bone/joint health

11 Aug 2022
--- A damning report by the Changing Markets Foundation is accusing the krill oil industry of greenwashing consumers and using marketing techniques to cover up the ecological impact of their operations. According to the authors,... Read More
11 Aug 2022
--- Boswellia extracts are being adulterated and replaced with resins from similar species, according to a team of experts who have flagged the issue in a bulletin, aiming to provide guidance in identifying the issues.
04 Aug 2022
--- Researchers have discovered that vitamin K hydroquinone, a reduced form of vitamin K, can prevent a type of natural cell death called ferroptosis. The findings may open new pathways in treating disease and illness, flags the... Read More
01 Aug 2022
--- As industry eyes the gut-brain axis and the potential of probiotics for leveraging a slew of health benefits, companies are spotlighting the opportunities of the microbiome in aiding the healthy aging space.
28 Jul 2022
--- US-based KaraMD is launching Pure D3 Plus, a magnesium and vitamin D3 supplement aiming to boost immunity, heart health, bone strength and improve mood.
28 Jul 2022
--- Aker BioMarine’s Superba Boost krill oil supplement improves stiffness, pain, and physical function in people with mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis, according to a study conducted by Australia’s national... Read More
28 Jul 2022
--- Millennials and Gen Z are overturning the healthy aging space. Highlighting new realms of focus and driving industry innovation for fun formats, the segment now encompasses an array of age groups with companies diversifying... Read More
27 Jul 2022
--- The US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approach in attempting to remove dangerous supplements from the market appears to be ineffective, according to a new study. The findings reveal warning letters by the... Read More
26 Jul 2022
--- Vitamin K2 is one of the top ten ingredients used across a number of countries around the globe, seeing increasing popularity in adults up to the age of 54, according to a survey by the Industry Transparency Center.... Read More
26 Jul 2022
--- Research by Morinaga Milk has unveiled the order in which Bifidobacterium species reach an infant’s gut has an impact on the way human milk oligosaccharides (HMOs) are utilized.
22 Jul 2022
--- This week in nutrition news, Lonza reported CHF 3 billion (US$3.1 billion) in H1 2022, partially fueled by the Capsules & Health Ingredients division’s momentum driven by specialty capsules. The Biden-Harris... Read More
14 Jul 2022
--- Prunes may play a role in bone health, according to a study by the California Prune Board, revealing the carbohydrates (CHO) and polyphenols (PP) found in the fruit act as prebiotics.
06 Jul 2022
--- While the benefits of vitamin D have long been touted by industry and policy alike, researchers are flagging that hypervitaminosis D is on the rise. The condition arises from overconsumption of the “sunshine... Read More
30 Jun 2022
--- Nestlé Health Science is set to acquire The Better Health Company (TBHC), as part of its goals to grow global market share while spurring innovation across the nutrition industry.
30 Jun 2022
--- Concerns and attention toward joint health are becoming more prominent as consumer lifestyles changed during the COVID-19 pandemic and interest in fitness and health increased. NutritionInsight speaks to experts in the field... Read More
29 Jun 2022
--- Nutraceutical company, Karallief has been granted a US patent for Easy Climb, a new “fast-acting” herbal extract formula shown to relieve occasional joint discomfort by the US Patent and Trademark Organization... Read More
22 Jun 2022
--- US citizens spent nearly US$50 billion on vitamin and dietary supplements in 2021 – “all for nothing,” according to researchers from Northwest Medicine. A study published in JAMA suggests that the evidence... Read More
21 Jun 2022
--- Life science company Bioiberica’s native type II collagen – Collavant n2 – in combination with the herbal extract Boswellia serrata was found to reduce osteoarthritis symptoms in five days.
15 Jun 2022
--- US-based Balchem is acquiring Norwegian Kappa Bioscience from Verdane Edda for 3.175B NOK (US$338 million – at the time of the acquisition). A definite agreement has been signed, and Kappa Bioscience will be part of... Read More
23 May 2022
--- FutureCeuticals’ mineral complex for joint health – FruiteX-B – is now available for commercial use in the EU through the distributor Vaneeghen. It offers European brands a new tool in the joint health... Read More