May 2022

Consumers increasingly prioritize their mental health and are therefore more interested in ingredients that support brain health and cognition. Supplements with nootropics support multiple cognitive functions such as memory, mental clarity and alertness, whereas sports nutrition with nootropics can improve focus and mood for a better performance.


Neubria Spark Memory Food Supplement, 60 Capsules (Greece). Spark memory food supplement to support improved memory, focus and attention. Comes in 60 capsules in a plastic bottle, held in a carton folded box. With 22 vitamins, minerals and specialized herbs. Suitable for vegans. Designed for people who want to support their spiritual performance. Supports improved memory, focus and attention, without the use of caffeine. With specialized herbs that help enhance memory and healthy mental function. Contains citicoline, which supports mental concentration, focus and attention and coenzyme Q10, an antioxidant that nourishes the mitochondria of cells. Also contains ashwagandha and contributes to brain health. Enhances executive function, helps with mental balance, learning, memory and information retrieval. Contains turmeric, ideal for enhancing cognitive function as a nutritional supplement for the brain. Contains bakopa, ginkgo biloba, sage, and rosemary to improve mental performance and functional (temporary) memory, as well as concentration.