brain/mood health

21 May 2019
--- A study has found that people with Alzheimer’s disease showed significantly lower plasmatic concentration of total tocopherols, total tocotrienols and total vitamin E (full-spectrum vitamin E consisting of all eight... Read More
20 May 2019
--- The burgeoning market for cannabidiol (CBD) has seen a proliferation of NPD in recent times, as the cannabis extract makes its way into mainstream consumer packaged goods. Where regulation of the compound remains tight in... Read More
16 May 2019
--- Apollo Brands is targeting the growing market for brain-boosting solutions with its Golf Gum Liquid Core delivery system, which rapidly releases the benefits of natural caffeine and B-vitamins. Although the spearmint flavor... Read More
13 May 2019
--- Functional foods innovators must look beyond the complexities of achieving health claims by communicating directly to early adopters. Furthermore, platforms such as personalized nutrition will accelerate and solutions to... Read More
03 May 2019
--- Identifying the health-promoting properties of an ingredient can be a costly and time-consuming process for manufacturers. This is where ingredient company Sibelius Natural Products new platform comes in, which could prove... Read More
24 Apr 2019
--- Curcumin, the yellow powder derivative of the turmeric plant (Curcuma longa) that is widely used as a food colorant and flavoring, may also have therapeutic properties in helping prevent and combat stomach cancer. This is... Read More
19 Apr 2019
--- A study of cannabidiol (CBD) has found that the non-psychoactive compound in cannabis could have a new application as a “Trojan horse” – helping slip medications across the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and... Read More
17 Apr 2019
--- Former professional basketball player Stipe Rezic has in mind a plan to fully assimilate the mind and body-enhancing potential of fungi into everyday routine, with his original brand of mushroom-infused coffee –... Read More
16 Apr 2019
--- With heightening consumer focus on personalized nutrition and growing interest in the space of digital platforms, it has become clear that tapping into the trend of the “gamification” of everyday life has become... Read More
10 Apr 2019
--- Probiotics, often called “good” or “helpful” bacteria and yeast that live in the stomach, play an essential role in digestive processes – but may influence a host of other biological functions... Read More
25 Mar 2019
--- Millennials present a huge supplementation opportunity, but convenient delivery forms must be considered. While Millennials’ nutritional wishes/demands can sometimes be the polar opposite to those of the older... Read More
21 Mar 2019
--- Nootropics, or “smart drugs,” have captured the industry’s attention as a new brain health area to watch. Consumers are seeking performance-based formulas that help them reach their peak – not only... Read More
18 Mar 2019
--- Technological advances, including wearable nutrition tracking devices and microbiota mapping tools, present new potential to address an aware consumer, who is interested in tailored nutrition concepts that specifically work... Read More
15 Mar 2019
--- A weekly serving of more than three-quarters of a cup of cooked mushrooms – the equivalent of 300 grams – may help facilitate the alleviation of mild cognitive impairment (MCI) in seniors by up to 50 percent.... Read More
06 Mar 2019
--- Although supplementation has been put forward as a solid method to improve mood and overall well being, a daily intake of nutritional supplements won’t help stave off the onset of depression, a study published in the... Read More
05 Mar 2019
--- Although senior citizens represent a large portion of the market for brain health supplements, students and athletes are increasingly turning to cognition-boosting supplements to get a leg up on the competition. With this in... Read More
20 Feb 2019
--- A daily cup of coffee is not just a habit for the approximately 2.25 billion people around the globe that drink it every day, but rather a beverage that boosts energy and increases alertness with the added bonus of a... Read More
20 Feb 2019
--- The daily consumption of fruit and vegetables is not just good for our physical health but can also improve mental wellbeing, according to a longitudinal study from the University of Leeds, UK. Increasing the frequency and... Read More
18 Feb 2019
--- Tapping into the growing snacking trend, Nightfood Inc. has launched a line of ice creams that boast a low-calorie, sleep-friendly formulation. Although the products do not contain any sleep activating chemicals such as... Read More
14 Feb 2019
--- Health and wellness are important for consumers across all age groups and life stages, united by a common goal of “aging well.” The nutrition industry is increasingly approaching the topic of aging in a broad... Read More