Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
18 September 2023 | Bioiberica
Discover Mobilee®: a hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient that supports joint and muscle health. Get a copy of our scientific summary to understand its patented composition, the latest science behind the ingredient and how it delivers enhanced benefits compared to fermented-origin hyaluronic acid.This Technical... Read More
11 September 2023 | Lubrizol Life Science
As holistic health has come to the fore, individuals recognize that all aspects of well-being are interlinked. Download our technical paper and discover how Lubrizol Life Science links science-backed ingredients with a consumer-centric approach to address holistic health and wellness demands.This Technical... Read More
28 August 2023 | Pharmanutra S.p.A.
It is known that an optimal nutritional state can reduce the risk of viral infections and their consequences. The diet sometimes fails to guarantee an adequate nutritional status, so it is necessary to resort to the administration of multivitamin and multimineral products.This Technical Paper is from... Read More
21 August 2023 | Atlantia Clinical trials
Our comprehensive guide on EU Health Claim Regulation provides a clear and concise overview of the fundamental principles and requirements governing health claims for functional food products in Europe. Gain a solid understanding of the EU Health Claim Regulation.This Technical Paper is from Atlantia... Read More
03 July 2023 | Bioiberica
It’s no secret that interest in collagen is at an all-time high – especially for joint health. This presents a real opportunity for manufacturers to develop cutting-edge products that speak to the masses. Looking for inspiration? Get to know today’s collagen consumer with our latest insights report.This... Read More