editorial highlights

12 Nov 2019
--- Prebiotics are helping manufacturers meet a greater demand for digestive health products, particularly in dairy applications.
15 Aug 2019
--- Doug Simon, Agropur's President of US operations discusses the growing opportunities for the dairy market and how growth acts as motivation.
15 Aug 2019
--- Personalized nutrition is hot. Optimizing nutrition via individualized and pooled genetic data will revolutionize how consumers eat. But can we personalize nutrition based on an individual’s gut microbiota composition?
14 Aug 2019
--- Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute’s appointment of a nutrition and probiotic expert to its Scientific Advisory Council highlights the company’s focus on probiotics and gut health.
12 Aug 2019
--- Industry insiders give their forecasts on nutritionals and supplements. Innovations are emerging, from healthy aging to personalized solutions and botanical ingredients. Key suppliers, such as DSM, Azelis and Carbery,... Read More
25 Jul 2019
--- As the modern view of health becomes increasingly holistic, today’s health conscious consumers are seeking products that support well-being on multiple levels. Sleep, digestion, metabolism, inflammation, energy –... Read More
25 Jul 2019
--- Inside the nutraceuticals that may significantly and physiologically strengthen and boost sports performance.For superlative performance, an athlete must maintain his best nutritional as well as physiologically and mentally... Read More
25 Jul 2019
--- An overview of the evidence base linking wholegrains to health. It provides insights that may be useful to consider in relation to the production of novel wholegrain products.Wholegrains feature front and center in many... Read More
29 Apr 2019
--- Personalized health platforms have expanded beyond gut health to encompass anything from sleep quality to cognitive health.
21 Mar 2019
--- Fueled by increasingly environmentally- and health-conscious consumers, brands are looking for ways to innovate and differentiate themselves from the competition. In the run-up to Vitafoods Europe, a look at the breakout... Read More
19 Feb 2019
--- Vitamins and minerals encapsulated by fluid bed technology are suited for further processing.
30 Oct 2018
--- As the consumer demands for products that promote health and wellness increase, and clinical awareness of the importance of nutrition continues to grow, the clinical nutrition category is seeing increased R&D.
07 Aug 2018
--- Key suppliers offer their thoughts on the nutritionals industry. How can the sector meet the health concerns of an aging global population?
07 Aug 2018
--- French-headquartered Lesaffre, which has a €2 billion turnover is a global reference in yeast and breadmaking. In fact, the company claims that one bread out of every three in the world is made with their yeast.... Read More
07 Aug 2018
--- A large number of people choose to eat gluten-free products but do not have gluten-related medical conditions. Reduced gluten options can be part of a strategy to “making wheat cool again.”
07 Aug 2018
--- Emerging scientific evidence is questioning the very essence of previous dietary guidelines that focused on fat, especially saturated fats.
07 Aug 2018
--- Almonds are a great example of a natural, nutritious product with high levels of healthy fats and fiber. A look at the built-in features of almonds that protect them from oxidation and what manufacturers can do to ensure... Read More
01 May 2018
--- The microbiome field is revolutionizing our understanding of human disease and unlocking significant potential for innovative solutions.
17 Apr 2018
--- Anyone interested in the vast opportunities that personalization can offer, should explore and seek to understand the concept of new power consumerism.
03 Apr 2018
--- A new micronutrient beverage premix is just one example of a concept addressing different life phases of specific consumer target groups at SternVitamin.