Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
27 May 2024 | Bionap
Today’s women are looking to improve their general health and wellness to remain fit, active and confident in the short term and to facilitate healthy aging in the long term. Bionap offers a range of Plant-Based ingredients designed and clinically proven for women’s health.This Technical Paper is brought to... Read More
13 May 2024 | Mibelle Biochemistry
Discover MonaJuventa™ Nu, the first botanical to turn back the aging clock! With impressive results in eight out of twelve aging markers, it slows epigenetic aging and telomere shortening. Just 100mg a day can turn back your biological clock by almost two years. Welcome to the future of longevity!This... Read More
15 April 2024 | Jungbunzlauer
Effervescent formulations employ highly concentrated ingredients and allow for eco-friendly packaging and lower emissions during transport. Recently, effervescent beverage tablets are on the rise for sustainability. Learn how Jungbunzlauer solutions help to overcome typical challenges of these products... Read More
08 April 2024 | Morinaga Milk Industry Co.
It's been four years since the WHO declared COVID-19 a pandemic. What do we know now about the gut microbiome’s role? Maintaining a healthy gut is paramount in the ever-changing post-pandemic world. Gain insights into our specialized probiotics offerings for gut balance, tailored to meet the unique needs of... Read More
11 March 2024 | Adm
When you add GrainSweet® Liquid Maltodextrin to your active nutrition applications, you get the production efficiencies, clean labels, and clean tastes your applications need. This versatile drop-in sweetening solution helps you create consumer-friendly labels and delicious products that are sure to be a... Read More