immune health

17 Sep 2021
--- Vitafoods Europe 2021 will be the first in-person trade show for many companies since the COVID-19 pandemic brought much of the world to an 18-month halt. This year’s event will embrace a hybrid approach, taking place... Read More
16 Sep 2021
--- Lief Raws, a division of US dietary supplement manufacturer, Lief Labs, has entered a licensing partnership with CellFlo6 to be the distribution and sales arm of its proprietary performance green tea extract with the same... Read More
15 Sep 2021
--- While sports nutrition maintains its hold in the nutrition realm, industry experts are adamant that opportunities have not diminished. NutritionInsight speaks to companies about the diverse demands across sports domains,... Read More
14 Sep 2021
--- Royal DSM is reorganizing its Health, Nutrition & Bioscience activities into three business groups as it begins a review of strategic options for its Materials businesses, including a possible change of ownership. This... Read More
13 Sep 2021
--- US-based biotech company Conagen is scaling up the natural antioxidant ingredient hydroxytyrosol, thereby expanding its commercial partner Blue California’s health ingredient portfolio. Conagen’s high-purity... Read More
10 Sep 2021
--- Nutricia, Danone’s medical nutrition arm, is urging nutrition to be integrated into medical care to improve COVID-19 patient recovery in hospital and after discharge. It has commissioned a survey that shows how... Read More
10 Sep 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, a successful ingredient examination period resulted in in-process patents in Canada and South Korea of NattoPharma’s MenaQ7 Vitamin K2. Bon Natural Life Limited announced a strategic... Read More
10 Sep 2021
--- Hydration specialist Nuun has launched a powder formula to support the immune system holistically when stressors arise. The trifecta of electrolytes, vitamins and prebiotics quickly dissolves in water, targeting... Read More
09 Sep 2021
--- Ahead of an over US$8 million investment in a production facility, Kirin Holdings is unveiling food products containing Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma to target immunity demands in Japan. The company notes that 70 percent... Read More
07 Sep 2021
--- People who eat high-quality, gut-friendly diets with plant-based foods are less likely to develop COVID-19 or become severely ill. This is according to an analysis of nearly 600,000 ZOE COVID Study app contributors, which... Read More
06 Sep 2021
--- Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, NutritionInsight is dedicated to bringing its readers all the latest and most relevant industry updates. Visit this regularly-updated news feed for the coronavirus information and... Read More
02 Sep 2021
--- As COVID-19 vaccinations roll out globally, Biosearch Life is highlighting the role that diet can have on efficacy. Ahead of the Spain-based biotechnology company’s webinar, NutritionInsight speaks with two experts... Read More
01 Sep 2021
--- Not all products targeting health and well-being are created equal. Rising consumer awareness has prompted reformulations of naturally sourced nutritional supplements free of synthetic additives. This year, Asia-Pacific... Read More
01 Sep 2021
--- Swedish probiotics company Probi is reporting that two of its probiotic strains – Lactiplantibacillus plantarum HEAL9 and Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus 271 – are well tolerated in newborns’ gut microbiomes. ... Read More
27 Aug 2021
--- Consumers are taking a more proactive approach to their well-being with functional nutrition, close-to-nature ingredients and foods that signal self-care. These are ADM’s latest findings, which identify five consumer... Read More
20 Aug 2021
--- Charity organization Bloomberg Philanthropies has channeled a US$31 million investment into the expansion of its Partnership for Healthy Cities network into six new cities – Bucharest, Romania; Cairo, Egypt;... Read More
20 Aug 2021
--- Lycored is expanding its vitamin D range with a launch of a highly concentrated, microencapsulated D3, branded Capsudar D3 1000E. The format creates new opportunities for synergistic products that combine vitamin D with... Read More
19 Aug 2021
--- Korean ginseng brand CheongKwanJang, under Korean Ginseng Corporation (KGC), has observed a prominent upsurge in the demand for red ginseng to improve immunity and health since the outbreak of COVID-19 in Korea.... Read More
18 Aug 2021
--- Chr. Hansen has reached a settlement with Glycom over several human milk oligosaccharides (HMO) production patent disputes. These include litigations in Denmark inherited from Chr. Hansen’s acquisition of Jennewein... Read More
16 Aug 2021
--- A review paper from the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) is stressing that several changes are still required in high-income countries to make UK diets more environmentally sustainable and healthier. “We know that... Read More