blood pressure

16 May 2022
--- A team of researchers in Switzerland is highlighting the importance of regulation surrounding herbal supplements, after a case report revealed a cardiac arrhythmia incident, linked to hemp oil containing CBD, CBG and... Read More
11 May 2022
--- New research funded by the US National Institutes of Health has found that those who develop high blood pressure-related disorders during pregnancy are at a significantly higher risk of future cardiac events, such as heart... Read More
06 May 2022
--- This week in nutrition news, Lonza has agreed to sell its US-based Quakertown site to industry investors for an undisclosed amount. The Global Organization for eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) omega... Read More
29 Apr 2022
--- This week in nutrition news, Aker BioMarine unveiled revenues of US$56.9 million for its first quarter of 2022, fueled by growth within the Qrill and Superba krill categories. To further reduce exposure to toxic elements in... Read More
27 Apr 2022
--- A coalition of nutrition experts and health organizations is calling on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to prioritize mandatory, comprehensive salt reduction targets across the UK’s F&B industry. Compulsory... Read More
01 Apr 2022
--- This week in nutrition news, BASF confirmed its climate targets for the years ahead, pledging a net-zero emissions goal by 2050. The company unveiled the steps it will take to implement this, such as reducing product-related... Read More
29 Mar 2022
--- US-based nutritional ingredients manufacturer Certified Nutraceuticals has entered a distribution partnership with Taipei-based Falama Biotech to market and sell its Telos95 dietary supplement in China and Taiwan.
23 Mar 2022
--- Healthy diets that prioritize gut health can help offset menopause-linked changes to metabolism. This is according to an investigation from personalized nutrition company Zoe, which is also highlighting the importance of... Read More
17 Mar 2022
--- Mars’ cocoa flavanol supplements have been found to reduce the risk of cardiovascular deaths, but GSK’s daily multivitamins did not influence the total number of cardiovascular events or the number of individual... Read More
17 Mar 2022
--- Researchers from the University of Alberta are flagging that too much added sugar in food is costing the Canadian healthcare system CA$5 billion (US$3.5 billion) each year. According to the study, the losses come from direct... Read More
16 Mar 2022
--- Pharmactive Biotech Products’ Aged Black Garlic+ (ABG+) is now suitable for galenic applications to meet the increasing demand for gummy formats.
15 Mar 2022
--- The voluntary nature of the UK’s salt reduction policy is its “Achilles heel,” argues Action on Salt. In light of Salt Awareness Week, the campaign group is calling for stronger measures to improve the... Read More
11 Mar 2022
--- This week in nutrition news, BASF introduced a 20% increase to the pricing of its vitamin E – primarily affecting its Animal Nutrition and Human Nutrition businesses. Lactic acid bacteria researcher and developer... Read More
07 Mar 2022
--- In recognition of mounting pressure from its investors, Unilever will be the first global food company to publicly report the performance of its product portfolio against at least six different government-endorsed Nutrient... Read More
03 Mar 2022
--- An Ajinomoto survey reveals that a large majority of consumers recognize various health benefits associated with reducing their sodium intake – from health maintenance to illness prevention to increased longevity.... Read More
21 Feb 2022
--- If food and restaurant industries had adopted the salt reductions first proposed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2016, up to 265,000 lives could have been saved between 2017 and 2031, a new study has revealed.
10 Feb 2022
--- The Chinese government may be able to prevent 250,000 stroke and heart disease events each year by having children teach families healthy eating with AppSalt for smartphones, a study says.
01 Feb 2022
--- Pharmactive’s Aged Black Garlic extract (ABG+) holds potential for regulating blood pressure levels in people with moderately increased cholesterol levels. This is according to research conducted on 67... Read More
26 Jan 2022
--- Toxic substances found in plastic consumer products can have “severe consequences” for human obesity levels. This is according to a study by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), which... Read More
25 Jan 2022
--- Action on Salt (AoS) is pressing the UK government to create compulsory, comprehensive salt reduction targets, with penalties for those who do not comply. Additionally, the salt reduction targets for all products containing... Read More