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03 Feb 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC) issued guidance for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to be considered by the US Congress when drafting the 2023 Farm Bill. Propel Fitness... Read More
02 Feb 2023
--- As the nutraceutical industry continues to tout the cognitive, healthy aging, weight management properties and various other benefits of curcumin, Sabinsa highlights Curcumin C3 Reduct, the company’s curcumin... Read More
02 Feb 2023
--- The transformation of well-being as a pure reflection of exterior looks to gut health, mental health and personal nutrition are all areas becoming more and more present in the active nutrition arena. NutritionInsight speaks... Read More
01 Feb 2023
--- Taiwanese probiotic producer and innovator, Synbio Tech, has signed an agreement to distribute the company’s Lactobacillus plantarum TWK10 in South Korea (SK). The exclusive partnership with functional food developer,... Read More
30 Jan 2023
--- Nutrition R&D innovator Hofseth BioCare has received attention for its salmon-derived protein hydrolysate powder and its salmon fish oil OmeGo, featuring 21 fatty acids along with the company’s salmon-based calcium... Read More
27 Jan 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, plant-based dairy brand Oatly launched its first major campaign in Ireland following new research on the Irish plant-based market. GenoPalate unveiled a line of personalized supplements to meet... Read More
25 Jan 2023
--- Danish F&B innovators IFF announced a distribution partnership with mushroom mycelia R&D production company MycoTechnology to co-develop alternative proteins and next-generation functional F&B products for... Read More
23 Jan 2023
--- The supplement market’s proliferation is being driven by mega-trends toward holistic well-being, beauty-from-within and immunity support in the aftermath of a global pandemic. Supplements offer numerous health... Read More
20 Jan 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Top Gum launched a collection of sugar- and sweetener-free organic gummies in the nutritional supplements category. Protein Rebel unveiled its energy gel Maple Ignite, following a crowdfunding... Read More
17 Jan 2023
--- With muscle aging dubbed as the “next frontier” in nutrition solutions supporting healthy aging, Nuritas – specializing in artificial intelligence (AI)-based peptide discovery – has partnered with... Read More
17 Jan 2023
--- Swiss nutraceutical and food industry active ingredients developer Mibelle Biochemistry is launching a powder extract from the Haskap berry allowing some runners to drop as much as 25 seconds off their runtime after just... Read More
13 Jan 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Surthrival launched a first-of-its-kind, wild-foraged and plant-based protein powder. Also, Gnosis by Lesaffre expanded its mood and cognitive health offerings with a relaunch of its... Read More
11 Jan 2023
--- Royal DSM has filed a lawsuit against the Mara Renewables Corporation and Algal Omega-3 LTD, alleging unlawful use of the company’s algae-based docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) innovations in the UK. At the same time, DSM... Read More
09 Jan 2023
--- Sports nutrition manufacturer Applied Nutrition has launched a berry-flavored variant of its All Black Everything (ABE) pre-workout powder named Baddy Berry. The rollout follows the company’s enlistment of UFC star... Read More
09 Jan 2023
--- A study on active nutrition published in Frontiers in Nutrition shows that almonds might boost exercise recovery molecules by 69% among those who work out regularly. When comparing supplementing almonds and cereal bars,... Read More
05 Jan 2023
--- Over the last few years, the nutrition industry has been challenged to meet increasing demands in several areas. From immunity to brain and mood health and their interactions with the microbiome, consumer demand has... Read More
04 Jan 2023
--- Smart technology player Withings is launching an in-home biomarker urinalysis platform in Europe starting in Q2 of 2023. The device will sit in the toilet bowl and can measure nutrition, hydration, ovulation and automated... Read More
23 Dec 2022
--- NutritionInsight looks back at the biggest industry developments of the year. From the US infant formula shortage to rising inflation, it was a year filled with upheaval and opportunity. The easing of COVID-19 restrictions... Read More
22 Dec 2022
--- Interest in science-based and trial-tested digestives is permeating the gut health space. Numerous studies support the links between the gut, mental health, mood and various other health-related segments. Moreover,... Read More
21 Dec 2022
--- The digestives’ segment has seen interest over the last few years as consumers are becoming more aware of the relationship between the gut and overall health and its links to disease prevention and immunity. Another... Read More