blood pressure

08 Jan 2021
--- Food as medicine has major potential to address diet-related illnesses such as diabetes. This is the central philosophy for Advanced Micronutrition, which has just launched an e-commerce platform for its Healright... Read More
07 Dec 2020
--- New evidence-based guidance for managing iron deficiency has been published in a review in The Lancet. Australian and European researchers have released the information to encourage best practices for clinicians to diagnose... Read More
25 Nov 2020
--- DSM and Huami Corp, a China-based manufacturer of smart wearable devices, are joining forces to enhance DSM’s personalized nutrition arm and develop technologies for health monitoring. This month, DSM announced... Read More
23 Nov 2020
--- Israel-based TriNutra is releasing an organic cold-pressed black seed oil (BSO), standardized to 3 percent thymoquinone. Created in partnership with NS Oils – a seed- and oil-producing kibbutz in the Negev desert... Read More
18 Nov 2020
--- A lower dairy intake may be beneficial for people with metabolic syndrome, according to a new trial published by researchers from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, US.“Unlike previous observational... Read More
17 Nov 2020
--- A number of omega 3 studies have come to the fore, casting doubt on the ingredient’s potential in supporting heart health. However, industry experts support that fatty acids are essential for well-being and that a... Read More
16 Nov 2020
--- The One, Nutrition Just for You is targeting some of the health concerns held by many African Americans with its “new-to-market” superfood. Dubbed SpiceFruit, Dichostachys glomerata is a West African plant that... Read More
16 Nov 2020
--- Malnutrition presents a significant problem in elderly populations during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to a paper released by Nutricia, part of Danone, and the Global Coalition on Aging, policymakers and industry must... Read More
16 Nov 2020
--- “Tailored to Fit” is one of Innova Market Insights’ Top Trends for 2021, bringing personalized nutrition further into the spotlight and highlighting differences in generational preferences within this... Read More
10 Nov 2020
--- Nuts are in the spotlight thanks to their nutrition benefits for areas ranging from heart health to sperm function and mental stress relief. A host of recent studies into the dietary advantages of nut consumption come amid a... Read More
06 Nov 2020
--- Moving nutritional labeling from the back to the front of food packaging may incentivize food producers to competitively improve the quality of their ingredients throughout market categories, according to a new US study.
22 Oct 2020
--- People who consume a diet rich in flavanols could experience lower blood pressure, according to a new Mars-backed study. Flavanols are bioactive compounds found in tea, berries, cocoa and other foods and beverages. The... Read More
05 Oct 2020
--- Consuming strong black coffee to get that “wake up” hit in the morning before eating breakfast could impair control of blood sugar levels, according to a study from the Centre for Nutrition, Exercise &... Read More
22 Sep 2020
--- EPA and DHA omega 3 intake has been linked to a reduced risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) events, according to new research funded by the Global Association for EPA and DHA (GOED).
12 Aug 2020
--- Ajinomoto Co. Inc. is working to overcome the “outdated anti-MSG stigma,” as it highlights the role that monosodium glutamate (MSG) can play in aiding sodium reduction and the enjoyment of better-for-you foods.... Read More
10 Aug 2020
--- The American Heart Association (AHA) is urging routine healthcare visits to include some form of dietary assessment and counseling. Disease experts recommend the adoption of a rapid diet screening tool that can be integrated... Read More
05 Aug 2020
--- The convergence of the COVID-19 pandemic with evolving eating behaviors is expanding the scope of the superfoods market. As consumer awareness of vitamin and mineral synergies expands, demand for superfoods that aid in the... Read More
29 Jul 2020
--- The purchasing of foods and beverages (F&B) containing caloric sweeteners (CS), or sugar, declined between 2002 and 2018 in the US, according to a new study. Within that same period, purchases of products containing both... Read More
07 Jul 2020
--- Germany-based Evonik has released an anthocyanin food supplement to support the health of blood vessels in pharmacies across its local market. The Medox food supplement is directly available to consumers, marking a first for... Read More
05 Jun 2020
--- Supplement company Pendulum Therapeutics has launched a medical probiotic called Pendulum Glucose Control that can help manage Type 2 diabetes. The company affirms that the product’s specific bacterial strains can help... Read More