heart health

22 Sep 2020
--- EPA and DHA omega 3 intake has been linked to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) events, according to new research funded by the Global Association for EPA and DHA (GOED).
11 Sep 2020
--- A new processing technique can enrich the omega 3 fatty acid content in a range of foods, without changing important sensory values. It works by boosting the quality of active ingredients of the polyunsaturated fatty acids... Read More
08 Sep 2020
--- ProBiotix Health, a subsidiary company of OptiBiotix Health, has launched a tri-layer tablet called CholBiome BP positioned to aid with hypertension reduction. Initially targeting UK and European consumers with its online... Read More
08 Sep 2020
--- The healthy aging sector has developed to include more than just senior consumer groups. Ranging from acute pain relief to long-term heart and bone health, various interpretations of healthy aging are on display at Vitafoods... Read More
03 Sep 2020
--- Evonik has expanded its AvailOm high-load omega 3 powder platform for algal and fish oil-based formulations. The new offerings now target vegans, vegetarians, those who are pregnant or parents, as well as people interested... Read More
27 Aug 2020
--- A supplier of sustainable Palm Fruit Bioactive Complex (PFBc), Phenolaeis, is developing a functional coffee with added wellness benefits, hailed as providing a smoother taste and mouthfeel. Just ten months after the company... Read More
21 Aug 2020
--- Umeken, a US-Japanese health foods manufacturer, has launched three new offerings, addressing a range of needs from heart health and liver function to immunity. The company states that these “more economical and... Read More
19 Aug 2020
--- While omega 3 supplements are widely taken, consumers still lack sufficient knowledge to get the right dose and form for optimal health. Nonetheless, omega 3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are... Read More
17 Aug 2020
--- Subsidizing foods, such as nutrient- and fiber-rich Step One Foods products, instead of medications, can save an estimated US$24 billion for the US Medicare-insured population, according to a new US study. This... Read More
14 Aug 2020
--- Growing demand and consequent innovation for natural protein sweeteners are evidenced by a new investment in Joywell Foods. Coming from venture capital firm Piva, the Series A financing enables the food-tech start-up to... Read More
12 Aug 2020
--- Quorn and Beyond Meat have both released studies highlighting how their vegan meat alternatives lower low-density lipoproteins (LDL), commonly known as “bad” cholesterol. Consumption of Quorn’s protein-rich... Read More
10 Aug 2020
--- The American Heart Association (AHA) is urging routine healthcare visits to include some form of dietary assessment and counseling. Disease experts recommend the adoption of a rapid diet screening tool that can be integrated... Read More
07 Aug 2020
--- Arcadia Biosciences is set to collaborate with Corner Foods, an affiliate of Corner Capital Group, to bring the former’s GoodWheat portfolio of specialty wheat ingredients to China and Israel. Importantly, the... Read More
05 Aug 2020
--- The convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic with evolving eating behaviors is expanding the scope of the superfoods market. As consumer awareness of vitamin and mineral synergies expands, demand for superfoods that aid in the... Read More
05 Aug 2020
--- Consuming chocolate at least once a week is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease, according to research. Published in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, the study suggests that chocolate can help maintain... Read More
04 Aug 2020
--- The potential adverse health effects of a high caffeine concentration in food supplements should not be overlooked, according to a new Dutch report. The assessment shows that consuming caffeine food supplements could result... Read More
31 Jul 2020
--- Consumption of Sweetkick, a sugar control mint based on Gymnema sylvestre (GS) leaf extract, lowered test participants’ desire to continue consuming chocolate, according to a new Nutrients-published study. The... Read More
29 Jul 2020
--- The purchasing of foods and beverages (F&B) containing caloric sweeteners (CS), or sugar, declined between 2002 and 2018 in the US, according to a new study. Within that same period, purchases of products containing both... Read More
28 Jul 2020
--- As the gut health megatrend proliferates in the nutrition sector, life sciences company OptiBiotix has launched a new ingredient synergy which boosts the gut microbiome’s diversity. The functional fiber and mineral... Read More
27 Jul 2020
--- The health benefits of plant-based diets have been underscored in three latest research findings. Plant-based diets high in carbs can improve Type 1 diabetes, a field of research that is often overshadowed by its Type 2... Read More