Free From Food & Health Ingredients Amsterdam

Duration:21 Nov 2023 - 22 Nov 2023
Event:Free From Food & Health Ingredients Amsterdam
Location:RAI Amsterdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Organizer:Expo Business Communications
Event Details:

The 11th edition of the Free From Food Expo will take place on 21-22 November 2023 in RAI Amsterdam. This yearly European event promises to be the most focused, dynamic, and exciting Free From Food edition yet!

This trendy retail & food service trade fair is leading in providing insight into the most important food lifestyle trends as well as what will be on the shelves five years from now. During Free From Amsterdam 2023, hundreds of international manufacturers and brands within the food & beverage industry will present their newest product innovations. Relevant products that are ready to be placed on the supermarket and foodservice shelves, as well as on the menus within the catering & hospitality industry. Throughout the Free From Expo & Conference Amsterdam 2023, thousands of food professionals will visit more than three hundred exhibitors within two days. Additionally, more than sixty international and local keynote speakers will answer questions such as: What does the consumer want? What products connect to this and which parties can make these products? The trade show provides speed and efficiency in developing the right products and a shelf fill that actually meets the demand of the increasingly conscious consumer.

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Vitafoods Europe 2024: GC Rieber VivoMega predicts expansion of algal oils in omega-3 industry 

13 Jun 2024 --- GC Rieber Vivomega launched a new microalgae-based oil with both EPA and DHA at this year’s trade show. Ståle Søfting, the company’s sales and marketing director, explained the industry need for algal-based omega-3s. He asserted that the company’s vegan oil’s efficacy and associated health benefits are comparable to fish oils. Søfting also illustrated GC Rieber Vivomega’s sensory analysis, which monitors volatile components to select the “best-tasting and smelling” fish oils. 


Monell Chemical Senses Center: Sweet taste receptor stimulation affects glucose metabolism

13 Jun 2024 --- Paul Breslin, Ph.D. researcher at Monell Chemical Senses Center and professor of nutritional science at Rutgers University, US, discusses his recent findings concerning if and how the sweet taste receptor TAS1R2-TAS1R3 regulates glucose metabolism. Breslin further details the implications of the teams’ new insight into glucose and insulin regulation when the receptor is over- or under-stimulated. 


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Kerry: Navigating emerging trends and the company’s future focus

11 Jun 2024 --- We sit down with Dr. Aoife Marie Murphy, the senior manager of sustainable nutrition at Kerry, to discuss the latest nutrition trends and get a look at the company’s future focus. Dr. Murphy highlights new and emerging trends, such as cognition and the microbiome and their implications for the industry moving forward. She also reveals some of the latest developments in the sustainable nutrition space and even previews the company’s upcoming webinar.


Vitafoods Europe 2024: Corbion unveils sustainable omegas from its new health and nutrition business

07 Jun 2024 --- In Geneva, Switzerland, we sat down with Erica Franco, the global marketing and communications manager at Corbion, to discuss the company’s health and nutrition business. The new business has unveiled several solutions from its fermentation processes. These include algal-based omega-3s, 6 and 9s. She further highlighted that the process supports the company’s commitment to sustainability by cutting fish out of the equation and going straight to the original source of omega fatty acids, algae.