digestive health

16 Jul 2019
--- Natural ingredients supplier Nexira is targeting immune health with the launch Immunell, a combination of natural yeast extract and prebiotic acacia fiber. Its main actions include supporting cellular regeneration,... Read More
15 Jul 2019
--- DuPont is opening a new state-of-the-art probiotics fermentation unit at its Rochester, New York, facility. Construction of the unit was completed in March as part of an overall US$100 million investment to expand the... Read More
11 Jul 2019
--- Fiber-rich diets may prove important during pregnancy in boosting the wellbeing of both mother and child, as well as protecting against the serious pregnancy-related condition preeclampsia. This is according to Australian... Read More
04 Jul 2019
--- Supplementation with the pasteurized form of gut-bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila (A. muciniphila) has been found to reduce cardiovascular risk factors, moderate pre-diabetes progression, as well as lower cholesterol levels... Read More
01 Jul 2019
--- Microbiome human discovery platform, DayTwo, has raised US$31 million in series B financing. DayTwo, which offers a glycemic control solution for people with Type 2 diabetes, will use the funding to accelerate go-to-market... Read More
27 Jun 2019
--- Dietary fibers are enjoying a place in the health spotlight thanks to the growing body of scientific evidence supporting their contribution to a lowered risk of non-communicable diseases. Notably, these fibers have been... Read More
26 Jun 2019
--- Loss of body fat causes the growth of the intestine and increases its capacity to absorb nutrients, which may present an opportunity for a new approach to weight management. This is according to research from Teagasc, the... Read More
26 Jun 2019
--- Proprietary microbiome therapies company MicroSintesis has closed a minority investment deal worth Can$16.4 million (US$12.4 million) with Northern Private Capital (NPC), the investment vehicle of Clearwater Fine Foods... Read More
25 Jun 2019
--- Micronutrient deficiencies are common at the time of celiac disease diagnosis in adults, according to a new study by Mayo Clinic researchers. These deficiencies, which include vitamins B12 and D, as well as folate, iron,... Read More
25 Jun 2019
--- With two-thirds of consumers in Europe and the US saying that digestive health is very important to them, products that tout gut-health continue to be on trend. The green-lighting of – what was initially – eight... Read More
24 Jun 2019
--- Remedy Organics, a US producer of functional wellness drinks, has announced the launch of Golden Mind. The ready-to-drink beverage is a blend of almond milk, DHA omega 3 (sustainably sourced from microalgae), MCT oil,... Read More
18 Jun 2019
--- Researchers have discovered one of the first concrete examples of how the microbiome can interfere with a drug’s intended path through the body. Focusing on levodopa (L-dopa), a treatment for Parkinson's disease,... Read More
13 Jun 2019
--- Foods that look the same on nutrition labels can have vastly different effects on our microbiomes, a recent study has found, further expanding knowledge on the intricate relationship between gut bacteria and overall health.... Read More
06 Jun 2019
--- Gut health is a top concern among consumers and industry is zeroing in on this market with targeted NPD. A common gut-related affliction is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). The gluten-free diet craze has cemented itself in... Read More
03 Jun 2019
--- The second research phase of the Human Microbiome Project (HMP), under the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) Common Fund, explores the complex set of chemical and molecular events that disrupt the microbiome and trigger... Read More
27 May 2019
--- Heart health patients who consume higher amounts of fiber tend to have a healthier gut microbiome, which is linked to a reduced risk of death or need of a heart transplant. This is according to a study presented yesterday at... Read More
23 May 2019
--- A modeling study published in JNCI Cancer Spectrum estimates the number, proportion and type of specific cancers associated with the consumption of certain diets and sugar-sweetened beverages among US adults. One of the main... Read More
23 May 2019
--- Coffee has long been thought to increase bowel movement, but until now researchers have not pinpointed the specific reason or mechanism why this is so. The accelerated mobilization of bowel movements has been tested in a rat... Read More
22 May 2019
--- People who experience anxiety symptoms might be helped by taking steps to regulate the microorganisms in their gut using probiotic foods and supplements, suggests a review of studies. Supporting the expanding clinical... Read More
17 May 2019
--- An “unnatural and particularly comprehensive” nutrient supply in the human gut is responsible for the decoupling of bacteria from their host organism, thus upsetting the delicate balance of the microbiome and... Read More