bone/joint health

25 Jun 2020
--- Effervescent curcumin will now be available to consumers in the form of Holland & Barrett’s Vitaboost Turmeric. The product contains Pharmako Biotechnologies’ HydroCurc for joint health, as well as vitamin C... Read More
19 Jun 2020
--- Health and wellness company TSI Group has acquired Metabolic Technologies (MTI), a research-driven company responsible for the discovery of beta-hydroxy beta-methylbutyrate (HMB), a substance naturally produced during... Read More
18 Jun 2020
--- Functional supplements are attracting busy consumers across generational age groups, who all seek to live healthier and stress-free lives despite differing priorities. Lonza is tapping into this demand with a range of... Read More
18 Jun 2020
--- PLT Health Solutions is set to globally market its novel active and sports nutrition ingredient Dynaleve Muscle+Joint Formula, which is touted as a water-soluble, low-dose solution to post-exercise recovery. The Boswellia... Read More
16 Jun 2020
--- Kappa Bioscience’s vitamin K2 MK-7, K2Vital, can now address the lucrative vegan market thanks to its new certification. Sufficient vitamin K2 is difficult to obtain through the standard Western diet and this... Read More
16 Jun 2020
--- Addressing the need for muscle health solutions for a globally booming elderly population, Arla Foods Ingredients (AFI) has launched Lacprodan HYDRO.Rebuild. The fully hydrolyzed whey protein ingredient is clinically proven... Read More
16 Jun 2020
--- Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) will incorporate Bioiberica’s patented ingredient, Mobilee, into its existing Meritene Mobilis joint health drink mix. The ingredient aims to bolster Meritene Mobilis’s... Read More
11 Jun 2020
--- Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) is acquiring the majority stake in Vital Proteins, a key US collagen player featuring a lifestyle and wellness platform offering supplements, beverages and food products. The move seeks to... Read More
19 May 2020
--- Vitamins D3 and K2 each function more effectively in the presence of the other. This is according to the latest research compiled by Kappa Bioscience, manufacturer of K2 MK-7, to educate food and supplement formulators on... Read More
15 May 2020
--- New research is presenting a mixed picture of the health credentials of coffee. While a UK study from Anglia Ruskin University linked higher coffee consumption to lower body fat for women, researchers from the University of... Read More
14 May 2020
--- A white paper published by US non-profit Clean Label Project and the Organic Consumers Association found that four of 30 tested collagen peptide supplements contained traces of heavy metal contamination, which has sparked a... Read More
08 May 2020
--- Valensa International’s FlexPro MD may help overcome joint deterioration thanks to its combination of krill oil, astaxanthin and hyaluronic acid. This is according to a new South Korean study published in Nutrients,... Read More
30 Apr 2020
--- Daily supplementation with BioCell Collagen for 14 weeks can make skin elasticity 18 percent higher compared to placebo groups, according to a new peer-reviewed mouse study. The study found that the company’s flagship... Read More
28 Apr 2020
--- Better vitamin K status in patients with COVID-19 has been linked to improved health outcomes, compared to patients with poor vitamin K status. The research, published in the journal Preprints, suggests a connection between... Read More
28 Apr 2020
--- Royal DSM has unveiled its latest microbial powders for infant nutrition. The DHASCO-B and ARASCO powders contain a minimum of 110 mg DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) or ARA (arachidonic acid) respectively, and are sustainably... Read More
22 Apr 2020
--- The restrictions necessitated by COVID-19 have created difficult financial situations across the nutrition industry, including in the US, where 95 percent of natural products businesses have had their small business loans... Read More
01 Apr 2020
--- A sector that was once confined to the aging population and athletes today encompasses a broader demographic. New approaches to joint health, using innovative forms of collagen as well as botanicals, are challenging the... Read More
31 Mar 2020
--- Stratum Nutrition’s NEM – short for natural eggshell membrane – has received confirmation in a new independent study that it can reduce joint pain and stiffness in patients with grade 2 and 3 osteoarthritis... Read More
27 Mar 2020
--- In nutrition news this week, Givaudan reported a 3.3 percent increase in its 19th consecutive dividend at its annual general meeting. Gencor received clinical validation that its palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) extract Levagen+... Read More
12 Feb 2020
--- K2VITAL vitamin K2 MK-7 by Kappa Bioscience has received approval for use in children’s health and maternal milk powders in China, as well as being deemed safe for use in Mexico. Although K2 is an essential vitamin for... Read More