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13 Jan 2022
--- Children can benefit the most from vitamin K2 supplementation, with pregnant and lactating women important demographics too, according to a new paper published in Children. The Poland-based review found that modern diets and... Read More
05 Jan 2022
--- Reconfiguring the chickpea into a resilient, higher-yielding crop with increased protein content and targeted functional and nutritional properties has been a long time coming for NuCicer. But following years of research,... Read More
17 Dec 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, chain restaurants in New York City, US, will now have to put warnings on prepackaged F&B high in sugar. The cell-based biotech company formerly known as BioMilk rebranded to Wilk. Meanwhile,... Read More
07 Dec 2021
--- Many people with deficient vitamin D intake have an increased risk of suffering from cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) compared to individuals with normal vitamin D levels.
03 Dec 2021
--- As pressure mounts to decrease salt and fat in F&B, industry is responding with innovations to create better-for-you foods. Disproquima, ICL Food Specialties, Ingredia and Griffith Foods, who all attended this... Read More
25 Nov 2021
--- In the spirit of Thanksgiving – a US holiday traditionally commemorated with roasted turkey – experts offer mixed views on the food’s nutritional value. The American Heart Association (AHA) and the... Read More
22 Nov 2021
--- The global rise in the red and processed meat trade over the past 30 years has been linked to a sharp increase in diet-related illnesses, finds an analysis published in BMJ Global Health. The most significant impact can be... Read More
19 Nov 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, Nuun, a brand of Nestlé Health Science, earned B Corporation (B Corp) certification due to its public transparency and verified standards. Nutritional supplement brand Cymbiotika is... Read More
17 Nov 2021
--- Persistent inflammation could play an underlying role in chronic diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Keeping inflammation in check, could therefore, help relieve the burden of these life-threatening health... Read More
05 Nov 2021
--- There is a “unique” potential to use food supplements instead of drugs to treat heartburn symptoms resulting from food consumption. This is according to Karen Dhanraj, technical marketing and sales manager at... Read More
15 Oct 2021
--- For more than a century, cacao products have been associated with indulgent chocolate products, but now Barry Callebaut is forging an entirely new category with Elix – which is positioned as the “first... Read More
14 Oct 2021
--- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has unveiled sodium reduction targets for a broad range of processed, packaged and prepared foods. The 2.5 year guidelines come as the average US resident consumes 50% more than the... Read More
08 Oct 2021
--- Norway-based GB Rieber VivoMega is spotlighting how its omega 3 softgels can help boost consumer sensory experiences. It is rolling out a softgel sampling program targeting North American consumers, which will be showcased... Read More
07 Oct 2021
--- Spain-based Euromed is launching two products this month, expanding its Mediterranean botanical line. The company is showcasing lemon extract Wellemon and spinach extract Spisar at trade shows in Europe and the US.... Read More
30 Sep 2021
--- As the days draw shorter across the Northern Hemisphere and flu season beckons, attention is turning toward vitamin D, with supplement retailer Holland & Barrett recently celebrating the first day of fall as “Vit D... Read More
30 Sep 2021
--- A combination of reducing salt quantity, physical modification, sodium replacements and flavor enhancers is the best way to slash sodium in bread without sacrificing taste and leavening ability. This is according to a new... Read More
27 Sep 2021
--- Pharmactive has unveiled a higher concentration version of its ABG+ aged black garlic extract, which is possible thanks to its novel ABG Cool-Tech technology. The eco-friendly production method helps boost the antioxidant... Read More
24 Sep 2021
--- Germany-based Aenova is expanding its vegan soft capsule portfolio by adding chewable omega 3 variants. They are based on its existing Aenova VegaGels and are filled with docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) fatty acids from... Read More
21 Sep 2021
--- Farlong Pharmaceutical’s ginseng supplement may have a positive influence on reducing cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk by improving blood pressure and HDL-C. This is according to a new triple-blind study, which also... Read More
16 Sep 2021
--- Layn Natural Ingredients has unveiled SophorOx, a natural antioxidant extract ingredient scientifically supported by a study to inhibit oxidative stress and support a healthy inflammation response.