NewsBite Podcast (August 17-21): “Arla Foods Ingredients sheds light on organic opportunities, Arctic Nutrition explores shift from supplements to pharma”

 24 Aug 2020

As part of its summary of last week’s top stories, this latest episode of NutritionInsight’s NewsBite podcast explores the opportunities in the organic protein space, as detailed by Arla Foods Ingredients. Meanwhile, Arctic Nutrition is eyeing the pharmaceutical space following a grant from the European Innovation Council.

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Organic claims see sharp increase as Arla Foods Ingredients sheds light on opportunities

Arctic Nutrition explores herring roe oil shift from supplements to pharma

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03 Oct 2022 | Nutrition Insight

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called for an updated definition of “Healthy” and a front-of-pack labeling system to support nutritious diets. Also, the White House held its first Health and Nutrition conference since 1969 and stressed a “food is medicine” approach. Meanwhile, sugar taxes in the UK... Read More

26 Sep 2022 | Nutrition Insight

Several health bodies proclaimed their fears that the new UK Prime Minister, Liz Truss, would scrap the soft drinks levy. Meanwhile, the Advertising Standards Authority banned an ad for Gordon Ramsay’s Gin, and the US Department of Justice charged 47 people for defrauding the US government’s Federal Child... Read More

19 Sep 2022 | Nutrition Insight

The UK government was described as “taking a step back” on banning certain products which was earlier implied. FrieslandCampina continued its expansion in immune health with probiotics, and Lallemand received recognition from the Canada Health Authority for probiotic strains for infant nutrition.

12 Sep 2022 | Nutrition Insight

September is the month dedicated to healthy aging, Shaklee and Kerry provided insights and ingredient information on healthy joints, skin and energy levels. Research this week showed seaweed extract may have positive effects on skin and healthy aging, and a potential link was found between fasting and... Read More

05 Sep 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week’s NewsBite podcast details how mushrooms may help with alcohol addiction, how indigenous and enhanced crop seeds may be key in the fight against world hunger and how sugar may negatively impact the microbiome.

29 Aug 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week’s NewsBite podcast discusses how live microbes may shape dietary recommendations, the fiber gap linked to western diet and that a majority of CBD products in the UK are tainted with illegal substances.

22 Aug 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week's Newsbite podcast details innovations in the “world’s first” bovine lactoferrin, news on the Asian CBD market, and the inflation's harmful effects on vitamin deficiency and malnutrition in Malaysia.

15 Aug 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week’s NewsBite podcast delves into a CBD-infused coffee launch, and US-based Looni's new supplement hitting the market aiming to support menstrual health. Scientists are also calling for reformulation after a study revealed vegetarian diets may increase hip fracture risks.

08 Aug 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week’s NewsBite podcast details how fast food may lessen the nutritional value of breastmilk and explores a new study that may have found a link between red meat and heart disease.

01 Aug 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week’s NewsBite podcast details how the EU plans to cut natural gas usage from August until March 2023, the economic crisis in Sri Lanka has become a humanitarian emergency and taurine supplements may aid healthy aging.

25 Jul 2022 | Nutrition Insight

Today’s NewsBite Podcast delves into the potential of probiotics for women’s health, malnutrition fears in the UK and research into vitamin B6 as a nutrition-based intervention to tackle depression and anxiety.

18 Jul 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week’s NewsBite Podcast details DSM’s call for industry action on tackling the micronutrient gap among the elderly. Pharmactive expanded in the sports nutrition segment while FYXX Health unveiled a vitamin-enriched cookie for healthy snacking.

11 Jul 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week's NewsBite podcast continues to report on updates on the US formula shortage as FDA presented a case-by-case framework to fill the supply shortage. The WHO unveiled a strategy to reach nutrition goals, and Kellogg’s lost a UK court case over the country’s high-sugar cereal promotion ban. 

04 Jul 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week’s NewsBite Podcast delves highlights the potential of AHCC, an extract from the Japanese shiitake mushroom to clear HPV infection.The US is still trying to get  a grip on infant formula shortages with Abbott Nutrition and Bellamy’s Organic imports, while companies are eyeing partnerships, in a bid... Read More

27 Jun 2022 | Nutrition Insight

Today’s NewsBite Podcast delves into industry criticism surrounding an FDA knowledge campaign about dietary supplements, accusing it of being too focused on the risks. A study argues vitamin supplements are a “waste of money” while the UK government is eyeing industry education amid a CBD boom in food... Read More

20 Jun 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week's NewsBite Podcast delves into research on the gut microbiome and guidelines to increase diet-microbiome-host connections. Industry is seeing increased interest in psychedelics while the UK government was criticized over its food strategy report. 

13 Jun 2022 | Nutrition Insight

This week’s NewsBite podcast details steps taken by the USDA to tackle critical infant formula shortages sweeping the US. Meanwhile, a study finds that muscle stem cells have been proven to be resilient to stress from fasting. Researchers have also found that detecting genetics from the placenta may identify... Read More