heart health

18 Apr 2024
--- Research and suppliers continue to spotlight the efficacy of prebiotic chicory root fiber, its ability to boost digestive health and to modulate the gut-axes. Emerging research points to chicory root as a critical ingredient... Read More
15 Apr 2024
--- Most food studies assess the impact of diets on human health and the environment by looking at them from the food group level. However, scientists from the University of Tokyo switched this up with an optimization modeling... Read More
12 Apr 2024
--- This week in nutrition news, the Kraft Heinz Company Foundation extended its commitment to fight hunger globally. Also, Takeda selected eight non-profit organizations (NPOs) to receive its Corporate Social Responsibility... Read More
12 Apr 2024
--- The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Food Consumer Observatory asserts that consumers need to become more invested in personalized nutrition for the field to become successful. Although most consumers... Read More
11 Apr 2024
--- New research has revealed the cardiometabolic benefits of AB-Biotics’ AB-Life Lactiplantibacillus plantarum probiotic strains in combating atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases (ACVDs), the number one cause of death,... Read More
09 Apr 2024
--- A clinical trial by nutri-technology company L-Nutra suggests that a fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) may provide a better intervention method for type 2 diabetes than standard care alone. The study found positive results across... Read More
09 Apr 2024
--- A research collaboration between the National Cancer Institute and the USDA demonstrates the extraordinary ability of beans and chickpeas to compensate for nutrient shortfalls, improve diet quality and contribute... Read More
08 Apr 2024
--- Researchers at the University of Chicago, US, are questioning the validity of a recent study publicized by the American Heart Foundation, which found that adults following an 8-hour time-restricted eating schedule had a 91%... Read More
04 Apr 2024
--- The Federation of European Aquaculture Producers (FEAP) has raised the alarm over the stagnation of aquaculture production within the EU, a trend contrasted by the sector’s explosive growth globally. The federation... Read More
02 Apr 2024
--- Consumers are drifting away from alcohol consumption, with 40% of Europeans opting for coffee instead and over half of them claiming they would cut back if a wider range of healthy beverages were available, says... Read More
01 Apr 2024
--- The major health and nutrition industry news in March included Balchem revealing a collaboration with Virginia Tech to research the health benefits of minerals, dsm-firmenich highlighting the health benefits of... Read More
29 Mar 2024
--- The recently announced partnership between SunWay Biotech and Gnosis by Lesaffre culminated in the launch of MenaQ7 Metabolic vitamin K2. Nutrition Insight catches up with John Pan, the president of SunWay Biotech to discuss... Read More
27 Mar 2024
--- Amid increasing consumer interest in dietary supplements targeting cardiovascular and heart health, Nutrition Insight continues its conversation with industry experts about current and upcoming trends. We discuss the... Read More
26 Mar 2024
--- Daily avocado consumption could be the key to improving the overall quality of a diet, suggests a new study conducted at Penn State University, US. The study confirms a link between eating avocados and adherence to dietary... Read More
25 Mar 2024
--- Health Canada authorities have granted new structure-function claims for TriNutra’s proprietary black seed oil (Nigella sativa), ThymoQuin. Finished product manufacturers can use the accepted claims to make specific... Read More
22 Mar 2024
--- SunWay Biotech and Gnosis by Lesaffre unveiled their latest MenaQ7 Metabolic vitamin K with Ankascind 568-R product at Natural Products Expo West last week. Nutrition Insight sits down with John Pan, SunWay Biotech’s... Read More
21 Mar 2024
--- Providing free, weekly home delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms helped to improve people’s nutrition, physical activity levels and cardiovascular disease risk factors, says a new study presented... Read More
21 Mar 2024
--- Interest in proactive and preventive measures for heart health is surging among a diverse demographic as cardiovascular diseases remain the leading cause of death worldwide. Nutrition Insight speaks to several industry... Read More
19 Mar 2024
--- A new preliminary study involving people following a type of intermittent fasting eating schedule, finds that participants have a 91% higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease compared to those eating across the... Read More
19 Mar 2024
--- Experts have slammed the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) for dismissing alternative proteins and meat reduction tactics in its roadmap on climate change. Omitting meat-eating reduction plans is an oversight,... Read More