infant nutrition

01 Jun 2023
--- Calamitously high food prices have overstretched the UN World Food Program’s (WFP) capabilities to feed the increasing number of food-insecure nations. The international organization has had to take painful decisions... Read More
01 Jun 2023
--- Gnosis by Lesaffre is spotlighting new metabolomic research outcomes that suggest a strong demand for S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) during early infant growth, while its absence in eleven tested infant milk formulas could... Read More
31 May 2023
--- The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is examining global food insecurity and how to address one of the world’s biggest food challenges – food loss. In its latest whitepaper, Food Science and Technology... Read More
30 May 2023
--- After eight years with Nestlé, François-Xavier Roger, executive vice president and chief financial officer (CFO), has decided to leave the company to pursue new professional challenges, making way for finance... Read More
29 May 2023
--- This year’s World Digestive Health Day focuses on how gut health develops inside the womb and the changing dietary needs of the gastrointestinal tract from birth through to infancy, childhood and adulthood. The World... Read More
26 May 2023
--- The importance of Human oligosaccharides (HMOs) and gut health focus from the early stage of life was highlighted at the Microbiome & Probiotic R&D and Business Collaboration Forum Europe in Rotterdam, the... Read More
26 May 2023
--- Tetra Pak has joined forces with one of Yemen’s largest private companies Hayel Saeed Anam (HSA) Group, to pilot the provision of fortified flavored milk in school feeding programs, helping respond to under- and... Read More
24 May 2023
--- Action on Sugar and a group of NGOs, including the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, World Cancer Research Fund and Diabetes UK, are today calling for UK Health Secretary Steve Barclay to release the... Read More
24 May 2023
--- Arla Foods Ingredients is launching an alpha-lactalbumin (alpha)-rich infant formula ingredient to help meet the growing need for low-protein formulations. Multiple studies have shown that high protein intake during infancy... Read More
23 May 2023
--- The Obesity Health Alliance (OHA) is demanding that UK political parties commit to addressing the high levels of excess weight in the country’s population. Today, the organization is “hand-delivering letters to... Read More
22 May 2023
--- French scientists have found a link between toddlers’ gut bacteria and a prediction of obesity by the age of five, predicted by Body Mass Index (BMI). The study evidences that the bacteria Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes... Read More
22 May 2023
--- Several studies have demonstrated the necessity of proper nutrition for growing infants and their physical and mental development. Moreover, Innova Market Insights highlights that product launches in the baby and toddler... Read More
19 May 2023
--- A Netherlands-based study has found that women following a vegan diet do not have lower levels of vitamin B2 or carnitine – two essential nutrients for infant development. Compared to women following an omnivorous... Read More
11 May 2023
--- Infant nutrition experts have spotlighted an insatiable interest in products that enhance microbiota health and human-residential bifidobacteria (HRB) strains. NutritionInsight interviewed Morinaga Milk, Chr. Hansen,... Read More
08 May 2023
--- Research into the gut microbiome’s role in health continues to advance. US-based scientists at Harvard Medical School found a link between suppressing emotions and gut health among women but found no association with... Read More
26 Apr 2023
--- Several studies have demonstrated the benefits of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) – a nutrient uniquely composed in human breast milk – for infant health. The ingredient has not only been shown to bolster the... Read More
25 Apr 2023
--- The World Health Organization (WHO) and United Nations (UN) stress Yemen’s acute malnutrition concerns, stating that 540,000 children and a total of 12.9 million Yemenis are at a “direct risk of death.”... Read More
24 Apr 2023
--- Ahead of this year’s Vitafoods expo in Geneva, Switzerland (May 9-11), NutritionInsight speaks with DSM about immune health and environmental sustainability in different nutrition segments targeting various consumer... Read More
19 Apr 2023
--- This year, Vitafoods Europe 2023 nutraceutical trade show which will run in Geneva, Switzerland from May 9-11 (virtually from May 1-12), is expanding to include a conference, a summit meeting, a sustainability resource area... Read More
19 Apr 2023
--- Royal DSM is entering into negotiations to purchase Adare Biome from its parent company, Adare Pharma Solutions, for an enterprise value of €275 million (US$301.2 million). The move will expand the company’s human... Read More