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    New delivery system for health ingredient efficacy

    09 October 2017
    Bodyboost is an innovative delivery system for nutraceuticals based on a new packaging technology. Brian Low of Benley describes the new delivery system for health ingredient efficacy as follows: “We are introducing a new line based on a two chamber system. There are ingredients whose natural preferred state is dry and others whose preferred state is liquid and which last longer, but when you mix them they start to decay. So we have developed a system for both vitamins and supplements. Our system has powder stored in the cap, you twist it and then the powder drops into the liquid. You shake it and then you mix the vitamin enzyme fresh, so then you can take it and it is as its peak potency. It’s an all natural flavoring, so there is no strange aftertaste.” Low explains: “Because of the system, it allows for the use of ingredients that people have heard about all the time; it unleashes their power. We can be more precise in their dosage and therefore in their efficacy. This is not like a multivitamin that you take everyday – it will be more event based, such as ...Read More

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