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28 Sep 2022
--- Following the COVID-19 pandemic, many nutrient and supplement companies found that the consumer base surrounding immunity ingredients had not only grown, it had become more knowledgeable and informed. NutritionInsight speaks... Read More
23 Sep 2022
--- This week in industry news, US-based Perfect Day allies with Onego Bio to accelerate the time needed to create animal-free eggs. Marinova announces expansion of its brown seaweed manufacturing facility in Tasmania,... Read More
07 Sep 2022
--- Fonterra is unveiling its B2B brand Nutiani, targeting multi-billion dollar medical and well-being nutrition markets. The dairy exporter says it will supply a range of nutritional foods for other companies to sell under... Read More
05 Sep 2022
--- Singapore-based Of Dreams and Knowledge unveils a line of six biofunctional foods that it says can “help prevent chronic conditions and address a multitude of health concerns, including bacteria and viruses.”... Read More
26 Aug 2022
--- As advances in artificial intelligence (AI), wearable technologies, apps, personalized nutrition and product development continue to progress and consumers become increasingly tech savvy, industry is responding in new and... Read More
18 Aug 2022
--- The use of protein has come a long way since the days of chalky shake mixes and chewy bars. Modern protein offerings come from a variety of sources and in a variety of flavors and formats. NutritionInsight speaks to DSM Food... Read More
17 Aug 2022
--- Glanbia delivered 13% growth in the first half of 2022, driven by price increases and volume growth. Group revenues reached €2.8 billion (US$2.9 billion), while EBITDA amounted to €171.7 million (US$174.8 million).
15 Aug 2022
--- More Lyons Magnus products have been recalled from the market, after the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced an investigation for Cronobacter sakazakii and Clostridium botulinum in the company’s nutritional... Read More
12 Aug 2022
--- Kyowa Hakko USA is launching the “Tap Challenge Game” app, enabling e-gamers to see the effects of the company’s citicoline supplement, Cognizin, on their finger tapping skills. The new app is available for... Read More
03 Aug 2022
--- The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) has called for the sports and active nutrition industry’s expert views on the EU’s forthcoming mandatory front-of-pack nutritional labeling (FOPNL) scheme.
01 Aug 2022
--- Researchers from five universities reveal that loading up on protein or carbohydrates before an athletic event can lead to microbiome imbalance and directly affect performance. The study shows that loading up on... Read More
29 Jul 2022
--- UK-based Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) is upholding findings that three vitamin supplement companies used misleading or fake claims in the Google search advertising. The advertising watchdog investigated three ads... Read More
26 Jul 2022
--- As consumers and industry continue to explore the connection between the gut microbiome and its effect on mood, cognition and serotonin production, companies are experimenting with fun formats seeking to utilize prebiotics... Read More
21 Jul 2022
--- Kemin Industries’ proprietary lutein may replace beta-carotene in fighting age-related macular degeneration (AMD), according to a company-backed study. The findings may pave the way in utilizing the supplement FloraGLO... Read More
21 Jul 2022
--- The industry for sports products is expanding beyond conventionally targeting mostly male athletes, toward women and everyday active consumers. With consumers exhibiting an expanded interest in broader health outcomes,... Read More
20 Jul 2022
--- FrieslandCampina marked a “dynamic first half of 2022” in its latest financial report, observing growth across its Specialised Nutrition and Ingredients segments. Recording a €77 million (US$79 million) net... Read More
20 Jul 2022
--- A clinical study unveils daily Ashwagandha extract consumption may benefit energy and endurance levels in males. Conducted by India-based Manipal Natural, the study focuses on the company’s Asvaman product, drawn from... Read More
18 Jul 2022
--- Herbalife Nutrition is launching Fat Release, a supplement to help consumers who may overindulge during the week to achieve and maintain their health and lifestyle goals.
14 Jul 2022
--- Companies offering new innovations in Omega 3’s, “smart” baby food, and collagen proteins are among those receiving a boost by the EU-sponsored European Institute for Innovation & Technology’s... Read More
11 Jul 2022
--- Pharmactive’s Affron ingredient may enhance the enjoyment of sports activities and decrease post-workout stress and anxiety in adult males, according to a company-backed study.