Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
06 September 2021 | Euromed S.A.
Inspired by the plant-based Mediterranean diet, Euromed presents an expanding line of evidence-based fruit and vegetable extracts for healthy ageing and wellbeing. Marking the 50th year since its foundation, the firm keeps leading quality and innovation in botanical extracts through vertical integration,... Read More
30 August 2021 | BIONAP
Nowadays, information is going faster than ever. We are constantly solicited by an uninterrupted flow of data. In this context, improving attention, language and memory performance, has become a need. COGNIGRAPE™, developed by BIONAP to improve cognitive performance, is a standardized powder extract from red... Read More
16 August 2021 | Anklam Extrakt GmbH
Delphinol® is an innovative and unique ingredient for luminous skin. The branded ingredient is an extract of the Patagonian maqui berry and is extraordinarily rich in anthocyanins. Delphinol® reduces overall redness, improves the skin tone and vividness and prevents collagen fiber degradation and thus helps... Read More
26 July 2021 | Prosol
Prosol is happy to share the results of two recent studies on Ribodiet®Ribodiet® power in modulating gut barrier functionality and integrity is demonstrated by a 3D Caco2 cell line exposure to Ribodiet®A second study showed Ribodiet® effect on energy metabolism and Calcium/Magnesium movements, supporting... Read More
14 June 2021 | GIELLEPI SPA
RefluG™ Isorepair is a patented class IIa medical device for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux symptoms, available for out-licensing under private label. In ready-to-take liquid sachets, it exerts multiple mechanical actions on the esophageal mucosa surface (protective, soothing, lubricant). Its... Read More