NewsBite Podcast (July 20-24): “Beneo Inc flags long-term COVID-19 effects, Joywell Foods strengthens sweet protein platform”

 27 Jul 2020

In this week’s episode of the NewsBite podcast, NutritionInsight reports Beneo Inc’s perceived COVID-19 effects on health-conscious consumers. Meanwhile, Joywell Foods elaborated on how it will use its latest funding to further develop its sweet protein portfolio to reduce sugar. Notably, the latest findings from a British Medical Journal-published study found that a medical probiotic can improve A1C and blood glucose spikes in people with Type 2 diabetes.

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Beneo Inc. president flags long-term COVID-19 effects on health-conscious consumers

Protein as a sweetener: Joywell Foods snags US$6.9m investment

Probiotic for blood glucose levels receives clinical backing

26 Oct 2020 | CNS Media

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This week’s episode of NutritionInsight’s NewsBite podcast details the “forgotten” applications of Kaneka Pharma’s coenzyme Q10 as the pandemic increases immunity demands. Also covered is the so-called “dismal” progress on the UK’s voluntary sugar reduction targets. Read more:Ubiquinol’s “forgotten”... Read More

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NutritionInsight’s news coverage last week detailed a new catalog of over 200,000 human genomes that opens up doors to future microbiome research. In the same space, OptiBiotix launched a new ingredient synergy which boosts the gut microbiome’s diversity. Furthermore, Nestlé’s infant nutrition subsidiary... Read More

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This episode of NutritionInsight’s NewsBite podcast reports on SHIFT20, IFT’s virtual trade show. Highlights include a presentation about the keto trend and a clinical trial from Comet Bio, as well as interviews with Rousselot, Faravelli and Kemin. Meanwhile, COVID-19 developments include French consumers... Read More

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This week’s episode of NutritionInsight’s concise NewsBite podcast delves into HMO supplementation for adults, father-focused health demands and fermented collagen in encapsulated formats being the key to increased bioavailability. Read more:DuPont accelerates HMO research for oral care and adult... Read More

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In this week’s episode of the NewsBite podcast, NutritionInsight reports on new research that could have an impact on the COVID-19 pandemic, including three reviews into vitamin D. Meanwhile, numerous new launches reveal the strength of the nutrition market.

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