06 Dec 2019
--- Limiting food consumption to a ten-hour window each day can lead to weight loss, lower blood pressure and more stable insulin levels. This is according to a pilot study from the University of California San Diego School of... Read More
05 Dec 2019
--- Researchers from Tufts University, US, have developed a process that may unlock the commercial potential of tagatose, a low-calorie, low-glycemic sugar. By using bacteria as tiny bioreactors that encapsulate the enzymes and... Read More
03 Dec 2019
--- Festive hot drinks sold at many high street coffee chains, such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee and Caffe Nero are “loaded with sugar,” and have “failed” to meet government-mandated sugar reduction... Read More
28 Nov 2019
--- A global move back to traditional ways of eating, over prescribed diets and fast food, is necessary to advance toward a food system that respects the environment, culture and the human health. This was the main sentiment put... Read More
28 Nov 2019
--- Curcuminoids are some of the most intensively studied herbal constituents, touted for a health halo that expands into joint, liver and gut health spaces. Authored by Sabinsa’s Founder and Chairman Dr. Muhammed Majeed,... Read More
20 Nov 2019
--- While high-protein foods are in vogue, too much of the nutrient can harm the kidneys. This is highlighted by three scientists who have collaborated on an editorial calling for wider awareness. Although the kidney risks of a... Read More
14 Nov 2019
--- Non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease are seeing high occurrence, with hectic lifestyles and unhealthy nutritional habits contributing to the rise. An estimated 30.3 million people have diabetes... Read More
13 Nov 2019
--- Ingredient solution provider Ingredion has inaugurated its first allulose production plant in San Juan del Río, Mexico. In partnership with Japan-based Mastutani Chemical Industry, the company will market and sell its... Read More
31 Oct 2019
--- Avocados may hold the power to help manage obesity and reduce the risk of diabetes, according to a new study conducted at the University of Guelph, Canada. The mice study found that a fat molecule only present in avocados,... Read More
25 Oct 2019
--- Start-up Pepticom, which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to accelerate peptide drug discovery, has secured US$5 million in Series A funding from the Chartered Group. The investment will facilitate the development of new AI... Read More
18 Oct 2019
--- Australian biotech company Holista CollTech (Holista) and Malaysian beverage producer SunFresh Fruit Hub (Fruit Hub) have entered a research and development collaboration to produce three key healthy ingredients for bubble... Read More
02 Oct 2019
--- High levels of fructose in the diet inhibit the liver’s ability to metabolize fat properly. This is according to researchers at Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, US, who also found that equally high levels of glucose... Read More
27 Sep 2019
--- In nutrition news this week, the University of East Anglia (UEA) is to launch a nutrition research program on how a plant-based diet can benefit people’s health in collaboration with the Quadram Institute, the John... Read More
17 Sep 2019
--- A 16-week vegan diet was found to boost the gut microbes involved in improving body weight, body composition and blood sugar control. This is according to a study by Dr. Hana Kahleova and colleagues, presented at the Annual... Read More
13 Sep 2019
--- Cases of diabetes have decreased in across many populations, according to an analysis of 47 studies between 1980 and 2017. Since 2006, the incidence of clinically diagnosed diabetes has continued to rise in only a minority... Read More
11 Sep 2019
--- While some US cities currently tax sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) by the volume of the drink, a tax system based on the amount of sugar the drink contains would produce greater health benefits and economic gains. This is... Read More
10 Sep 2019
--- It might be possible to reverse the body’s epigenetic clock – the measure of biological age – according to a small clinical study published in Aging Cell. Nine healthy volunteers who took a cocktail of a... Read More
06 Sep 2019
--- The right investment in nutrition-directed initiatives could save 3.7 million lives by 2025, according to a new report issued by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations (UN). Health services must integrate... Read More
06 Sep 2019
--- In nutrition news this week, DSM celebrated its 150th anniversary of biotechnology expertise in Delft, the Netherlands. A cohort study from the UK showed that while pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans had lower rates of... Read More
05 Sep 2019
--- Dating back millennia, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is now the subject of contemporary study for its potential applications in chronic pain management, disease prevention and mental health treatment. Deeply rooted in... Read More