Armor Proteines

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Dairy Products - Natural and Imitation, Proteins - Animal/Plant Origin

Armor Proteines

Armor Protéines is a milk cracking specialist, producer of a wide range of caseins, soluble proteins, whey derivatives, lactose and minerals. The company’s nutritional ingredients offer possibilities in the reformulation of products for the consumer market and special diets. The functional ingredients are texturising specialties made from milk proteins or roller-dried powders for chocolate. Lactosalt Optitaste is a taste enhancer with four times less sodium than salt.

Functional ingredients:

  • Texturising specialities made from milk proteins,
  • Roller-dried powders for chocolate.

Nutritional ingredients:

  • Everyday foods: nutritional reformulation of products for the consumer market (increased calcium, lower fat, salt and carbohydrate, fewer additives…),
  • Special diets: ingredients for dietetics and nutrition (babies, sports, weight loss, clinical, etc.).

Strategic partnerships to develop nutritional concepts

  • Armor Protéines has long experience in the development of health concepts within the framework of strategic partnerships.
    The right dimensions and its own portfolio of active ingredients under development make Armor Protéines the partner of choice.

Whey derivatives

  • Lactose, delactosed whey, demineralised whey, permeates...