... Read More
12 Apr 2023
--- A blend of four botanical ingredients, EternalYoung has been shown to provide powerful anti-aging benefits for the skin in a new clinical study. According to Monteloeder, the blend contains several polyphenols that promote... Read More
05 Apr 2023
--- The Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act (MoCRA) was passed last December and is now providing the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with new authorities. This law is expected to ensure the safety of cosmetic... Read More
04 Apr 2023
--- Netherlands-based health and nutrition player DSM reveals it has only one final bridge to cross in its merger with Firmenich, the largest privately-owned flavor and fragrance company in the world.
31 Mar 2023
--- Microalgae are making waves for their highly nutritious content and status as a natural, plant-based and sustainable “superfood biomass.” But the industry still has a long way to go to bring these ingredients... Read More