heart health

02 Mar 2021
--- Reducing the fat content of processed foods in the UK could save almost 100,000 lives and prevent 4.5 million cases of overweight and obesity, according to a study by Wolfson Institute, Queen Mary University of London, UK.... Read More
01 Mar 2021
--- US-based Youtheory has launched a collagen combo line of five products, which harness the impact of hydrolyzed collagen and other clinically studied ingredients with proven benefits. The products target the body’s most... Read More
24 Feb 2021
--- Lesaffre is launching an offer to acquire all outstanding shares of NattoPharma. The offer values the total equity of the Norway-based vitamin K2 expert at NOK 631 million (US$75 million) on a fully diluted basis. In an... Read More
23 Feb 2021
--- Food-as-medicine marketplace Project Well has raised US$2 million in seed financing from food systems, healthcare and technology investors. The new platform is designed to materially improve the lives of those suffering from... Read More
22 Feb 2021
--- The UK’s national salt reduction program could prevent almost 200,000 cases of heart disease and save £1.64 billion (US$2.3 billion) in healthcare costs if better enforced by 2050, according to research by Queen... Read More
22 Feb 2021
--- A new global study reveals that many refined-flour foods are associated with a higher risk of major cardiovascular disease, stroke and early death when compared to whole grains. The study published in The British Medical... Read More
19 Feb 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, Lallemand Health Solutions published a research review into connections between the gut microbiome and protection against viral infections. Kirin Holdings Company announced it would be expanding... Read More
17 Feb 2021
--- US engineers have developed a skin patch that tracks blood pressure, heart rate and glucose levels, while measuring either the wearer’s lactate, alcohol or caffeine levels. The skin patch is worn on the neck and... Read More
15 Feb 2021
--- Mounting research is helping concrete green tea as a nutraceutical mainstay for a host of needs, including immunity and non-communicable diseases. NutritionInsight takes a closer look at green tea’s potential for the... Read More
10 Feb 2021
--- As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause high-profile damage, cardiovascular disease (CVD) silently remains the number one cause of death globally, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).However, the ongoing... Read More
03 Feb 2021
--- IFF Health is putting the focus on natural positionings for its olive leaf extract targeting cardiovascular health. Benolea (EFLA 943) is the company’s latest ingredient to gain Non-GMO Project Verified certification.
26 Jan 2021
--- General Mill’s cereal brand Cheerios is bringing back its limited-edition O’s in “happy-heart” shapes and new flavors to bring more awareness to a heart-healthy lifestyle. The limited-edition boxes... Read More
19 Jan 2021
--- A new global meta-analysis links fried-food intake to a heightened risk of major heart disease and stroke. However, experts have warned that conclusions cannot be drawn due to wide study variation and other confounding... Read More
18 Jan 2021
--- The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a global laboratory protocol for measuring trans fats, or trans-fatty acids (TFA), in foods. It details a harmonized approach for sample collection and storage, analytical... Read More
18 Dec 2020
--- This week in nutrition news, Greek yogurt manufacturer Chobani introduced a portfolio of probiotic-rich dairy and non-dairy products to the gut health sector. Sabinsa welcomed clinical trials results demonstrating the eye... Read More
17 Dec 2020
--- BLS is drawing attention to a study finding D-Ribose and ubiquinol, a form of CoQ10, may positively impact mitochondrial function and help manage heart failure with preserved ejection fraction (HFpEF). A clinical trial from... Read More
09 Dec 2020
--- Stevia may disrupt communications between different bacteria in the gut microbiome, according to a study published in Molecules, but without bactericidal effect. This study has elicited a strong response from sugar... Read More
09 Dec 2020
--- US researchers have uncovered key differences in two omega 3 fatty acids’ functions. The findings suggest docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) each play separate roles in regulating the immune... Read More
07 Dec 2020
--- Following a traditional Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of secondary heart attacks in coronary heart disease (CHD) patients more effectively than standard low-fat diets, Spanish researchers have found. The findings build... Read More
04 Dec 2020
--- Eating plant-based foods, eggs and dairy instead of red meat can slash coronary heart disease (CHD), according to a Harvard University study of 43,000 US men. Nutrition experts are now calling for policymakers to take this... Read More