immune health

13 Aug 2020
--- Throughout the global COVID-19 pandemic, NutritionInsight is dedicated to bringing its readers all the latest and most relevant industry updates. Visit this daily news feed for the coronavirus information and insights you... Read More
11 Aug 2020
--- Many allergies and food sensitivities are on the rise, with some consumers flagging difficulties digesting many dairy products, for example. As a result, industry is embracing new technology to help consumers enjoy the foods... Read More
10 Aug 2020
--- With over half of Australia’s population experiencing gastrointestinal issues, healthcare professionals must have products that reflect the microbiome’s complexity and are specific to the conditions that they are... Read More
07 Aug 2020
--- Chlorella vulgaris (chlorella) is pegged as a healthy, natural and sustainable superfood, which is in-demand during the COVID-19 period thanks to its immune-boosting properties. NutritionInsight speaks to producer... Read More
05 Aug 2020
--- The convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic with evolving eating behaviors is expanding the scope of the superfoods market. As consumer awareness of vitamin and mineral synergies expands, demand for superfoods that aid in the... Read More
31 Jul 2020
--- Prebiotics can stimulate the production of beneficial probiotics in the gut, which in turn contributes to overall health and immunity against viral infections. This is according to Dr. Fernando Schved, Vice President of... Read More
24 Jul 2020
--- This week in nutrition news, Lonza Group reported increased consumer interest in nutritional supplements from its Capsules and Health Ingredients business. Similarly, FrieslandCampina Ingredients saw a surge in demand for... Read More
23 Jul 2020
--- Innovia Kids is a drinkable probiotic supplement for children older than four-years-old. Launched by Sofar Americas, the US subsidiary of Italy-based Sofar, the supplement blends the LP-DG probiotic strain with essential... Read More
22 Jul 2020
--- In line with current gut health trends, US Greek yogurt brand Chobani has unveiled two new offerings that are touted as being high in protein, probiotic-filled and include zero added sugars. Debuting this month in retail... Read More
20 Jul 2020
--- Beneo is preparing for the rise of health-conscious consumers to continue in the wake of COVID-19, predicting that this will play a key role in future product development. Jon Peters, President of Beneo Inc., tells... Read More
17 Jul 2020
--- Silibinin sourced from Euromed SA’s milk thistle extract and cannabidiol (CBD) are the latest ingredients to come under the microscope in the fight against the COVID-19 crisis. Silibinin, a key component of flavonoid... Read More
17 Jul 2020
--- Probiotics player Probi has released its financial results for Q2, highlighting net sales amounted to SEK 180 million (US$19.9 million) during this quarter on par with the previous year. Notably, the company states the... Read More
13 Jul 2020
--- Nearly two-thirds (62 percent) of French people are paying more attention to their health since COVID-19 hit Europe. This is according to a survey from Synadiet, a professional body representing over 90 percent of food... Read More
09 Jul 2020
--- Standard Process has revealed GI Stability, a prebiotic wafer containing 2’-Fucosyllactose (2’-FL), a human milk oligosaccharide (HMO). Targeting adults, the wholefood supplement also contains Collinsonia root,... Read More
08 Jul 2020
--- Fermented collagen is the key to increased bioavailability according to US-based supplement brand Ancient Nutrition, which is releasing four new encapsulated versions of its Multi Collagen Protein Powder. The Multi Collagen... Read More
01 Jul 2020
--- The dialogue around a potential post-pandemic society should be considered in separate stages of a “recovery” phase versus a “new normal.” This is according to Leslie Lannebere, Global Marketing... Read More
01 Jul 2020
--- Following 20 years of R&D, INID Research Lab has commercialized its clinically proven, “master antioxidant” ingredient Glyteine as a fruit beverage powder formulation in Continual-G. Glyteine is a proprietary... Read More
30 Jun 2020
--- Three separate reviews from UK health authorities have investigated the connection between vitamin D and respiratory illness in light of COVID-19. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)’s... Read More
25 Jun 2020
--- Effervescent curcumin will now be available to consumers in the form of Holland & Barrett’s Vitaboost Turmeric. The product contains Pharmako Biotechnologies’ HydroCurc for joint health, as well as vitamin C... Read More
24 Jun 2020
--- The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA)’s latest scientific opinion flags the safety of selenite triglyceride in dietary supplements. Its findings revealed that this lipophilic organic compound of selenium, proposed... Read More