11 Oct 2021
--- One in ten people in the UK will be living with diabetes by 2030, Diabetes UK has flagged, following new analysis that calls for government intervention. “If we don’t act today, hundreds of thousands more will... Read More
08 Oct 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, Lallemand Bio-Ingredients obtained a health claim for Gastro-AD from Health Canada, recognizing its benefit for support of gastrointestinal health. Anpario launched Optomega Algae – a... Read More
07 Oct 2021
--- Spain-based Euromed is launching two products this month, expanding its Mediterranean botanical line. The company is showcasing lemon extract Wellemon and spinach extract Spisar at trade shows in Europe and the US.... Read More
29 Sep 2021
--- The sweetener and soft drink industries are retaliating against a study that suggests that sucralose, an artificial sweetener, increases weight gain and not weight loss. Additionally, the study concluded that artificial... Read More
29 Sep 2021
--- Nestlé Health Science (NHSc) has developed a whey protein microgel that can help improve blood sugar control in individuals with Type 2 diabetes. NHSc has not released the microgel for the public yet, but it is set to... Read More
27 Sep 2021
--- F&B companies’ commitment to market their products responsibly is failing to protect European children from ads praising unhealthy foods. This is the assertion of a snapshot survey by The European Consumer... Read More
14 Sep 2021
--- Individuals can control their Type 2 diabetes (T2D) through diet, and pharmacists are well-positioned to supervise the transition. One-third of participants with T2D were off all diabetes medications at the end of a... Read More
02 Sep 2021
--- Technologies enabling rapid and accessible personalized nutrition are stepping in to ease Europe’s health burden, where half of the population is overweight. Helping to keep Type 2 diabetes in check, digital health... Read More
02 Sep 2021
--- The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) is rolling out soups and shake weight-loss plans that put Type 2 diabetes in remission. The year-long plans provide eligible patients with total diet replacement products for... Read More
24 Aug 2021
--- As the UK F&B sector prepares to meet new government advertising restrictions on unhealthy foods in 2022, a majority of brands have been found to possess healthier alternatives to their currently promoted offerings,... Read More
20 Aug 2021
--- Charity organization Bloomberg Philanthropies has channeled a US$31 million investment into the expansion of its Partnership for Healthy Cities network into six new cities – Bucharest, Romania; Cairo, Egypt;... Read More
17 Aug 2021
--- Austria-based healthy aging company Longevity Labs is joining forces with US biohacking facility Upgrade Labs in its first retail sales partnership in the US. The collaboration will promote Longevity Labs’ dietary... Read More
16 Aug 2021
--- A review paper from the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) is stressing that several changes are still required in high-income countries to make UK diets more environmentally sustainable and healthier. “We know that... Read More
13 Aug 2021
--- With the exception of sugar reduction in soft drinks, the UK’s top ten food companies have made limited changes to the healthiness of their products in response to Public Health England’s (PHE) voluntary... Read More
09 Aug 2021
--- Simplex Health, a US-based medical nutrition company focused on preventing and reversing chronic diseases, has launched FitNatal – an on-demand fitness program for expectant mothers. FitNatal was designed to help women... Read More
04 Aug 2021
--- Surplus sugar may reduce the concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) in the mitochondrial membrane, causing them to be less efficient and reducing their energy output. This is according to a new study, which... Read More
04 Aug 2021
--- Younger consumer demographics, improved bioavailability and clean label ingredients with clinical backing are some of the leading trends in the cardiovascular health sector. Industry is also highlighting the role that... Read More
30 Jul 2021
--- This week in nutrition news, Bioiberica received certification for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) management system, which aligns with the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs). Meanwhile, Nestlé launched... Read More
30 Jul 2021
--- Half of US adults living with some form of diabetes are not consuming enough protein, which could be contributing to muscle loss and physical limitations. This is according to a study funded by healthcare company Abbott.
29 Jul 2021
--- US consumers are eating more whole grains for their perceived health benefits, flavor and sustainability credentials, according to a recent survey of 1,505 adults. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, one in five US consumers say... Read More