sports nutrition

12 Jul 2019
--- Personalization and the adaptation of traditional applications are set to be at the center of sports nutrition’s next big trends, according to immune system supplement brand Wellmune, which is owned by Kerry. The... Read More
05 Jul 2019
--- Life sciences financer Seventure Partners has launched Sport & Performance Capital, a new fund dedicated to supporting innovation in the sport and wellness industries. With a final target of €80 million, the venture... Read More
04 Jul 2019
--- Mycoprotein – the funghi-derived and protein-rich food source that is unique to Quorn products – stimulates post-exercise muscle building to a greater extent than milk protein. This is according to a study from... Read More
25 Jun 2019
--- “Real” foods are becoming more attractive than sports nutrition gels or sports bars, according to Food Industry Analyst Julian Mellentin, Director of Consultancy New Nutrition Business and author of a new report,... Read More
06 Jun 2019
--- British starch specialist, Ulrick & Short has developed a new protein fortification ingredient marketed as having a neutral taste and minimal flavor impact. The new clean label ingredient, coined Complex 20 is the latest... Read More
27 May 2019
--- Regulatory confusion over cannabinoids (CBD) has opened up the space for alternatives, within which Gencor has released Levagen, a palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) ingredient touted as having anti-inflammatory and pain relief... Read More
24 May 2019
--- A positive impact on recovery time, immune defense and the building of muscle mass on healthy participants taking Ubiquinol Muscle soft gelatin capsules was reported by a recent study. Developed by Kaneka Pharma Europe, a... Read More
16 May 2019
--- Apollo Brands is targeting the growing market for brain-boosting solutions with its Golf Gum Liquid Core delivery system, which rapidly releases the benefits of natural caffeine and B-vitamins. Although the spearmint flavor... Read More
13 May 2019
--- Broccoli sprout-derived compound sulforaphane may help regulate a set of chemical imbalances in the brains of people with schizophrenia related to the chemical glutamate. This is according to researchers from the Johns... Read More
01 May 2019
--- Fueled by a surge in consumer interest in exercise and health, protein has been riding a wave of fruitful product development. Yet recent research has identified that excessively consuming branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs)... Read More
30 Apr 2019
--- The health benefits of collagen are already well established within the industry and touch on sectors such as sports nutrition, mobility and the beauty-from-within space. Increased consumer demand for sustainable and... Read More
30 Apr 2019
--- Danone North America has awarded US$25,000 scholarships each to two graduate students from the University of California Davis and the University of Chicago, in the US, which will fund investigations into the study of... Read More
24 Apr 2019
--- Arla Foods Ingredients has released a 100 percent whey protein hydrolysate solution specifically developed for sparkling protein water formulations. The debut comes as the functional beverages space is rapidly growing and... Read More
11 Apr 2019
--- The mainstreaming of sports nutrition has certainly not peaked and protein continues to reign supreme in this space. A continuing R&D opportunity in the sports nutrition arena is the rise of plant-based diets and,... Read More
04 Apr 2019
--- As life expectancy has increased globally, consumer attention is shifting towards improving the quality of senior life, in terms of mobility and maintaining activity levels. As such, collagen supplementation is interesting... Read More
28 Mar 2019
--- No sugar, low-calorie and high-protein functional beverages, such as protein waters, will continue to see a surge in popularity, according to Volac, UK manufacturer of nutritional whey proteins and lactose products.... Read More
27 Mar 2019
--- Israeli food manufacturer Matok V’Kal has launched a hot protein beverage – Fit4style Protein Cup – for post-workout consumption. The vegan formulation delivers 21g of protein and amino acids and is touted... Read More
18 Mar 2019
--- Technological advances, including wearable nutrition tracking devices and microbiota mapping tools, present new potential to address an aware consumer, who is interested in tailored nutrition concepts that specifically work... Read More
08 Mar 2019
--- Overnight sleep provides a unique nutritional window for boosting the muscle response to resistance training – without increasing body fat, a review published in Frontiers in Nutrition has confirmed. The review notes... Read More
07 Mar 2019
--- Lactalis American Group, Inc. d/b/a Lactalis Ingredients has launched its native whey protein, under the brand name Pronativ, to the consumer market. The whey protein has been marketed B2B for some time but this recent move... Read More