blood pressure

30 Nov 2022
--- A new study reveals that the dietary approaches to stop hypertension (DASH) diet could doubly and even quadruply reduce the risk of developing the noncommunicable disease. Claiming more than 800,000 lives per year,... Read More
29 Nov 2022
--- Measuring long-term alcohol consumption reveals a deviation from the standard “J-shaped” studies that focus on mortality rates and hypertension, according to researchers. Published in Nutrients, the study goes... Read More
28 Nov 2022
--- Nestlé has revealed that from next July it will globally ban all marketing for children below 16 years of age on certain high-sugar products. Meanwhile, a call-to-action by the European Club of Childhood Dieticians... Read More
24 Nov 2022
--- Plant-based, high protein, gluten-free, locally produced products without added preservatives focusing on health were overall trends spotlighted by industry members at the Free From Functional Foods expo in Amsterdam, the... Read More
23 Nov 2022
--- Dutch health and nutrition multinational DSM and privately-owned Swiss fragrance and flavor leader Firmenich are launching an exchange offer as part of their merger to create DSM-Firmenich. The companies jointly announced on... Read More
22 Nov 2022
--- Pharmactive Bioactive Products is spotlighting a new animal study that suggests its CSAT+ carob extract, in combination with aerobic exercise and a balanced low-calorie diet, can help ameliorate cardiometabolic dysfunction... Read More
22 Nov 2022
--- The US Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) has agreed to implement rules proposed by a coalition of consumer groups that will standardize alcohol content, calorie and allergen labeling... Read More
21 Nov 2022
--- Rich in fiber and nutrients, potatoes are often singled out as a food to limit. However, experts in two separate studies are revealing that the oft-fried food can not only be a part of a healthy diet, but also help decrease... Read More
18 Nov 2022
--- High amounts of salt in diets can significantly increase corticosterone – the equivalent of corticosteroid, the so-called “stress hormone” in humans – a mouse model study has revealed. Additionally,... Read More
17 Nov 2022
--- To mark Sugar Awareness Week, the European Union Food Information Council (EUFIC) touts the efficacy of the Mediterranean diet’s reported health benefits. The organization says that adopting the diet along with other... Read More
16 Nov 2022
--- The world has reached a new record of population growth. The United Nations (UN) announced on Tuesday that there are now 8 billion people on earth, a growth expected to continue and reach 10.4 billion by 2080, calling it a... Read More
14 Nov 2022
--- The World Health Organization (WHO) has released its I-CAN report (Initiative on Climate Action and Nutrition), which stresses that nutrition insecurity will be further exacerbated if UN climate change goals are not met.... Read More
08 Nov 2022
--- The US-based Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) has issued a statement disparaging a recent study that demonstrated the efficacy of pharmaceutical statin drugs compared to that of supplements commonly consumed for... Read More
07 Nov 2022
--- New innovations in traditional ingredients were a key focus for many companies at last week’s Convention on Pharmaceutical Ingredients (CPHI) 2022 in Frankfurt, Germany. We spoke with industry leaders about how they... Read More
07 Nov 2022
--- A total of 57,000 premature deaths in Brazil were attributed to the consumption of ultra-processed foods (UPFs) in 2019, according to research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.Although Brazilians... Read More
01 Nov 2022
--- A new study has revealed that people living in “food deserts” – areas and communities that have minimal to no access to nutritious foods – may have an increased risk of stroke, heart attack and... Read More
01 Nov 2022
--- PLT Health Solutions has received approval from the Non-GMO Project to sell its menatto brought by Japanese oils producer J-Oil Mills under this label. Menatto is a vitamin made using a bacterial strain from the traditional... Read More
31 Oct 2022
--- Eating large quantities of the pungent and strong tasting treat could be “acutely life threatening” due to the nutritional and chemical properties of the licorice root according to an expert cardiologist.... Read More
31 Oct 2022
--- An UK-based study reveals that almost one-third of its citizens are mildly to severely vitamin D deficient, a condition the research links to premature death, inciting calls for people to follow supplementation guidelines.... Read More
28 Oct 2022
--- Following a recent report by the Australian government revealing that two-thirds of the country’s adults and a fourth of its children are considered to be obese or overweight, researchers in the country have discovered... Read More