Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
22 June 2020 | Lactalis
Toddlerhood is characterized by intense development. In terms of nutrition, it is a transitional period from an infant to an adult diet and eating habits are built up for life. Therefore, what are the nutritional recommendations? How do parents manage this transition? How valuable are specifically developed... Read More
25 May 2020 | Lehvoss
PureWay-C™ is a clinically proven form of vitamin C, rapidly absorbed and highly retained by the body thanks to its proprietary and unique profile. Discover what makes PureWay-C™ different by looking at the advantages, the scientific research and available powder forms, on the PureWay-C™ Product Sheet... Read More
18 May 2020 | Valio
In this research bulletin, Dr Anu Turpeinen explores clinical studies on baby formula rich in phospholipids. Fat globules in mammal milk are coated with a milk fat globule membrane (MFGM) consisting of complex lipids such as phospholipids. Phospholipids are naturally found in dairy fat and as part of MFGM... Read More
11 May 2020 | Lallemand Health Solutions
Lallemand Health Solutions has a large portfolio of probiotic supplements dedicated to babies. With over 30 studies in infants and young children, you can trust our products support gut health and natural defenses. You can pick between height probiotic strains and three Expert’Biotic formulas, offered in a... Read More
06 April 2020 | Bioenergy Life Science
NAD is crucial for everyday health but decreases with age and certain conditions. RiaGev, a compound product containing nicotinamide and Bioenergy Ribose® directly enters the synthetic pathway. RiaGev appears to be more efficient than NR at increasing NAD+ throughout the body, including muscle and brain.