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Nutrition Insight12 October 2018

Microbiota and sports performance: Calls for greater NP ...

12 Oct 2018 --- Probiotics hold major untapped potential in the sports nutrition arena, with greater scientific support for efficacy coming on stream in just the past 4 to 5 years. But there is still ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight01 October 2018

Premix potential: Challenges and opportunities for BCAA ...

01 Oct 2018 --- Increasing scientific evidence of the benefits of nutritional supplementation and the phenomenon of pill fatigue have led to increased consumer and industry interest in the ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight25 September 2018

Yeast beta-glucan: Growing market potential in immune h ...

25 Sep 2018 --- With the onset of cooler weather in the Northern hemisphere, immune health is once again becoming an area of growing concern. Driven by increasing consumer awareness, the immunity ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight18 September 2018

Acacia gum shows strong sugar reduction and prebiotic p ...

18 Sep 2018 --- Due to various natural properties, acacia gum is a natural emulsifier that is particularly efficient in the stabilization of oil in water emulsions commonly used in the manufacturing ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight11 September 2018

Intelligence services coupled with scientific backing k ...

11 Sep 2018 --- Consumer awareness and demands of their nutritional products are increasing, putting pressure on B2C companies when it comes to choosing their private label suppliers and ranges. To ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight06 September 2018

Supplements industry innovation has stagnated, warns BI ...

06 Sep 2018 --- Innovation in the dietary supplements and botanicals space has not been seen since chia took the market by storm six years ago, according to George Pontiakos, President/CEO of major ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight29 August 2018

“Demonization” of sugar hinders the fight against obesi ...

29 Aug 2018 --- “It’s not what one eats that causes obesity, but what one’s body does with what is eaten,” says Edward Archers, Ph.D., Physiologist and Nutrition Scientist. ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight14 August 2018

Baobab resurgence? Things are looking up for the “upsid ...

14 Aug 2018 --- The baobab superfruit has been enjoying an NPD resurgence, boosted by renewed interest in the digestive health and low GI space, as well its strong potential for use in the sports ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight31 July 2018

Advancing human health and nutrition: DSM on the key tr ...

31 Jul 2018 --- Thriving in today’s business environment requires not only financial success, but hinges on an awareness of social responsibility, taking into account local and ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight26 July 2018

Translating science into suggestion: Start-up on person ...

26 Jul 2018 --- “Health needs to be valued and understood as a journey with many different processes: Personalized nutrition needs to take that into account and put in the human side to ... Read More