Performance Proteins

Aug 2022

Worldwide, there has been a notable increase in people doing sports to care for their bodies. As such, many have turned toward protein-rich products to aid and enhance their muscle recovery, get a boost of energy before and after workouts, and perform better overall in their day-to-day activities. Most of these products are either sugar-free, low sugar or have natural sweeteners, which points to a growing interest in such products. 


Momentum Protein Chips with Nacho Cheese Flavor (Thailand). Protein chips with nacho cheese flavor in a 30 g plastic flat pouch. Contains 5 g fiber and 10 g protein. Whey protein crunch. Made from mixed beans and pea protein. Everyday protein. Between meals: as a high protein snack. Pre-workout: as a preliminary strength builder. Push-ups: for a greater energy boost. Muscle training: for enhanced performance.