Healthy aging

Mar 2023

Functional foods and beverages with aging well claims have a +14% annual growth globally (CAGR, 2018-2022). This growth correlates with consumer interest in healthy aging. According to the Innova Trends 2023 Survey almost one out of three consumers says that they start to take active steps to age healthy already from age of 30 and onwards.


Biofair Nutrition Instant Drink with Cocoa and Cereals (France)

  • Instant drink with cocoa and cereals.
  • Rich in nutrients, iron, potassium, protein and fiber. 
  • 20 g contains 2.2 g iron, 246 mg potassium and 2.5 g protein.
  • With a high content of antioxidants (vitamins C and E in particular). 
  • Chlorella helps against the aging of cells in the body and high blood pressure and to reduce blood cholesterol levels. 
  • Certified AB organic and Fairtrade.
  • In a 250 g resealable plastic standing pouch. Recyclable packaging.