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22 Sep 2023
--- Chicory root fiber can promote the growth of bifidobacteria in the human gut, irrespective of food application or matrix. This is according to a new study by the department of food and nutritional sciences at the University... Read More
07 Aug 2023
--- A new study on over 28,000 participants published in Frontiers in Nutrition found that high sugar consumption increases the risk of kidney stones. The authors argue that processed foods, sugar-sweetened sodas, fruit drinks,... Read More
01 Aug 2023
--- Daily kombucha consumption for four weeks demonstrated lower fasting blood glucose levels compared to the control group who drank a placebo beverage, making it a potential nutritional intervention for people with diabetes.... Read More
31 Jul 2023
--- Following a ketogenic diet – high in fat and protein and low in carbohydrates – has proven helpful in treating substance use disorders, according to a team of China-based researchers. While demonstrating the... Read More
28 Jul 2023
--- At the American Society for Nutrition’s Annual Conference, the National Mango Board has presented two funded studies evidencing mangoes’ potential to reduce vascular issues in overweight and obese adults.... Read More
13 Jun 2023
--- Packed with protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, dietary fiber and valuable bioactive and nutritional compounds, sea lettuce could become a major piece of the expanding aquaculture industry. The green macroalgae, of the... Read More
08 Jun 2023
--- The Forager AI platform has identified 188 predicted bioactive and health-benefiting molecules in the classic ingredient. According to Brightseed, the newly discovered compounds could have significant impacts for mental... Read More
05 Jun 2023
--- Heat waves that used to occur once per century now happen every six years in the Midwestern US and every 16 years in Northeastern China, according to a new study by researchers from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science... Read More
30 May 2023
--- As warnings against high salt consumption – especially of table salt – have been given by the World Health Organization (WHO), several non-governmental health-related organizations and numerous health-promoting... Read More
09 May 2023
--- Food labels on children’s products in Canada demonstrate a negative association between marketing appeal and nutritional quality, according to a new study investigating advertising power and children’s nutrition.... Read More
05 May 2023
--- Scientists have demonstrated findings supporting omega 3’s reduction of damaging effects on the aging brain. This action happens through a special transporter protein critical in regulating brain cells, protected by... Read More
01 May 2023
--- A Korean-based study has found a link between depression and a higher intake of ultra-processed food (UPF) among the female population. Females who consumed the highest measured level of UPF have a 1.51 times higher... Read More
10 Apr 2023
--- Mothers’ vaginal microbiome composition does not significantly affect that of their babies’, according to new research from the University of British Columbia. NutritionInsight sits down with Maria... Read More
27 Mar 2023
--- Supplementation with vitamin K2 menaquinone-7 may be more effective in improving vitamin K status than a vitamin K-rich diet for people susceptible to vitamin K deficiency, according to a new study which utilized Kappa... Read More
27 Mar 2023
--- The benefits on heart health from consuming walnuts may be explained by the nut’s effects on the gut microbiome, as it increases the production of amino acid L-homoarginine naturally in the body, according to the... Read More
21 Mar 2023
--- Being overweight or obese while pregnant and nursing might lead to the child overeating as an adult, as overnutrition causes developing brains to crave unhealthy foods, which might lead to diet-induced obesity and diabetes,... Read More
20 Mar 2023
--- Two recent studies, Spain-based and US-based, investigated the role of diets and eating patterns and the link between the gut microbiota, respectively, on developing or reducing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).... Read More
15 Mar 2023
--- The annual “Dirty Dozen” list by the US Environmental Working Group (EWG) has been investigated and found to lack scientific-backed claims of containing toxins. The list is said to be used as guidelines to... Read More
10 Mar 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Aker Biomarine revealed that it now has the first only krill oil to receive International Krill Oil Standards (IKOS) certification. Beneo has provided over 100 small-scale farmers in Laos with... Read More
10 Mar 2023
--- Neuroimaging has revealed a positive association between adherence to the MIND and Mediterranean diets and the reduction of tau tangles and amyloid plaques in the brain – the key signatures of Alzheimer’s disease.