NPD in action: Top Ten Trends 2021

Jan 2021

With “Transparency Triumphs” as Innova Market Insights’ leading trend for 2021, a growing number of sustainability claims are seen among supplements and nutraceuticals launches. Other trends such as “Tailored to Fit,” “In Tune with Immune” and “Mood: The Next Occasion” are fueling the growing overlap between supplements and food & beverage.


Mood: The Next Occasion – Inbloom Dream Sleep Dietary Supplement (US). Dream Sleep dietary supplement with herbal slumber blend helps mental calm, peaceful satisfying rest, quality of sleep and brain function. Helps to support brain health. Gently encourage the body and mind to drift into sleep, wake up refreshed from longer and better quality rest. Support to mental calm, peaceful satisfying rest. Sleep that helps to live to your full potential. Sleeping only six hours in one night can impair the brain function worse than three glasses of wine. Synergistic blend improves the night’s rest, making it easier to fall asleep and elevating the quality of sleep. Calm restless circular thinking. Enhance meditative alpha brain waves. 100% plant based. No synthetic ingredients. Suitable for vegans. Gluten-free. Sugar-free. Non GMO.