blood pressure

17 Jul 2019
--- Trending this year, adaptogens have emerged as a class of herbal extracts with claims of boosting the body’s ability to combat physical, chemical and biological stressors, in addition to elevating cognitive functions,... Read More
15 Jul 2019
--- Adults in China have been consistently consuming above 10g of salt a day – over double the recommended limit of 5g – for the last four decades, according to new research led by Queen Mary University of London.... Read More
13 Jun 2019
--- Low levels of circulating vitamin K in the body are linked to an increased risk of mobility limitations and disability in older adults, identifying a new factor to consider for maintaining bodily functions in older age,... Read More
04 Jun 2019
--- Popular belief says that eating red meat increases cholesterol levels. However, consuming red meat (such as pork and beef) and white meat (in this case, poultry) may have equal effects on blood cholesterol levels. This is... Read More
24 Apr 2019
--- Curcumin, the yellow powder derivative of the turmeric plant (Curcuma longa) that is widely used as a food colorant and flavoring, may also have therapeutic properties in helping prevent and combat stomach cancer. This is... Read More
11 Apr 2019
--- Replacing red meat with healthy plant proteins may be a running start to slashing the risk factors for cardiovascular disease (CVD). This is according to researchers from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and Purdue... Read More
11 Mar 2019
--- Consuming olive oil at least once a week could help reduce the risk of blood clotting and blocked blood flow in obese adults. This is according to research from New York University’s School of Medicine which found that... Read More
06 Mar 2019
--- The US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine have released a new report which after reviewing the latest evidence, updates sodium and potassium Dietary Reference Intakes (DRIs) and revises Adequate Intakes... Read More
26 Feb 2019
--- Daily supplementation of 600mg of DHA omega 3 fatty acid during pregnancy can help prevent the development of high blood pressure in obese or overweight offspring in early childhood. This is according to research from the... Read More
11 Feb 2019
--- Grocery store-based nutrition counseling is effective in changing the dietary habits of patients being treated for hypertension, a study published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour has found. The... Read More
04 Feb 2019
--- Researchers at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) have developed a new nano-encapsulation technology that optimizes the absorption of DHA. The researchers used Zein – an edible corn protein – to mimic... Read More
01 Feb 2019
--- Heart health is undoubtedly a pressing issue globally, but this is perhaps especially the case in the US. A new American Heart Association (AHA) Heart and Stroke Statistics report has shown that 48 percent of Americans... Read More
19 Dec 2018
--- Public Health England (PHE) has described the results of its first salt reduction report as a “mixed picture,” with just over half of salt reduction targets being met by the food industry. Companies were asked to... Read More
12 Dec 2018
--- Following a low salt diet is more effective in lowering blood pressure in women than men, according to a study from the Medical College of Georgia at Augusta University. Even though the levels of salt retention are similar... Read More
26 Oct 2018
--- Researchers from Imperial College London have analyzed genetic data from over 48,000 people and revealed that higher iron levels are associated with an elevated risk of a certain type of stroke, called a cardioembolic... Read More
30 Jul 2018
--- The portfolio diet, a plant-based way of eating previously shown to lower cholesterol levels, also reduces other risk factors for cardiovascular disease including blood pressure, triglycerides and inflammation, University of... Read More
22 May 2018
--- The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has approved an application for the novel food status of a shrimp peptide concentrate, meaning that the ingredient can now be utilized in EU supplement applications. The application... Read More
01 May 2018
--- There is strong evidence supporting salt reduction as a key public health strategy to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), reiterates a new review by Action on Salt (based at the Wolfson... Read More
14 Mar 2018
--- It has long been established that healthy fats are an important attribute of a healthy diet. Today, consumers are armed with a far more sophisticated knowledge of the range of goodies and baddies within the “fat”... Read More
13 Mar 2018
--- UK lobby group Action on Salt is demanding health warnings on Chinese takeaways, and ready meals after a new survey reveals their “staggeringly high” salt levels. With some of the meals containing “as much... Read More