immune health

14 Feb 2020
--- The ongoing Biofach 2020 trade show held in Nuremberg, Germany, is hosting a range of organic suppliers and producers – many offering products with added nutritional benefits alongside additive-free claims. On the show... Read More
14 Feb 2020
--- As the number of confirmed coronavirus cases – now called COVID-19 – reaches 47,000 around the world, misinformation surrounding supplements and herbs is running rampant. Social media has seen the spread of... Read More
07 Feb 2020
--- As the coronavirus continues its spread – both within China and around the world – it is taking a serious toll on the nutrition and personal care industries as supply chains and customers feel the threat.... Read More
06 Feb 2020
--- Coming on the heels of World Cancer Day, a collaboration including over 1,300 scientists and clinicians from 37 countries has uncovered an “unprecedented” amount of new insights into the disease. While previous... Read More
29 Jan 2020
--- Children are in danger due to their high exposure to acrylamide, which forms when starches brown during high-temperature cooking, highlights Kerry on the one-year anniversary of its commercial launch of acrylamide-reducing... Read More
27 Jan 2020
--- Israeli biotech company NextFerm Technologies has filed a patent for its natural astaxanthin, branded as Astaferm. The company touts its novel composition as a natural, GMO-free antioxidant, being the first astaxanthin... Read More
27 Jan 2020
--- US-based health and wellness brand GoLive is set to release six new ready-to-mix (RTM) synbiotic blends, each addressing specific health concerns, such as stress levels, sleep quality , hair and skin health. The company... Read More
16 Jan 2020
--- The next decade could see the commercialization of a new probiotic drink with a specifically engineered genetic element to help fight antibiotic-resistant bacteria. By targeting small DNA molecules called plasmids, a team of... Read More
10 Jan 2020
--- Natural lozenge brand ZAND has launched its first rapid immune-boosting product, Immune Fast. The so-called breakthrough supplement delivers a combination of EpiCor fermented yeast, vitamin C and zinc that provides immune... Read More
10 Jan 2020
--- With cancer currently pegged as the top killer of dogs and cats, pet care company Pet Wellness Direct has launched a line of pet-friendly antioxidant mushroom supplements. Critical Immune Defense, which also contains... Read More
09 Dec 2019
--- According to the World Health Organization (WHO), by 2050 the global population of people over the age of 60 is forecasted to more than double to two billion. The frailty of this population partially hinges on nutrition and... Read More
09 Dec 2019
--- Probiotics and prebiotics may impact the microbiome of male infants differently to female infants, according to a study in 28-day-old piglets. A team of researchers from the Universities of Bristol and Reading in the UK... Read More
04 Dec 2019
--- Early introduction to allergenic foods, such as eggs and peanuts, has been found to be effective in preventing the development of food allergies in specific groups of infants. This is according to new studies from... Read More
25 Nov 2019
--- Nestlé is partnering with the University of California San Diego Center for Microbiome Innovation (CMI) to reinforce research into the microbiome’s impact on human health. Moreover, the collaboration aims to... Read More
22 Nov 2019
--- In nutrition news this week, Omya exhibited its range of high purity mineral particles under its Calcipur portfolio at Food Matters Live, in London, UK, November 11-14, demonstrating the positive impact its... Read More
21 Nov 2019
--- As the days draw shorter and shorter, winter is no doubt just around the corner. Coming with the season is a barrage of consumers seeking to fight off seasonal sniffles, as immune systems everywhere are threatened by... Read More
19 Nov 2019
--- A ketogenic diet helps to enhance production from airway cells that can effectively trap the influenza virus. This is according to a Yale University study, which found that influenza-infected mice fed on ketogenic food had a... Read More
18 Nov 2019
--- Researchers at the Intermountain Healthcare Heart Institute (IHHI) seek to shed light on uncertainties regarding the efficacy of omega 3 supplementation through two new studies. The non-profit healthcare institute’s... Read More
14 Nov 2019
--- Complementary breast cancer therapies – including garlic, ginger, gingko and turmeric supplements – are likely to cause more harm than good when used to treat skin lesions. This is according to Professor Maria... Read More
12 Nov 2019
--- A new production method of producing ergothioneine could provide a way of supplying the natural amino acid at a much lower price. Because of current expensive chemical production routes, market prices of ergothioneine are... Read More