Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
15 February 2021 | GIELLEPI SPA
Respecta® BalanceGel is a water-based gel useful for restoring physiological vaginal flora and promoting the proliferation and growth of microorganisms (Lactobacilli). Thanks to the synergistic action of its components, it preserves the normal vaginal pH, promotes the formation of protective biofilm,... Read More
08 February 2021 | OSF Flavors
While pea proteins are a great source of protein for vegetal-based functional products, their off-notes can be difficult to hide. This paper highlights the technology developed by OSF Flavors to mask the aftertaste of pea protein products (often described as “earthy” or “bitter”).
01 February 2021 | Akay Natural Ingredients Private Limited
CurQfen is considered as the new generation bioavailable curcumin for the brain, since it is a 100 percent natural (no synthetic additives or emulsifiers), food-grade, clean label formulation capable of delivering very high levels of curcuminoids into brain tissues, as proven by tandem mass spectrometry and... Read More
26 January 2021 | DRT Group
Heavy legs syndrome is a frequently cited source of discomfort but rarely taken seriously. What if the veinotonic properties of Vitaflavan® could give new vitality to the daily life of patients suffering from this trouble. In collaboration with a renowned phlebologist, Vitaflavan® benefits have been proven... Read More
04 January 2021 | BioCell Technology
This Science Review analyzes the number of skin, joint and connective tissue health clinical studies that have been conducted using BioCell Collagen.  Including recently published ones.