Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
13 December 2021 | Cosmax Bio Inc.
With wearing a mask for an extended period of time due to COVID-19, the trend of beauty care is spreading from “outer beauty(cosmetic)” to “inner beauty(supplement).”  Moreover, after the pandemic, the beauty-from-within trend will drive into minimalism. In other words, the era of ‘skinimalism’ has begun. In... Read More
06 December 2021 | COSMAX NBT
Consumers have a very positive perception of plant-based protein and a majority want to increase their “free-from” protein consumption. While whey protein will likely remain the dominant form of protein in sports drinks, the other aspect expects continued growth and evolution of plant-based proteins. In... Read More
29 November 2021 | Cosmax Bio Inc.
The “plant-based” definition is moving forward. With the importance of sustainability, the plant-forward value is more and more crucial. Moreover, this is further indicated by growing interest in the “plant-based” description in place of, or alongside, vegetarian and vegan claims. Aligned with this trend,... Read More
22 November 2021 | COSMAX NBT
Probiotics supplements continue to outperform global supplement growth, with an increasing range of health claims. Beyond digestive and immune health, COSMAX NBT is paving a new path in the field of probiotics. Moreover, the probiotics market has been continuously evolving such as the generation of... Read More
08 November 2021 | GIELLEPI SPA
RefluG Isorepair is a novel medical device therapy for gastroesophageal reflux disease. It is clinically proven to help relieve acid reflux, heartburn, retrosternal pain and acid taste in as little as 7 days. It protects the esophageal mucosa from refluxed acid and pepsin while supporting the wound repair.