brain/mood health

08 Apr 2020
--- Mental well-being and its connection to nutrition is fast becoming a top consumer focus. Science is flagging the gut-brain axis link, while ayurvedic tradition is making its way into the food industry, targeting consumers... Read More
06 Apr 2020
--- Daily supplementation with Evolva’s Veri-te resveratrol ingredient can improve cognitive performance and reduce the decline in cerebrovascular responsiveness (CVR) of postmenopausal women. This is according to the... Read More
03 Apr 2020
--- A booming application genre for probiotics is the gut-brain axis, with certain psychobiotics supported by research as having a positive effect on stress-related gut discomfort, as well as on psychological stress resiliency.... Read More
30 Mar 2020
--- Nutrients such as tryptophan and melatonin consumed through food may have a positive effect on sleep metrics, according to a new Australian study. It set out to establish the link between diet and sleep in healthy... Read More
27 Mar 2020
--- In nutrition news this week, Givaudan reported a 3.3 percent increase in its 19th consecutive dividend at its annual general meeting. Gencor received clinical validation that its palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) extract Levagen+... Read More
26 Mar 2020
--- The consumption of nootropics has increased tremendously in recent years and these supplements have become highly sought after by consumers in need of maximum concentration and performance in their everyday lives. That is... Read More
18 Mar 2020
--- The notion of “mindful choices” continues to dominate industry, alongside the demand for natural, clean label ingredients and substances obtained from plants. This is in tandem with an increased focus on brain... Read More
17 Mar 2020
--- Bacognize, a proprietary Bacopa monnieri extract produced by Verdure Sciences, has passed rigorous testing for sports-banned substances. This batch-specific sports certification, granted by Korva Labs, strengthens the... Read More
11 Mar 2020
--- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will officially reopen the public comment window on cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) products, “extending it indefinitely.” Although the extended comment period is to... Read More
06 Mar 2020
--- While the sports nutrition market has an established history of addressing the physical needs of athletes, companies are now turning toward mental demands. This was apparent at Nutraceuticals Europe, held in Madrid, Spain... Read More
05 Mar 2020
--- Cannabidiol (CBD) isolates and CBD-enriched hemp extracts are “novel” but there are scant grounds for CBD products to be classified as novel foods (NF), the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL)... Read More
04 Mar 2020
--- Pharmactive’s Spanish saffron-based ingredient affron has demonstrated that it may help support several parameters of sleep quality, including helping induce restorative sleep even at very low doses. A company-issued... Read More
04 Mar 2020
--- The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has reaffirmed its 2017 authorization of the use of astaxanthin-rich oleoresin from Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae in food supplements at levels of up to 8 mg per day. Amid... Read More
03 Mar 2020
--- In the context of sustainably sourced nutritional ingredients, effective storytelling opens an essential avenue for companies to convey information about a product’s traceability and naturality. On the subject of... Read More
28 Feb 2020
--- Supplement use is on the rise but pill fatigue is a real concern among today’s consumers. This is driving the development of chewable delivery formats that offer an alternative to pills and powder supplements.... Read More
24 Feb 2020
--- Increased daily fiber intake is associated with a 23 percent lower risk of ischaemic stroke, while extra egg consumption can lead to a 25 percent higher risk of hemorrhagic stroke. This is according to a newly published... Read More
21 Feb 2020
--- At a time when cannabidiol (CBD) enjoys market prominence for its therapeutic qualities, but is widely limited by regulation – Brazillian company Beraca introduces an “natural and safe alternative” to the... Read More
18 Feb 2020
--- Japan-based Zeria Healthway’s food supplement has obtained an anti-stress health claim from the Consumer Affairs Agency of Japan. “Yasuragi Life – Peaceful life,” is largely based on the active... Read More
14 Feb 2020
--- The ongoing Biofach 2020 trade show held in Nuremberg, Germany, is hosting a range of organic suppliers and producers – many offering products with added nutritional benefits alongside additive-free claims. On the show... Read More
13 Feb 2020
--- In part one of NutritionInsight’s coverage of healthy aging, it was clear that preventative care is a key reason for emphasizing protein to protect muscle mass. In part two, other areas of senior health are explored,... Read More