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15 Jul 2024
--- Balchem launches choline-enriched folate to support optimal cellular health across all life stages, linked to prenatal care, heart and brain health. The new patented ingredient combines the benefits of folate... Read More
12 Jul 2024
--- Ahead of the Olympic Games Paris 2024, ADM highlights its plant-based, pre-, pro- and postbiotic innovations for active nutrition. The company has put a laser focus on gut health. The company’s inventory for elite... Read More
08 Jul 2024
--- Bioiberica experts Antonio Vendrell, marketing and communications director, and Daniel Martinez-Puig, R&D manager, sit down with Nutrition Insight to illuminate the latest research into the company’s Collavant n2... Read More
05 Jul 2024
--- In nutrition news this week, Aker BioMarine has agreed to sell its Feed Ingredients business and Life Extension launched a new vegan collagen formula and Purina teamed up with elite athletes such as champion swimmer Michael... Read More
05 Jul 2024
--- In an expanding healthy aging market, Nutiani recommends nutrition brands develop targeted solutions to “accurately capture the diverse needs and preferences” of the varied consumer base, who aim to maintain... Read More
04 Jul 2024
--- Angel Yeast unveils two innovative products using the company’s alternative protein in partnership with healthy food brand ffit8. The new offerings include a nougat protein bar and a protein nougat snack, which were... Read More
04 Jul 2024
--- Amid a growing consumer demand for functional ingredients, holistic health products and effective formulations, the nutrition industry is exploring the potential of ingredient synergies — combinations that enhance... Read More
03 Jul 2024
--- Bioiberica has obtained self-determined generally recognized as safe (GRAS) status in the US for its Collavant n2 native (undenatured) type II collagen for joint health, which can now be used in US functional food and... Read More
01 Jul 2024
--- Nutiani’s latest Consumer Health and Nutrition Index indicates a strong and growing consumer focus on aging healthily. In its report, Proactive Nutrition for Healthy Aging, the company aims to support brands in their... Read More
28 Jun 2024
--- This week in nutrition news, Beneo, Raffinerie Tirlemontoise and Puratos partnered with Belgium farmers to create the Climate Farming Project and Probi revealed the results of its latest study on the healthy aging benefits... Read More
27 Jun 2024
--- Frozen functional beverage innovator Blender Bites has partnered with Orgain, a US-based plant protein brand, to formulate the Superberry Sport 1-Step Smoothie, a protein-enhanced beverage for post-workout muscle recovery.... Read More
26 Jun 2024
--- The “nutrition support for joint health” category is thriving as the global population lives longer and new, younger customers show interest in ingredients and products for improved mobility. Nutrition Insight... Read More
20 Jun 2024
--- Consumers increasingly seek out science-backed solutions that help the body recover from exercise quicker and that offer comprehensive results. Moreover, many are also looking for products that can come in convenient formats... Read More
18 Jun 2024
--- The newly launched All in One protein powder formula with nutritional supplements, part of the Pure Protein brand by 1440 Foods, features 25 g of whey protein, 10 g of collagen, 6 g of fiber and 14 vitamins and minerals per... Read More
13 Jun 2024
--- Demand for joint health products is on the rise, driven by both older consumers looking for mobility support and younger generations looking to optimize aging and maintain an active lifestyle. Nutrition Insight discusses the... Read More
10 Jun 2024
--- After being away for a few years, PLT Health Solutions is making a comeback at this year’s IFT First Conference, US, 14-17 July, with a range of functional ingredients for beverages that cater to the active nutrition,... Read More
05 Jun 2024
--- A new study reveals a high use of muscle-building supplements, such as protein bars and powder, among Canadian adolescents and young adults (aged 16 to 30). Close to 60% of the 912 respondents reported using protein bars,... Read More
05 Jun 2024
--- Consumers look for functional ingredients in convenient and indulgent formats with a “good for you” value. In the rise of “foodie formats,” scientific research is still crucial for success. However,... Read More
31 May 2024
--- The personalized nutrition space continues to grow as consumers are increasingly focused on solutions that are specific to their health needs. To meet this growing trend, producers and suppliers are innovating ingredients... Read More
30 May 2024
--- Two recently published research papers investigate the effects of enfinity paraxanthine, a pure and patent-pending metabolite of caffeine, on mental stamina. One reveals that paraxanthine provides greater improvement in... Read More