bone/joint health

03 Mar 2021
--- US scientists have reprogrammed E. coli to produce chondroitin sulfate, a polysaccharide molecule used in pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. Chondroitin sulfate is best known as a joint health dietary supplement to aid... Read More
01 Mar 2021
--- US-based Youtheory has launched a collagen combo line of five products, which harness the impact of hydrolyzed collagen and other clinically studied ingredients with proven benefits. The products target the body’s most... Read More
25 Feb 2021
--- Until recently, Boswellia has been “somewhat overshadowed” by other traditional Ayurvedic herbs, Dr. Muhammed Majeed, founder and chairman of Sami-Sabinsa Group, tells NutritionInsight. Following the publication... Read More
16 Feb 2021
--- DSM’s Nutrition segment saw an overall slightly positive sales impact from immunity, which has also spurred research into vitamin D. The company has recently published its 2020 financial report, as well as a study on... Read More
16 Feb 2021
--- In spite of sustained interest in the plant-based playing field, the traditionally natural and nutritious connotations of dairy products still hold currency in today’s evolving market. This is evidenced by Innova... Read More
16 Feb 2021
--- Fortigel, one of Gelita’s specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) offerings, has been shown to regenerate cartilage, maintain joint mobility and minimize joint discomfort.
15 Feb 2021
--- Kerry has signed a licensing partnership with Japan-based Pharma Foods International (PFI) for the development, application and global sales of joint health ingredient technology.
09 Feb 2021
--- Lactalis Ingredients has expanded its Pronativ Native Whey Protein range with the launch of a micellar casein isolate ideal for food and beverage enrichment. The company is especially targeting the aging population,... Read More
01 Feb 2021
--- The California Prune Board has partnered with a host of Canadian athletes – including some who are training for the Olympics – to highlight the role of good nutrition and exercise in bone health. The professional... Read More
28 Jan 2021
--- BioGaia is launching its complete adult health portfolio in Sweden, with its BioGaia Osfortis for bone health and BioGaia Prodentis for the mouth now available on the domestic market.“In line with our already... Read More
22 Jan 2021
--- Gelita is broadening its proprietary portfolio of Bioactive Collagen Peptides (BCP) with Immupept, a new brand that targets the immunity sector. Prior to this launch, the company’s latest research collaboration with... Read More
18 Dec 2020
--- At least 14 percent of all people aged 60 years and over ̶ more than 142 million people ̶ cannot currently meet their basic daily needs.
17 Dec 2020
--- Akay Group’s curcuminoid-fenugreek complex, CurQfen, was found to be more effective than glucosamine hydrochloride and chondroitin sulfate at reducing the pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA) patients. The... Read More
07 Dec 2020
--- Naturex, part of Givaudan, will supply US-based Upgraid with clinical science to back its expanding portfolio of natural “food as medicine” supplements. The financial terms of the partnership have not been... Read More
02 Dec 2020
--- Two studies have revealed more about the relationship between vitamin D and the gut. One investigation pinpointed the section of the intestine where vitamin D regulates calcium, while the other found that gut microbiome... Read More
30 Nov 2020
--- Over 2.5 million people in England deemed vulnerable to COVID-19 will now be offered free vitamin D supplements for the winter. The UK’s Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) says that these groups have spent... Read More
30 Nov 2020
--- SternVitamin has developed micronutrient premixes to give the booming plant-based dairy alternatives category a fortified boost. The SternHeartV, SternGutV and SternBonesV premixes allow manufacturers to align plant-based... Read More
24 Nov 2020
--- Robertet has launched curcuRouge, a “groundbreaking” curcumin that has shown 93 times greater absorption than traditional extracts, according to forthcoming research. CurcuRouge is highly soluble in water and has... Read More
24 Nov 2020
--- Vegans, vegetarians and pescatarians are up to 43 percent more likely to suffer bone fractures compared with those who eat meat and dairy, according to a study published in BMC Medicine. Researchers analyzed data from almost... Read More
23 Nov 2020
--- NXT USA has introduced a new vegan joint health product called TamaFlex. The plant-based blend features a proprietary combination of the Ayurvedic ingredients tamarind seed and turmeric rhizome extracts that can help inhibit... Read More