Technical Papers on Nutrition Insight
05 February 2024 | Disproquima
Together with our partner AIDP, Disproquima presents Magtein®, an innovative Magnesium threonate salt that improves memory, alleviate anxiety, and help to prevent cognitive decline. Magtein® is the only magnesium compound that has been shown by two double blind placebo-controlled studies to effectively raise... Read More
29 January 2024 | vaneeghen
Holistic health starts with good mobility. Laying the foundation for key aspects of wellbeing; fostering strength and flexibility, while supporting mental health. Download the paper to discover FruiteX-B®, the new patented, novel food approved ingredient igniting new opportunities with a mobility health... Read More
18 December 2023 | Cabio Biotech(Wuhan)Co.
This technical paper cites research and market data to highlight the crucial role of Omega-3 in cardiovascular health, Alzheimer’s disease, and its anti-inflammatory and immune-modulating functions. Additionally, this paper explores the application of CABIO’s Omega-3 in prenatal nutrition, dietary... Read More
11 December 2023 | Kappa Bioscience®
The vitamin K2 market is set to grow by 14.6% every year from 2023 to 2030. But finding the right solution isn’t easy – with common stability and bioavailability issues to watch out for. To help you navigate the market, Balchem has created this handy K2 guide.This Technical Paper is from Kappa Bioscience, a... Read More
04 December 2023 | Bioiberica S.A.U.
Delve into the science behind Dermial®: the first hyaluronic acid (HA) matrix ingredient for skin & beauty. Through its three naturally occurring components – hyaluronic acid, glycosaminoglycans and collagen – Dermial® empowers manufacturers to develop cutting-edge products that nourish, hydrate and... Read More