Duration:28 May 2024 - 01 Jun 2024
Organizer:International Trade Promotion, Thai Chamber of Commerce and Koelnmesse.
Event Details:

THAIFEX – Anuga Asia 2024 is expected to attract over 100,000 visitors from over 100 countries and regions. With its wide range of exhibitors and products, its focus on innovation and trends, and its co-located events, the trade fair is a must-attend for professionals within the food and beverage industry in Asia. The trade fair will provide a unique opportunity to network with potential customers and suppliers, learn about upcoming industry trends and innovations, and discover new products and services.

Articles On Nutrition Insight
Family healthy diet


New WHO fiscal policy guidelines to promote healthier diets around the globe

17 Jun 2024 --- The newly published WHO guidelines for countries provide recommendations and implementation considerations on fiscal policy to encourage healthier diets. These include a tax on... Read More

Happy woman drinking a glass of milk with postbiotics.


Webinar Preview: KHNI explores the trends, advancements and versatile health benefits of postbiotics

17 Jun 2024 --- Science continues to unveil the workings of the gut microbiome and its influence on immunity, gut health, lung health and even brain and mental health. Customers and consumers alike... Read More

Hofseth Biocare facility


Beyond The Headlines: US launches food waste strategy, Univar Solutions and Ingredion expand distribution

14 Jun 2024 --- This week in nutrition news, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) released a new national strategy to reduce food waste, while the... Read More

People shopping at the market


African Union and research institute draft food safety guidelines for informal markets

14 Jun 2024 --- The African Union (AU) and the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) are collaborating to produce the first framework for the informal food sector and address its food... Read More

Hand holding a bowl of Keto-Fructose sweetener with an apple in the background.


Fooditive unveils healthier and more sustainable sugar alternative with “extraordinary sweetness”

13 Jun 2024 --- Dutch plant-based ingredient manufacturer Fooditive introduces its Keto-Fructose sweetener, derived from apples and pears, to the US. The 5-keto-D-fructose sweetener is currently... Read More


Monell Chemical Senses Center: Sweet taste receptor stimulation affects glucose metabolism

13 Jun 2024 --- Paul Breslin, Ph.D. researcher at Monell Chemical Senses Center and professor of nutritional science at Rutgers University, US, discusses his recent findings concerning if and how the sweet taste receptor TAS1R2-TAS1R3 regulates glucose metabolism. Breslin further details the implications of the teams’ new insight into glucose and insulin regulation when the receptor is over- or under-stimulated. 


Vitafoods Europe 2024: Balchem engages “health for performance” to bolster international branding

12 Jun 2024 --- We caught up with Dominik Mattern, VP science, business development and marketing and Jane Durga, scientific affairs and advocacy of Balchem Human Nutrition & Health at Vitafoods Europe 2024. The company’s strategic rebranding is in full swing in which the acquisitions of Kappa Bioscience K2Vital and Bergstrom Nutrition have been central. Balchem showcased “health for performance” in bone and joint health, cognitive performance and special nutrition for athletes. The company wants to help clients move beyond proteins to customized aspects such as the impact of choline on attention and focus.


Kerry: Navigating emerging trends and the company’s future focus

11 Jun 2024 --- We sit down with Dr. Aoife Marie Murphy, the senior manager of sustainable nutrition at Kerry, to discuss the latest nutrition trends and get a look at the company’s future focus. Dr. Murphy highlights new and emerging trends, such as cognition and the microbiome and their implications for the industry moving forward. She also reveals some of the latest developments in the sustainable nutrition space and even previews the company’s upcoming webinar.


Vitafoods Europe 2024: Corbion unveils sustainable omegas from its new health and nutrition business

07 Jun 2024 --- In Geneva, Switzerland, we sat down with Erica Franco, the global marketing and communications manager at Corbion, to discuss the company’s health and nutrition business. The new business has unveiled several solutions from its fermentation processes. These include algal-based omega-3s, 6 and 9s. She further highlighted that the process supports the company’s commitment to sustainability by cutting fish out of the equation and going straight to the original source of omega fatty acids, algae.


Vitafoods Europe 2024: Gelita unlocks reduced-sugar and savory bars with OptiBar

07 Jun 2024 --- At the trade show, we talked with Oliver Wolf, Gelita’s regional marketing manager for EMEIA, to discuss the company’s latest innovation, OptiBar. Wolf detailed how the collagen ingredient for cereal and high protein bars can replace sugar and as a binding agent, allowing for reduced-sugar bars and opening up opportunities for savory nutrition bars. He also discussed the company’s collagen solution created for endurance athletes, PeptEndure.