sports nutrition

04 May 2022
--- A study backed by natural extract manufacturer Arjuna Natural is revealing the company’s post-workout Rhuleave-K item offers rapid acute musculoskeletal pain relief across multiple body parts.
02 May 2022
--- Nature Gains has released an entirely plant-based steroid combination supplement sourced from testosterone boosters found in plants.
26 Apr 2022
--- As Vitafoods is around the corner, companies are gearing up for launches ranging from immunity to probiotics and sports nutrition, while showcasing developments in cannabidiol (CBD) and the infant nutrition arena.
21 Apr 2022
--- Formulators are shifting their strategy for personalized performance nutraceuticals, addressing a wider consumer base and increasingly mental health. Where gender is concerned, women now increasingly seek out products tested... Read More
08 Apr 2022
--- Spanish botanical ingredients company Nektium is expanding its botanical ingredient offerings into the F&B arena for the first time.
06 Apr 2022
--- An emerging category within sports nutrition, refrigerated protein bars present a novel way to marry functionality with convenience. NutritionInsight takes a closer look at this space, with texture and palatability being key... Read More
04 Apr 2022
--- A study following the progression of muscle-building behaviors of teenagers into early adulthood has found the use of protein powders and shakes in adolescence is strongly correlated with anabolic steroid use in early... Read More
30 Mar 2022
--- Ingredients by Nature (IBN) has received self-affirmed Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status for Eriomin, its lemon flavonoid. The ingredient – which delivers a multi-functional approach to addressing elevated... Read More
25 Mar 2022
--- Airnov Healthcare Packaging has reinforced its presence in the Chinese market with recent investments to expand its production capabilities across a range of product lines. Focusing on shelf-life preservation solutions, the... Read More
21 Mar 2022
--- Muscle dysmorphia is an under-studied psychological disorder that is rising among young men and boys. The condition is associated with excessive protein consumption and supplements use, and its emergence could have... Read More
18 Mar 2022
--- Researchers have developed high-protein microalgae strains boasting improved taste – now upscaled by Allmicroalgae. Specifically, a new Chlorella strain could be used in products like vegan sausages, snacks, soups and... Read More
08 Mar 2022
--- Zeus Hygia is targeting North American athletes of all levels with its Gremin performance ingredient. The water-soluble powder is touted as accelerating muscle recovery along with improving stamina and endurance.
03 Mar 2022
--- Glanbia is optimistic that it is past the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic, although inflation is having an impact on the Ireland-based nutrition group. In its full-year 2021 results, the group also reports strong growth, with... Read More
01 Mar 2022
--- Gold Coast Ingredients has unveiled a new range of flavor trifectas dubbed Cookies, Cream and Things for a vast range of F&B and nutraceutical applications. The flavor line taps into consumers’ nostalgic love for... Read More
14 Feb 2022
--- Premium functional beverage company Barcode has closed a multimillion dollar fundraising round after gaining commitments from a “top-tier group” of institutional investors, celebrities and star athletes.
09 Feb 2022
--- The molecule creatyl-L-leucine (CLL) is not a bioavailable source of creatine, a Canadian study has revealed, as researchers attempt to find an alternative to the commonly used creatine monohydrate (CrM).
02 Feb 2022
--- Sustainable sports nutrition brand, California Performance Co. has unveiled V-Whey dairy protein powder to improve workout performance. Thanks to microflora technology, it is made from real dairy but without animal... Read More
02 Feb 2022
--- Uddelaer Sportbier, an alcohol-free white beer and sports drink released in the third quarter of last year, is shaking up the European functional F&B space. Infused with Rousselot’s bovine Peptan collagen protein,... Read More
01 Feb 2022
--- Starbucks is stepping into the energy market with a ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage, developed in collaboration with PepsiCo. Dubbed Baya Energy, the carbonated drink – which launches in the US in March – also... Read More
26 Jan 2022
--- Lactalis is stepping into the post-workout recovery space, launching two consumer-facing protein items for US fitness enthusiasts and athletes.