NewsBite Podcast (July 13-17): “Industry players weigh up virtual SHIFT20, COVID-19 temporarily bolsters European interest in supplements”

 20 Jul 2020

This episode of NutritionInsight’s NewsBite podcast reports on SHIFT20, IFT’s virtual trade show. Highlights include a presentation about the keto trend and a clinical trial from Comet Bio, as well as interviews with Rousselot, Faravelli and Kemin. Meanwhile, COVID-19 developments include French consumers placing a greater emphasis on their health. 

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Highs and lows? Industry players weigh up virtual SHIFT20

Danone US$114m investment ramps up Specialized Nutrition segment in China

COVID-19 temporarily bolsters European interest in supplements

17 Jan 2022 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast includes the US FDA’s latest ruling on magnesium health claims for high blood pressure. Other major stories included Conagen’s precision fermented kaempferol, and DSM’s research review highlighting omega 3 supplementation’s impacts on sarcopenia.

10 Jan 2022 | CNS Media

Today’s NewsBite podcast details the UK’s ambition to tackle childhood obesity in 2022. Researchers are warning of a “quiet epidemic” of vitamin B12 deficiency as consumers increasingly turn to plant-based diets. Researchers have also highlighted that doubling prenatal choline could benefit children’s... Read More

13 Dec 2021 | CNS Media

Today’s NewsBite podcast details investors pledging to tackle the global nutrition crisis. Meanwhile, Innova Market Insights’ director expects health demands to hold steady during 2022, while Lactalis Ingredients and Vitux have announced new launches in the sports nutrition and brain health space,... Read More

06 Dec 2021 | CNS Media

This week, MyProtein launched THE ioPea, marketed as the first plant-based protein that doesn’t compromise on bioavailability. Today’s NewsBite podcast also details an interesting patent for Rousselot, and new findings about vitamin D deficiency in children.

29 Nov 2021 | CNS Media

Today’s NewsBite podcast details the launch of Solabia-Algatech Nutrition’s AstraPure Max amid a booming global demand for astaxanthin. Meanwhile, the US nutrition industry slammed the FDA over an ongoing debate on the use of NAC in supplements, and other UK campaigners called for an end to using junk food... Read More

22 Nov 2021 | CNS Media

Today’s NewsBite podcast details Abbott’s new Similac 360 Total Care infant formula, which contains five HMOs identical to those in breastmilk. World Diabetes Day also took place, spotlighting how sweeteners could potentially help. Meanwhile, a study found that phthalate chemicals present human health... Read More

16 Nov 2021 | CNS Media

Today’s NewsBite podcast details VidaCap’s new Myco Immune Gummies. Also making headlines were Nuritas’ US$45 million funding for its peptide discovery platform, as well as Everwell Health snapping up Nutrition21 in its first move as a new health and wellness platform.

08 Nov 2021 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details major stories, which included Brightseed’s latest US$200,000 research grant from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, as well as IFF’s new study findings concerning its isolated soy protein Supro. Lallemand also explained how fermented soy marries efficacy with naturality... Read More

01 Nov 2021 | CNS Media

In FrieslandCampina’s fourth annual Trend Report, the company illustrates the observed shifts in global eating toward mindful consumption and products that help make healthier purchasing decisions a no-brainer. This NewsBite podcast also delves into opportunities in functional foods as well as Mankai’s... Read More

25 Oct 2021 | CNS Media

Last week in nutrition news, the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University developed the Food Compass, a holistic nutrition profiling system. This NewsBite podcast also delves into NPD launches from Lallemand Health Solutions and Hum Nutrition, as well as exclusive interviews with... Read More

18 Oct 2021 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast details major stories, which included Shared Planet topping Innova Market Insights’ Top Ten Trends for 2022, as well as Aker BioMarine investigating krill oil for liver and metabolic health. There was also a slew of new launches this week, including Ancient Nutrition’s fermented... Read More

11 Oct 2021 | CNS Media

In nutrition news this week, Your CBD launched a cannabidiol oil targeting weight loss without side effects, while Bunge Loders Croklaan unveiled a structured medium- and long-chain triglyceride for the active aging category. In research strides, artificial sweeteners were linked to long-term digestive... Read More

04 Oct 2021 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast explores AAK bringing Progress Biotech’s algae-based DHA to the infant formula market. Meanwhile, a Kerry study found that Wellmune’s immunity benefits are not transferable, and Abbott announced a US$45 million annual investment into its new center for malnutrition solutions.

27 Sep 2021 | CNS Media

Today’s NewsBite podcast digs into plant-based protein innovations, including DSM’s CanolaPro. The regulatory scene has been busy with the UK set to fortify flour with folic acid, and the US FDA being urged to crack down on phenibut. Meanwhile, Kirin Holdings’ LC-Plasma paraprobiotic was found to reduce... Read More

20 Sep 2021 | CNS Media

This NewsBite podcast delves into how plant-based diets may lower the risk of prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. Other research pointed to a lockdown-induced consumer focus on beauty and the role of diet. The World Health Organization is looking into new strategies to combat sugar and calorie... Read More

13 Sep 2021 | CNS Media

Bacteria and probiotics were in the limelight this week, with EFSA approving the first next-generation bacterium. Meanwhile, AB-Biotics’ probiotic blend was found to be effective for colicky infants, and Kirin harnessed its probiotic strain in functional foods to entice hesitant Japanese consumers.

06 Sep 2021 | CNS Media

Nestlé’s new R+D Accelerator was in the limelight this week, as well as declining trust in the dietary supplement industry. A Kaneka-supported study stressed that ubiquinol plasma levels in plant-based consumers are 23 percent lower than in omnivores, while a Pharmactive study found saffron extract can... Read More