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Nutrition Insight26 November 2018

Personalized nutrition: Carbiotix sets out to mainstrea ...

26 Nov 2018 --- Personalized nutrition has been high on the industry agenda for a while. But despite the popularity of the phrase, there is still ample space for development in terms of bringing ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight21 November 2018

The next infant formula staple? NZMP eyes milk fat glob ...

21 Nov 2018 --- As scientific understanding of infant development evolves, the industry is seeing growing opportunities for infant nutrition formulas that come as close to human breast milk as ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight13 November 2018

Consumer interest in liquid nutraceutical delivery form ...

13 Nov 2018 --- Consumers are more mindful of their health and nutraceutical products have become aspects of an everyday diet. This, coupled with a faster pace of consumer living has spurred a number ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight08 November 2018

Personalized approach: Lallemand targets women’s health ...

08 Nov 2018 --- General statements concerning human health and nutrition are being swept aside to make room for more personalized considerations, advice and approaches. Lifestyle, age and gender are ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight26 October 2018

Healthy sweetness: Amai Proteins CEO on sweet protein p ...

26 Oct 2018 --- The food industry is undergoing massive, disruptive changes, with innovative start-ups in a range of disciplines vying to tackle global nutrition issues. One of these, Amai Proteins, ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight12 October 2018

Microbiota and sports performance: Calls for greater NP ...

12 Oct 2018 --- Probiotics hold major untapped potential in the sports nutrition arena, with greater scientific support for efficacy coming on stream in just the past 4 to 5 years. But there is still ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight01 October 2018

Premix potential: Challenges and opportunities for BCAA ...

01 Oct 2018 --- Increasing scientific evidence of the benefits of nutritional supplementation and the phenomenon of pill fatigue have led to increased consumer and industry interest in the ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight25 September 2018

Yeast beta-glucan: Growing market potential in immune h ...

25 Sep 2018 --- With the onset of cooler weather in the Northern hemisphere, immune health is once again becoming an area of growing concern. Driven by increasing consumer awareness, the immunity ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight18 September 2018

Acacia gum shows strong sugar reduction and prebiotic p ...

18 Sep 2018 --- Due to various natural properties, acacia gum is a natural emulsifier that is particularly efficient in the stabilization of oil in water emulsions commonly used in the manufacturing ... Read More

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Nutrition Insight11 September 2018

Intelligence services coupled with scientific backing k ...

11 Sep 2018 --- Consumer awareness and demands of their nutritional products are increasing, putting pressure on B2C companies when it comes to choosing their private label suppliers and ranges. To ... Read More