heart health

26 Sep 2022
--- A study published in BMC Biology found associations between nutrient intake and healthy aging. The study highlights that there has been too much focus on specific nutrients and single outcomes rather than “the larger... Read More
26 Sep 2022
--- Following last Friday’s UK government budget announcement – the first under new Prime Minister Liz Truss – the British Pound dropped to a record low of £1.07 to US$1 this morning. Even though the soft... Read More
23 Sep 2022
--- US-based Layn Natural Ingredients is launching a natural antioxidant flavonoid called bio+Quercetin, which it touts as a “highly bioavailable form of quercetin for nutraceutical use.” The flavonoid is extracted... Read More
22 Sep 2022
--- The polyphenol-rich pomegranate extract Pomanox can increase satiety and the feeling of fullness while reducing the desire to eat following meals. According to a new study, this may present novel treatments and approaches to... Read More
21 Sep 2022
--- Gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) – a metabolic disorder occurring during pregnancy – increases the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes almost tenfold following birth. Efforts to prevent the advancement of the... Read More
16 Sep 2022
--- Researchers have found that a majority of citizens in Cyprus and Greece are deficient in vitamin D. According to the study, there is a “higher-than-expected” number of people with hypovitaminosis D in Southern... Read More
15 Sep 2022
--- The New Technological University (NTU) has opened the Centre for Microbiome Medicine in Singapore. The research facility will be used to further human health and advance new techniques for treating disease and illness by... Read More
15 Sep 2022
--- Research from the Wake Forest University School of Medicine has found that consuming multivitamins daily may improve cognition in older adults. The Cocoa Supplement and Multivitamin Outcomes Study (COSMOS) did not show cocoa... Read More
13 Sep 2022
--- Researchers in a BioActor funded study have found that the polyphenols hesperidin and punicalagin present in the company’s citrus and pomegranate complex (CPC) Actiful, given to elderly participants over a four-week... Read More
12 Sep 2022
--- Researchers have found that omega 3 fatty acids may hold the key to defying aging by extending the life and length of telomeres. Telomeres are the ends of DNA strands that shorten over time and parallel the aging process.... Read More
08 Sep 2022
--- A new study reveals a potential association between the consumption of artificial sweeteners and heart disease. Researching over nine years, scientists found evidence to support that higher artificial sweetener intake... Read More
06 Sep 2022
--- Researchers are exploring the effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on patients with heart disease as preclinical studies have been reviewed. The findings are said to be valid for cardiovascular outcomes in in-vivo studies with CBD,... Read More
06 Sep 2022
--- As September marks Healthy Aging Month, the industry is tapping into innovation to advance this space. Healthy Aging month aims to spread awareness of the advantages of aging and wellness company Shaklee is spotlighting... Read More
05 Sep 2022
--- Singapore-based Of Dreams and Knowledge unveils a line of six biofunctional foods that it says can “help prevent chronic conditions and address a multitude of health concerns, including bacteria and viruses.”... Read More
05 Sep 2022
--- Kendamil and Danone are set to export infant formula products to the US which continues to struggle with shortages. Announcing Operation Fly Formula 21 and 22, the Biden administration wants to ease market pressures, with... Read More
01 Sep 2022
--- The Council of Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has released a self-funded economic report saying evidence of using certain dietary supplement ingredients can reduce medical costs “directly and indirectly.”
29 Aug 2022
--- Biotechnology start-up MiAlgae has received £2.29 million (US$2.67 million) in funding to expand its production of omega 3s. The company’s process uses co-products from the production of whiskey as a growth... Read More
26 Aug 2022
--- As advances in artificial intelligence (AI), wearable technologies, apps, personalized nutrition and product development continue to progress and consumers become increasingly tech savvy, industry is responding in new and... Read More
26 Aug 2022
--- The European Food Information Council (EUFIC) has flagged limitations to a study published by the BMC Journal that links an increased hip fracture risk in women with vegetarian diets. The council slams the study as it... Read More
18 Aug 2022
--- Survey analysis of over 1,000 participants reveals that the front-of-package (FOP) Nutri-Score labeling helps consumers navigate product health claims in sugary products. It further shows that consumers were fooled by those... Read More