NewsBite Podcast (April 6-10): “Calls for vitamin D supplementation in groups vulnerable to COVID-19, Kerry VP shines light on shifting immunity attitudes”

 14 Apr 2020

NutritionInsight is back with another NewsBite podcast, where you can catch up on the most important industry-related news and information from the past few days. Global focus on immunity has never been stronger as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe. While there is no substitute for medical care and taking measures such as handwashing and social distancing, many consumers are still seeking to strengthen their immune systems, with key ingredients such as zinc and vitamin D emerging. 

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Kerry VP shines light on shifting immunity attitudes amid COVID-19

Researchers advocate vitamin D supplementation for vulnerable COVID-19 groups

Sizing up zinc’s immunity-boosting credentials

02 Aug 2021 | CNS Media

This NewsBite podcast details Kraft’s fat-free mayo discontinuation, BASF’s “considerable decrease” in its Q2 Nutrition & Health report and the study-proven stress relief benefits of FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ Biotis SleepWell concept. Additionally, Vitafoods Europe is embracing a hybrid approach.

26 Jul 2021 | CNS Media B.V.

This week’s NewsBite podcast details how COVID-19 has had a major impact on consumer habits around supplementation, with NPD tackling everything from weight management to immunity. Additionally, Kappa Bioscience investigated the link between COVID-19 outcomes and levels of vitamins D and K2.

19 Jul 2021 | Almond Board of California

Demand for functional food continues to grow with more and more consumers looking for foods with a specific health benefit. Join Swati Kalgaonkar, Associate Director, Nutrition Research Programme at the Almond Board of California and Lu Ann Williams, Global Insights Director at Innova Market Insights as they... Read More

12 Jul 2021 | CNS Media

The sunshine vitamin was the center of attention this week as the European Food Safety Authority granted DSM’s calcidiol product a positive Novel Food assessment opinion and also greenlighted Lallemand’s new vitamin D yeast applications. Meanwhile, the vitamin D3 industry called on the European Commission to... Read More

05 Jul 2021 | CNS Media

Last week saw experts from ADM and Clasado Biosciences weigh in on the future of the microbiome and prebiotics, respectively. Meanwhile, nearly AU$270 million was poured into Australia’s marine bio-industries to meet growing global demand for plant-based offerings like nutraceuticals and protein.

28 Jun 2021 | CNS Media

This week’s NewsBite podcast explores the latest innovations in alternative proteins, as showcased at Future Food-Tech. Kerry revealed that the lines between supplements and functional F&B are blurring amid a pandemic-spurred rising interest in immunity. Meanwhile, Limagrain Ingredients launched a fiber-rich... Read More

21 Jun 2021 | CNS Media

The last week saw developments in boosting cellular health with NMN supplements and untangling the connection between COVID-19 mortality and vitamin K2. In the D2C space, Probi is set to provide Swedish cosmetics company Oriflame its first gut health probiotic, while Unilever acquired Paula’s Choice skincare.

14 Jun 2021 | CNS Media

As detailed in this week’s NewsBite podcast, Nestlé Health Science’s Vitaflo purchased certain Dr. Schär products, and NextFerm successfully produced yeast-based protein. Also, NattoPharma is set to examine the impact of high-dose vitamin K2 on heart health.

07 Jun 2021 | CNS Media

This NewsBite podcast delves into Chr. Hansen and Lonza’s joint venture, Bacthera, receiving manufacturing licenses to start supplying live biotherapeutic products. Meanwhile, Probi partnered on probiotic research for vaginal health NPD targeting the “underserved” market. Also, a Safefood report revealed... Read More

31 May 2021 | CNS Media

Last week, NutritionInsight dug into various research developments: A new mouse study found beta-sitosterol, a natural food sterol traditionally known to reduce cholesterol levels, can acutely reduce anxiety. Meanwhile, Winclove’s probiotics were found to help prevent antibiotic-associated diarrhea in an... Read More

21 May 2021 | CNS Media

Mental health and well-being are high on the agenda in this week’s nutrition developments. FrieslandCampina Ingredients revealed its Biotis GOS can provide anxiety relief in young women, while Pharmactive’s saffron ingredient Affron was recognized as an official aid for low mood-related issues in the US.... Read More

17 May 2021 | CNS Media

There were a host of beverage moves last week, including Nestlé Health Science snapping up Nunn and Eat Beyond’s investment in Daydream Drinks. Also Hofseth BioCare and Catalent teamed up on a delayed-release version of fish oil.

10 May 2021 | CNS Media

PepsiCo launched Soulboost, a sparkling water beverage range with a “splash of real juice and functional ingredients.” Meanwhile, the international probiotics sector came to a consensus on how to classify postbiotics in contrast to probiotics. In immunity moves, Kemin Industries was granted a US patent for... Read More

03 May 2021 | CNS Media

Last week saw a disappointment for Nestlé’s cereal brands’ health claims. There was also a major investment in probiotics for the gut-lung axis, and Unilever, which acquired Onnit, was behind one of this week’s big acquisitions.

26 Apr 2021 | CNS Media

In industry developments last week, Merit Functional Foods unlocked canola protein potential with a new patented extraction process, while AstaReal secured a patent for its muscle-aiding astaxanthin to personalize F&B. In the sports arena, Robertet further shed light on the role of cellular health on sports... Read More

19 Apr 2021 | CNS Media

Probiotics were in the spotlight last week, with their uses ranging from upper respiratory infections and inflammation to metabolism and the scalp. Additionally, Arla Foods Ingredients revealed it will transform papaya waste and dairy ingredients into nutritious, affordable snacks.

12 Apr 2021 | CNS Media

This week in nutrition news, Impossible Foods VP Sue Klapholz commented on meat analogs’ nutritional values as the plant-based meat space is facing some health ambiguity. Meanwhile, Milk Specialities Global unveiled a whey protein line and Sumitomo Chemical partnered with Nuritas to use its AI and DNA... Read More