Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
27 November 2019
For many people worldwide, controlling their body weight is difficult ordeal. In this sense, we have created Metabolaid, a proprietary botanical formula which has been clinically proven to act synergistically in helping reduce body fat while increasing energy consumption. A great companion to accompany any weight loss strategy. 
21 November 2019
Recent insights reveal that the collagen market is expanding, creating exciting opportunities for dietary supplement manufacturers to innovate in the joint health sector. However, staying competitive in this evolving arena is challenging, especially when looking to develop novel solutions with widely researched ingredients that are also easy to formulate. This whitepaper discusses evidence that native, or undenatured, Type 2 collagen is effective in supporting joint health at lower doses and it therefore meets increasing consumer demand for convenient products that support their health.
11 November 2019
Research bulletin by Dr Anu Turpeinen. Aging adults want to invest in food products that help them maintain their physical activity and cognitive functions. Phospholipids naturally found in dairy fat have been associated with improved brain health in several scientific studies. Valio Eila™ NUTRI F+ lactose free formulated milk protein powder contains phospholipids in addition to B vitamins and iodine and fulfills all key nutritional needs of the elderly.
09 October 2019
This new range of essential oils in powder form benefits from a patented proprietary encapsulation technology which uses inulin as a matrix to protect the entire essential oil profile and to turn them into powders.Inulin is a soluble fiber and a prebiotic, which acts as an active and technical carrier with positive benefits on digestion and transit.Some of these essential oils benefit from EFSA pending claims giving them more added value for their use not only on the European market, but also in all countries where scientific proof is mandatory.
07 October 2019
An innovative visually appealing, dual-chamber wet-and-dry capsule that allows unlimited combinations of probiotics with other ingredients. ComboCap®’Biotics is your solution to house unprocessed, incompatible probiotic ingredients in a single capsule. This new side-by-side capsule allows each component to retain their identity and efficacy, enabling the creation of new brand categories in combination supplements.