weight management

19 Sep 2019
--- Sustainable raw material supply, commercial viability and potential demand are essential boxes to be ticked when sourcing and commercializing new botanical ingredients. Developing such novel ingredients is one focus of... Read More
17 Sep 2019
--- A 16-week vegan diet was found to boost the gut microbes involved in improving body weight, body composition and blood sugar control. This is according to a study by Dr. Hana Kahleova and colleagues, presented at the Annual... Read More
11 Sep 2019
--- While some US cities currently tax sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) by the volume of the drink, a tax system based on the amount of sugar the drink contains would produce greater health benefits and economic gains. This is... Read More
06 Sep 2019
--- The right investment in nutrition-directed initiatives could save 3.7 million lives by 2025, according to a new report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations (UN). Health services must integrate... Read More
05 Sep 2019
--- The Scottish government is moving to become one of the first nations to propose restrictions to limit the promotion and marketing of food and drinks high in fat, sugar or salt (HFSS), at a national scale. The proposal will... Read More
05 Sep 2019
--- Dating back millennia, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is now the subject of contemporary study for its potential applications in chronic pain management, disease prevention and mental health treatment. Deeply rooted in... Read More
26 Aug 2019
--- Canadian brand Wize Monkey has created a tea product made from upcycled prunings of the arabica coffee plant, which offers high levels of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phenolic compounds. Based on compiled research,... Read More
23 Aug 2019
--- Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) is expanding into personalized nutrition with the acquisition of Persona, a personalized vitamin business founded in 2017. Persona will operate under NHSc’s USA-based Atrium... Read More
22 Aug 2019
--- Dairy supplier Maxum Foods will manufacture and distribute OptiBiotix Health Plc’s weight management technology, SlimBiome, in Australia and New Zealand. UK-based OptiBiotix is a life science business that focuses on... Read More
21 Aug 2019
--- Australians and UK consumers are favoring foods that are convenient and comforting – but not necessarily nutritious, according to two surveys. An examination of 1,000 Australian adults found that they are spending a... Read More
19 Aug 2019
--- Popular front-of-pack label (FoPL) Nutri-Score reflects “false facts” and misleads consumers, according to a report from the German Sugar Industry Association (WVZ). The association argues that as obesity is the... Read More
16 Aug 2019
--- Convenience, taste and work-related stress can significantly impact food choices during the workday, Dan Wainfan, Vice President Brand, Health, Wellness and Nutrition at Aramark, tells NutritionInsight. Aramark collaborated... Read More
15 Aug 2019
--- First defined in 1997, orthorexia nervosa is a putative eating disorder vying for a place in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), roughly meaning “eating right.” Published in Medical... Read More
14 Aug 2019
--- A high-fat diet can weaken the gut immune system and lead to insulin resistance and, ultimately, diabetes. This is according to new research published in Nature Communications, which showed how a high-fat diet influences one... Read More
14 Aug 2019
--- In obesity resulting from consuming a high-fat diet or overeating, the body stops responding to natural hormonal signals of satiety, or “fullness.” This mice-study finding has been coined a “new piece of... Read More
09 Aug 2019
--- Nutri-Score is the most effective style of front-of-pack label (FoPL) for helping consumers rank products according to their nutritional quality, according to a new study published in Nutrients. However, there were only... Read More
08 Aug 2019
--- The consumption of olive oil and its compounds is associated with numerous health benefits, including reducing cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk, improving inflammatory parameters and boosting gut health. This is according... Read More
07 Aug 2019
--- Patients with Parkinson’s disease were found to have significantly lower levels of vitamin D in their blood in a study published in the journal Acta Neurologica Scandinavia. The study, which evaluated 182... Read More
30 Jul 2019
--- Obese people have higher initial taste perceptions of chocolate that decline at a more gradual rate than non-obese people, a study published in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics has found. While there was... Read More
30 Jul 2019
--- Mayo Clinic and Viome – a company transforming health through personalized nutrition based on individual and microbiome biology – have joined forces to better understand the role of nutrition in disease. The... Read More