Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
25 April 2022 | Gencor
In the past few years, there’s been a spectacular shift as consumers have become more focused on better-for-you products and prioritizing their health and wellness needs. They are also better-informed today than ever before. People have become more conscious of the way they shop, consume, and dispose of... Read More
19 April 2022 | Lonza
TWK10® sports probiotic is an innovative strain L. plantarum and is the first probiotic clinically proven to increase exercise endurance by up to 75% in athletes of all levels.Learn how TWK10® sports probiotic can help you break through in the competitive global sports and active nutrition categories.
12 April 2022 | BIONAP
Gastrointestinal (GI) discomfort account for minor, everyday complaints as well as major health problems negatively affecting the general quality of life. Dietary measures and natural products are still the most commonly used remedies in cases of GI discomfort (GD) and digestive problems such as dyspepsia,... Read More
04 April 2022 | Eurial Ingredients & Nutrition
The sports nutrition market is a dynamic segment that is rapidly attracting new consumers. Today more than 80% of sports nutrition products are proteins. Understanding protein is therefore key to unlocking the product innovation that will fuel your growth.At Eurial I&N, we understand the challenges and... Read More
21 March 2022 | Gnosis by Lesaffre
The latest edition of Quatrefolic® 360° collection is out! In 2019, the World Health Organization estimated that one third of global deaths were caused by cardiovascular events. In this new issue of Quatrefolic® 360°, you will learn more about the likely correlation between the active folate 5-MTHF... Read More