Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
28 November 2022 | Disproquima
From Disproquima we would like to introduce Rephyll®, the new ingredient from our partner Aurea Biolabs’. The bioactive molecules β-caryophyllene and turmeric extract are encapsulated inside the strong and stable specific carriers of curcumin extract, followed by the removal of water by spray drying to... Read More
21 November 2022 | Kerry
From athletes to fitness enthusiasts to everyday individuals, focus on staying active longer is increasingly important, and joint health is a priority for both young and older adults. In fact, more than a third of Gen Z and Millennial consumers, along with nearly 70% of Gen X and older people say it’s a top... Read More
14 November 2022 | Pharmako
One of the most critical properties of dietary supplements is their absorption/bioavailability, without it, efficacy is strongly reduced. As many beneficial nutrients are poorly absorbed by the body, they often require large doses to achieve optimum benefits. Consumers today are seeking qualified ingredients... Read More
07 November 2022 | Lactalis
Pronativ® Native Whey Protein is a pure and minimally processed protein. These properties bring numerous properties such as optimization of protein synthesis and muscle function. Lactalis Ingredients has developed the following guide to define native whey protein – what it is, how it works and how it... Read More
31 October 2022 | Kerry
Proactive adults of all ages see the value of cognitive support, whether for themselves or for more vulnerable family members such as aging parents. 60% of consumers across age groups are aware of ashwagandha, making it one of the best known ingredients for cognitive support. Learn more here.