brain/mood health

02 Dec 2020
--- The gut-brain axis can play an important role in bolstering mental wellness, according to FrieslandCampina Ingredients (FCI). Ahead of a webinar about the emerging science on the interaction between the brain and microbiota,... Read More
27 Nov 2020
--- In nutrition news this week, Lallemand Health Solutions’ probiotic Iballicus+ gained three new digestive health claims. Meanwhile, Sabinsa began offering test results detecting glyphosate in nutraceutical products to... Read More
27 Nov 2020
--- Palm fruit extract supplier Phenolaeis will launch a functional dark chocolate that boasts heart and cognitive health benefits. The NPD is touted as having an indulgent taste with less bitterness.
26 Nov 2020
--- Fonterra has launched a new range of milk phospholipids to manage the effects of stress. Naturally present in milk as part of the milk fat globule membrane, NZMP Milk Phospholipids are complex lipids positioned to help... Read More
25 Nov 2020
--- Dosecann, owned by Auxly Cannabis Group, has rolled out Dosecann Capsules, a precision-dosed cannabis product for the Canadian market that combines high-potency, broad-spectrum cannabinoids with omega-rich Ahiflower oil.
24 Nov 2020
--- In its “biggest move” since founding, Aker BioMarine is creating Lysoveta, a new business segment devoted to commercializing a supplement of the same name. The new offering for the eye and brain markets consists... Read More
17 Nov 2020
--- Lallemand’s probiotic blend, Lacidofil, may help reduce a predisposition to anxiety caused by early life stress, according to a study on rodents published in Behaviour Research and Therapy. The research builds on a... Read More
16 Nov 2020
--- “Tailored to Fit” is one of Innova Market Insights’ Top Trends for 2021, bringing personalized nutrition further into the spotlight and highlighting differences in generational preferences within this... Read More
13 Nov 2020
--- In nutrition news this week, Glanbia launched a share buy-back program in a bid to reduce share capital. Gadot Biochemical Industries completed its development of a manufacturing process to make Tri Potassium Citrate (TPC)... Read More
10 Nov 2020
--- Nuts are in the spotlight thanks to their nutrition benefits for areas ranging from heart health to sperm function and mental stress relief. A host of recent studies into the dietary advantages of nut consumption come amid a... Read More
04 Nov 2020
--- The UK’s Food Standards Authority (FSA) has put the CBD industry at ease after clarifying criteria for safety certifications in novel foods. CBD manufacturers in the UK will need to submit applications before March 31,... Read More
28 Oct 2020
--- Lubrizol Life Science (LLS) is releasing an algae-based nootropic amid a sharp rise in demand for clean label, brain-enhancing supplements.
28 Oct 2020
--- US-based Cymbiotika has launched a high-dose magnesium l-threonate supplement in liquid format, which is touted for increased bioavailability. The launch addresses widespread magnesium deficiency. Cymbiotika estimates that... Read More
27 Oct 2020
--- Havn Life Science has scored approval from Health Canada for six of its natural health product formulations, while NeonMind Biosciences has completed production of two out of four of its superfood mushroom coffee blends.... Read More
23 Oct 2020
--- Lallemand Health Solutions’ probiotic targeting mental health, Cerebiome, is tapping into the burgeoning gut-brain axis sector with its new post-hoc analysis. It found that the psychobiotic may significantly increase... Read More
21 Oct 2020
--- A high-protein beverage containing a broad range of other nutrients boosted physical and cognitive performance in active duty men and women in the US Air Force.
14 Oct 2020
--- Start-up myAir has unveiled a series of personalized, stress-countering nutrition bars featuring adaptogens and plant-based ingredients.
13 Oct 2020
--- Skinz.GG, a health and wellness company for video gamers, has launched “Power Your Performance” supplements. They address key areas that impact gamer performance, including energy, focus, pain and sleep.
09 Oct 2020
--- Maternal nutrition is in the spotlight thanks to a lactation cookie launch and a study flagging the effects of sugary beverage consumption on breastfeeding. NutritionInsight speaks with both parties about the nutritional... Read More
06 Oct 2020
--- Researchers are bringing attention to kava as a “promising clinical nutrient” thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and potential in tackling anxiety. However, the Nutrients study flags the lack of rigorous... Read More