Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
11 October 2021 | Bioiberica
The collagen market is expanding, creating exciting opportunities for dietary supplement manufacturers. Download this white paper to discover how collagen is driving growth across the mobility category, the different forms of collagen available on the market and the scientific evidence demonstrating native... Read More
04 October 2021 | OSF Flavors
Over the last 40 years, the increasing global demand for cocoa has been leading to a steady price increase of this key raw material, which can present product development challenges for the food and beverage industry. OSF Flavors developed a unique flavor enhancer to achieve the perfect balance between... Read More
27 September 2021 | Disproquima
Disproquima’s unique product FLAVOXALE® is an ingredient derived from the combination of an exclusive propolis extract (propolis M.E.D.®), Manuka honey and Manuka essential oil. Dynamic Multi Extraction technology (M.E.D.®) guarantees the completeness of native polyphenolic complex, not only for the... Read More
06 September 2021 | Euromed S.A.
Inspired by the plant-based Mediterranean diet, Euromed presents an expanding line of evidence-based fruit and vegetable extracts for healthy ageing and wellbeing. Marking the 50th year since its foundation, the firm keeps leading quality and innovation in botanical extracts through vertical integration,... Read More
30 August 2021 | BIONAP
Nowadays, information is going faster than ever. We are constantly solicited by an uninterrupted flow of data. In this context, improving attention, language and memory performance, has become a need. COGNIGRAPE™, developed by BIONAP to improve cognitive performance, is a standardized powder extract from red... Read More