digestive health

22 Mar 2019
--- Ingesting higher doses of multispecies probiotic formulations may permit higher, earlier and longer recovery of probiotics in feces of healthy adults, according to a study published in the journal Nutrients. The... Read More
15 Mar 2019
--- Although the use of probiotics for gut health has proliferated among consumers, the complexity of these microbes and the microbiome can leave researchers unsure of how to produce predictable and long-lasting changes for the... Read More
14 Mar 2019
--- Green tea is increasingly recognized for its widening health halo, and US researchers have now linked it to improved gut health. The drink may hold benefits for people at high risk of diabetes and heart disease, note the... Read More
13 Mar 2019
--- Yakult has launched a new synbiotic drink to the South Korean market, this time enriched with MicrobiomeX – an active flavonoid ingredient developed by BioActor, an ingredients company which develops health ingredients... Read More
12 Mar 2019
--- Beverage giant Coca-Cola is debuting Odwalla’s Smoobucha in stores across the US, after having unveiled the line of products at Natural Products Expo in California last week. The beverage fuses smoothies and kombucha... Read More
08 Mar 2019
--- European venture capital firm Seventure Partners has completed the first closing of its second dedicated fund focused on the microbiome and health, nutrition and digital/connected health sectors with a target for the final... Read More
08 Mar 2019
--- Consuming fermented dairy products (FDP) fortified with probiotic microbes can cause rapid positive changes in the gut microbiome, according to research endorsed by PepsiCo R&D Inc. and Knomics LLC, a microbiome research... Read More
06 Mar 2019
--- The boundless opportunities of the microbiome and the power of prebiotics and probiotics have given rise to intense focus from researchers, investors and companies working in both the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical space.... Read More
05 Mar 2019
--- Stevia-based sweeteners have no impact on the gut microbiome, according to new research from Biopharmaceutical Research Inc. (BRI) and funded by sweeteners producer PureCircle. The in vitro study showed that the gut bacteria... Read More
01 Mar 2019
--- Danish-headquartered bioscience company Chr. Hansen has launched nu-trish LGG DA, an adjunct culture that gives a fast and robust fermentation when combined with a starter culture. The new addition to the company’s... Read More
25 Feb 2019
--- Non-caloric sweeteners have a negligible effect on the gut microbiome and are not significantly linked to cancer and diabetes risk, as long as their consumption is in line with the ADI (Acceptable Daily Intake) recommended... Read More
19 Feb 2019
--- Cardiorespiratory fitness influences the diversity of gut microbiota more than body fat percentage or general physical activity, according to new research published yesterday in Experimental Physiology. The findings of the... Read More
15 Feb 2019
--- New research from Maastricht University (UM) has uncovered a novel use for waste from the food processing industry: boosting the microbiome. Using the TNO in vitro model of the colon (TIM-2), research by Carlota Bussolo de... Read More
14 Feb 2019
--- Researchers have established a correlation between depression and a group of neurotransmitter-producing bacteria found in the human gut, further expanding clinical evidence of the gut-brain axis. Interestingly, an inverse... Read More
12 Feb 2019
--- Researchers at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory's (EMBL) European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI) and the Wellcome Sanger Institute have identified almost 2,000 gut bacterial species, using a range of... Read More
05 Feb 2019
--- Scientists are one step closer to uncovering how the gut microbiome affects our health, after isolating more than 100 previously unknown species of bacteria from healthy people’s intestines. The involved researchers... Read More
04 Feb 2019
--- Specific cells in the guts of mice slow down metabolism and can eventually contribute to obesity, diabetes, hypertension and atherosclerosis. These findings, published in Nature, could have important implications for the... Read More
29 Jan 2019
--- Modern biotechnology can be used to entirely remove gluten from the wheat genome or target and remove “toxic” epitopes from the gluten protein. This means that the gluten retains its unique baking... Read More
22 Jan 2019
--- Fecal transplants could be used to treat intestinal disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, and perhaps even help prevent Alzheimer's and cancer, if the secrets of the gut-rejuvenating properties of “super... Read More
21 Jan 2019
--- Bio-Me, a start-up specializing in rapid gut microbiome analysis, has entered into an agreement with an unnamed “top” consumer healthcare company associated with the large-scale Nord-Trøndelag Health Study... Read More