gut health

02 Jun 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Bayer created a new division to deliver personalized nutrition and health care, while Abbott Nutrition teamed up with Real Madrid’s charity foundation to combat malnutrition in children.... Read More
02 Jun 2023
--- Danish researchers studied the gut microbiota of 176 Japanese centenarians and found their combination of intestinal bacteria and bacterial viruses “unique.” The specific variety of bacteria has shown to be... Read More
01 Jun 2023
--- Gnosis by Lesaffre is spotlighting new metabolomic research outcomes that suggest a strong demand for S-adenosylmethionine (SAMe) during early infant growth, while its absence in eleven tested infant milk formulas could... Read More
31 May 2023
--- A nutrient assessment of commercially available yogurts indicates that almond and oat yogurts have a higher nutrient density than dairy yogurts. The US-based researchers suggest maximizing yogurt’s nutritional and... Read More
31 May 2023
--- The risk of developing mental disorders increases with obesity, according to scientists at the Complexity Science Hub and the Medical University of Vienna, Austria. The study found that this goes for all age groups and that... Read More
30 May 2023
--- Consumer interest in managing health and general well-being for disease prevention is increasing, creating opportunities to develop new vitamin supplements and product formats for a growing range of health benefits. These... Read More
29 May 2023
--- This year’s World Digestive Health Day focuses on how gut health develops inside the womb and the changing dietary needs of the gastrointestinal tract from birth through to infancy, childhood and adulthood. The World... Read More
29 May 2023
--- Pharmaceutical and nutraceutical excipient provider Roquette has developed a mannitol and maize starch blended supplement called Pearlitol ProTec with proven shelf life stability. The supplement has been described as... Read More
26 May 2023
--- This week in nutrition news, Bioiberica revealed that it received Novel Food Status for DAOgest. Also, Epax reported it had achieved significant biocircularity for its fisheries in 2022. Meanwhile, Phytéo Laboratoire... Read More
26 May 2023
--- The importance of Human oligosaccharides (HMOs) and gut health focus from the early stage of life was highlighted at the Microbiome & Probiotic R&D and Business Collaboration Forum Europe in Rotterdam, the... Read More
25 May 2023
--- Studies increasingly show that a healthy gut microbiome supports a healthy immune system. Consumption of fibers and prebiotics helps gut and immune health, but despite a growing consumer interest in fiber, many people... Read More
24 May 2023
--- The latest findings in gut health were unveiled yesterday and today at the Microbiome & Probiotic R&D and Business Collaboration Forum Europe in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The forum, attended by NutritionInsight,... Read More
22 May 2023
--- French scientists have found a link between toddlers’ gut bacteria and a prediction of obesity by the age of five, predicted by Body Mass Index (BMI). The study evidences that the bacteria Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes... Read More
22 May 2023
--- Several studies have demonstrated the necessity of proper nutrition for growing infants and their physical and mental development. Moreover, Innova Market Insights highlights that product launches in the baby and toddler... Read More
17 May 2023
--- The British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) has joined forces with the charity Magic Breakfast to drive research in child nutrition and investigate whether breakfast clubs – providing children with a meal in a social... Read More
16 May 2023
--- Several food organizations have signed a letter to the CEO of Nestlé UK and Ireland, pointing out that the way its new breakfast cereal inspired by the candy bar KitKat is marketed is “irresponsible.” The... Read More
15 May 2023
--- Dietary proteins, omega 3 fatty acids, protein and probiotics may strengthen the immune system against the virus causing COVID-19 by decreasing inflammation and oxidative stress, Iran-based researchers suggest. Specifically,... Read More
11 May 2023
--- Infant nutrition experts have spotlighted an insatiable interest in products that enhance microbiota health and human-residential bifidobacteria (HRB) strains. NutritionInsight interviewed Morinaga Milk, Chr. Hansen,... Read More
10 May 2023
--- US-based researchers suggest that “uptrend messaging” is more effective in encouraging healthy behaviors than focusing on the number of consumers that do not follow those recommendations. In this method,... Read More
09 May 2023
--- DSM and Firmenich have completed their “merger of equals,” creating a robust business platform to “reinvent, manufacture and combine vital nutrients, flavors and fragrances.” The Swiss-Dutch group has... Read More