NewsBite Podcast (November 9-13): “DuPont N&B reveals probiotics could boost sports performance, Multivitamin efficacy all in our heads?”

 16 Nov 2020

This week’s episode of NutritionInsight’s NewsBite podcast covers the connection between probiotics and sports nutrition, as well as detailing a host of major investments. Debates also broke out this week on topics ranging from multivitamins and sweeteners to online advertising. 

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DuPont N&B reveals probiotics could boost sports performance

Multivitamin efficacy all in our heads? Industry lashes back at study finding no improvements

Beyond fertility: Women’s health market broadens as industry flags major potential

25 Jan 2021 | CNS Media

This week’s NutritionInsight NewsBite podcast looks into e-gaming’s emerging market potential. Recent business news highlights include Lonza’s exit from the softgel arena in the pharma market and other moves in the infant formula sector.

18 Jan 2021 | CNS Media

The probiotics sector was ripe with innovation this week. NutritionInsight’s NewsBite podcast details DuPont Nutrition & Biosciences newly launched Howaru Calm, a probiotic designed to help dietary supplement manufacturers formulate products that support relaxation. Also, a study from Singapore created... Read More

11 Jan 2021 | CNS Media

In this episode of the NewsBite podcast, NutritionInsight details the potential role of Public Health England’s replacement. The week was also filled with new launches, including Babybel’s functional cheeses, a supplement for ovarian health and a sports nutrition vending machine.Read more:PHE’s replacement... Read More

04 Jan 2021 | CNS Media

This week’s NutritionInsight NewsBite podcast details how the UN is calling on governments to use the dawn of the new year to improve public nutrition with increased fruits and vegetable intake. Calls for more vitamin D intake were also published in an open letter to encourage increased global... Read More

21 Dec 2020 | CNS Media

This week’s NutritionInsight NewsBite podcast dives into nutrition NPD launches from the past few days. Ocean Spray launched Cranberry Seeds, which can bolster the nutrition of baked goods, smoothies or snack bars. Meanwhile, Future Food-Tech has welcomed a partnership with Kellogg’s and Unilever to “unlock... Read More

14 Dec 2020 | CNS Media

In this week’s episode of NutritionInsight’s NewsBite podcast, DSM announced a cycling sponsorship set to put personalization at its core, while an investigation threw a wrench in blood type diets. Mediterranean diets also came under the microscope, while companies including Hofseth BioCare and Kemin made... Read More

07 Dec 2020 | CNS Media

This week’s NutritionInsight NewsBite podcast details Fi Europe Connect exhibitions in the dairy sector. Ingredia unveiled functional milk proteins for comfort snacking, while Valio revealed lactose-free milk protein for healthy aging. Additionally, FrieslandCampina Ingredients shared its views on how the... Read More

30 Nov 2020 | CNS Media

This episode of NutritionInsight’s weekly NewsBite podcast features DSM’s latest move to bolster its personalized nutrition arm, as well as ADM’s views on the nutritional opportunities in dairy alternatives. Last week also saw a host of launches addressing everything from children’s height to menstrual... Read More

23 Nov 2020 | CNS Media

This week’s NutritionInsight NewsBite podcast details the personalization trend, which is ushering in a new norm for bespoke foods, beverages and supplements, according to Innova Market Insights. Tapping into that same trend, Persona Nutrition expanded its supplements portfolio to address sleep, energy,... Read More

09 Nov 2020 | CNS Media

In this week’s NewsBite episode, NutritionInsight delves into ADM’s projected themes for 2021 and the most recent COVID-19 research. The sports nutrition industry also had a busy few days, with glucosamine coming under the spotlight.Read more:ADM spotlights holistic health and “beyond the bun” plant-based... Read More

02 Nov 2020 | CNS Media

NutritionInsight’s news coverage last week detailed Nestlé Health Science’s alternative brain energy source for patients living with mild cognitive impairment. Growing demand for microbiome solutions prompted ADM to construct a new probiotics facility in Spain, while Bayer flagged knowledge gaps in infant... Read More

26 Oct 2020 | CNS Media

NutritionInsight’s latest NewsBite podcast covers Abbott’s steps toward new nutritional products and Probi’s financial moves, as well as the latest COVID-19 activity. Read more:Probi invests US$6m in Vital Nutrients Holdings, reporting growth amid COVID-19US Air Force recruits’ physical and cognitive... Read More

19 Oct 2020 | CNS Media

NutritionInsight’s news coverage last week included experts’ calls for a “paradigm shift” from medication to supplements in terms of vitamin D. Meanwhile, Hofseth BioCare launched ProGo’s Bioactive Peptides in the US to address healthy iron levels without incorporating iron. An Elsevier-published study found... Read More

12 Oct 2020 | CNS Media

This week’s episode of NutritionInsight’s NewsBite podcast details the “forgotten” applications of Kaneka Pharma’s coenzyme Q10 as the pandemic increases immunity demands. Also covered is the so-called “dismal” progress on the UK’s voluntary sugar reduction targets. Read more:Ubiquinol’s “forgotten”... Read More

05 Oct 2020 | CNS Media

In the latest NewsBite podcast, NutritionInsight looks into how COVID-19 has led to job cuts in the nutrition health care sector, while some Tour de France cyclists are quietly using ketone esters. Meanwhile, NPD is making use of the synergies between vitamin D3 and K2.Read more:Ketone esters thrown into... Read More

28 Sep 2020 | CNS Media

In the latest NewsBite podcast, NutritionInsight covers a major grant for tailored meal plans and a controversial analysis in the nootropic arena. Last week also saw numerous businesses come together in new ways via acquisitions and partnerships. Read more:“Food as medicine” meets ready meals: NIH grants... Read More

21 Sep 2020 | CNS Media

NutritionInsight attended two major industry events last week. At Vitafoods, delivery formats helped reimagine immunity NPD, while Future Food-Tech demonstrated how disruptive F&B start-ups use various technologies to drive personalized nutrition. Meanwhile, PepsiCo delivered a new enhanced water called... Read More