Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
14 June 2021 | GIELLEPI SPA
RefluG™ Isorepair is a patented class IIa medical device for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux symptoms, available for out-licensing under private label. In ready-to-take liquid sachets, it exerts multiple mechanical actions on the esophageal mucosa surface (protective, soothing, lubricant). Its... Read More
07 June 2021 | Lactalis Ingredients
People worldwide are living longer. However, despite this increased life expectancy, the period without health disabilities remains stable. An adequate protein intake can be a key determinant of healthy ageing. Discover the interest of a complementary care between fast and slow proteins in the elderly in our... Read More
24 May 2021 | Nexira
Pioneer in scientific research on the nutritional and health benefits of acacia, Nexira has demonstrated for the first time the performing synergistic prebiotic effect of ACACIA with BAOBAB. inavea™ baobab acacia acts as a friendly microflora regulator effective in creating and restoring the beneficial gut... Read More
19 April 2021 | Kemin Human Nutrition and Health
Sourced from an exclusive algae Euglena gracilis, nutritionally-rich BetaVia™ Complete is obtained through an optimized and sustainable patented process, providing a unique composition of >50% beta 1,3 glucans, proteins (>15%), vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and fatty acids. BetaVia Complete is... Read More
12 April 2021 | Lallemand Health Solutions
Most common oral conditions are linked to opportunistic bacteria and probiotics are well documented for their beneficial effects for oral health. Learn more about ORALIS SB, a probiotic combination supported by seven clinical studies on teeth and gum health and discover a wide range of probiotic strains to... Read More