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New Nestle Skin Health CEO Appointed

24 May 2017 --- Nestlé announced that it has appointed Stuart Raetzman as CEO of Nestlé Skin Health, effective immediately. Stuart joined the company in 2014 as President, North America. In 2015, he moved to Nestlé Skin Health’s global headquarters in Lausanne. 

Scientists Urge US Government to Meet Compliance Deadline for Nutrition Labels

22 May 2017 --- As US food industry groups continue to urge the government to delay the July 2018 compliance date for the updated nutrition facts label, consumer advocacy group and non-profit watchdog Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) claims that more than 40 scientists and researchers from across the country are calling for the date to stand.

No Such Thing as “Healthy Obesity”: Study

22 May 2017 --- “Healthy” obese people are still at higher risk of heart failure or stroke than the general population, according to research by scientists at the University of Birmingham. The results indicate that the concept of “healthy obesity” – a condition characterized by having normal markers of metabolic health despite a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more – is, in fact, a myth.

Grilling or Microwaving Best Ways to Preserve Nutritional Value of Mushrooms

22 May 2017 --- A study by Spanish researchers has shown that microwaving and grilling are the best way to prepare mushrooms in terms of maintaining their nutritional profile. Mushrooms are considered valuable health foods, since they have a significant amount of dietary fiber and are poor in calories and fat. Moreover, they have a good protein content (20-30% of dry matter) which includes most of the essential amino acids.

Syndicate Invests $26.7m in Microbiome Therapeutics Company BiomX

19 May 2017 --- A global syndicate which includes corporate venture funds Seventure Partners, Takeda Ventures and Johnson and Johnson Development Corporation has announced a $26.7 million (€24 million) investment in Israeli microbiome therapeutics company BiomX. 

ChemPoint Expands Strategic Relationship with Stepan Lipid Nutrition in Europe

09 May 2017 --- ChemPoint EMEA, B.V., (ChemPoint), a subsidiary of Univar Inc. and a leader in the marketing, sales, and distribution of specialty and fine ingredients, has expanded its strategic marketing relationship with the Stepan Lipid Nutrition unit of Stepan Company for the food, beverage and dietary supplement markets.

Benexia Launches New Technologically Advanced Chia Oil

08 May 2017 --- Chia seed producer Benexia is to present a chia oil featuring its new XIA PURE Ox Blocker technology at Vitafoods 2017. The development of Benexia’s XIA PURE Ox Blocker, a new, proprietary process technology significantly increases stabilization of its chia oil, ensuring the omega-3 oil has 100% product consistency, has a longer shelf life, is solvent free as well as GMO free.

Key Interview: Fortified Foods Are the Way Forward for Senior and Alternative Diets

08 May 2017 --- With consumers increasingly exploring different dietary changes to benefit their health, there is a growing window of opportunity for companies to develop fortified foods to fit a wide range of lifestyles, according to Klaus Brockhausen, Sales Director at Dr. Paul Lohmann. Founded in 1886, Dr. Paul Lohmann specializes in the manufacture of high-quality mineral salts. Its current portfolio features over 400 different salts, including a range of mineral bisglycinates. NutritionInsight spoke to Brockhausen about opportunities in the aging and sports nutrition segments as well as the company’s prospects. 

After "Challenging" 2016 Results, Aker BioMarine Highlights New Investments and Sustainability

05 May 2017 --- Krill supplier Aker BioMarine has reported revenues of US$117 million in 2016 compared with US$105 million in 2015, which is equivalent to 11 percent growth. The operating profit before depreciation and special operating items (EBITDA) amounted to US$36 million in 2016, according to the company’s latest annual report. The company managed to grow sales and improve operations in the still-challenging omega 3 market, and continues to heavily invest in new technology and the development of new krill-derived products, the company reported.

Researchers Come One Step Closer to Finding Out How Wine May Protect Neurons

05 May 2017 --- Let there be no misunderstanding: heavy alcohol intake has severe harmful effects. But already for several years, researchers have been finding that moderate wine intake can be beneficial in delaying the onset of cognitive impairments in aging and neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson's and Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Esteban-Fernández from the Institute of Food Science Research in Madrid and her colleagues have been investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the neuroprotective actions of wine, recently published in Frontiers in Nutrition.

Algatech’s AstaPure Granted NOP Organic Certification

03 May 2017 --- Algatech has announced its 100% organic Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae powder and astaxanthin oleoresin as part of its AstaPure line. Moreover, the company was granted National Organic Program (NOP) certification from the USDA Agricultural Marketing Service.

Horsemeat Healthy for Human Consumption, Good Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

01 May 2017 --- Early results of a study into the nutritional quality of horsemeat sold at large and small outlets in the autonomous communities (regions) in the north of the Iberian Peninsula have confirmed that these products could be labeled as a source of omega-3-type fatty acids. 

Lonza Reports Strong Q1 Results, Robust Growth in Specialty Ingredients

25 Apr 2017 --- Lonza has reported a record quarter in terms of sales and earnings during the first quarter of 2017, resulting from a particularly strong performance in the Pharma & Biotech segment and continued robust growth in the Specialty Ingredients segment.

BioGaia Oral Health Probiotic to be Launched in Three New Markets

24 Apr 2017 --- BioGaia has signed three new exclusive agreements for Prodentis, its oral food supplement that contains a natural lactic acid bacteria, Lactobacillus reuteri Prodentis. The new agreements will see the product launched in Canada, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Nutritious Seaweed and Lobster Jelly Snack is Dairy-Free Alternative for Kids Who Shun Milk

18 Apr 2017 --- South Australian researchers have developed a jelly snack for children made from seaweed and lobster in a bid to boost their calcium levels as large amounts of kids are not drinking enough milk. Due for commercial release next year, the dairy-free food is called SeaNu which has been created using biorefinery technology that takes the seaweed and lobster shell, formulates it into a small jelly for children, perfect for them to pack into school lunchboxes. 

Dietary Supplement May Enhance Dairy Cattle Health and Reproductive Capacity

18 Apr 2017 --- Animal scientist Phil Cardoso knew that milk protein increases when dairy cows are fed the amino acid methionine, but he suspected that the supplement might have additional health benefits. "I wondered, 'Is that the only thing methionine is doing?'" the University of Illinois assistant professor says. "If I'm eating well, am I just going to put on more muscle, or am I going to be healthier overall? It's good to look at the protein in milk, but I wanted to see if other things are changing, such as reproduction."

Avocados May Help Combat Metabolic Syndrome: Review

11 Apr 2017 --- A new review has summarized different in vivo, in vitro and clinical studies to find out avocado's pharmacological effects on different components of metabolic syndrome. The review found that avocados have beneficial effects on lipid profiles, with changes to LDL-cholesterol, HDL-cholesterol, triglycerides, total cholesterol and phospholipids

Naturex Targets Healthy Aging with Two New Launches

10 Apr 2017 --- Naturex has strengthened its portfolio of healthy aging ingredients with the launch of two new products: ThinkBlue, a wild blueberry extract for cognitive health, and Turmipure, an organic turmeric extract for joint health. Both products will be available in May and can be used in food and beverage applications, with turmeric in particular becoming popular in functional beverages, Naturex spokesperson Eve Landen tells NutritionInsight.

Multivitamins Not Associated with Heart Disease Risk, Regardless of Initial Dietary Intake

06 Apr 2017 --- More than half of older American adults take a daily multivitamin supplement, but evidence of any clear health benefits is scarce. The Physicians' Health Study II (PHS II) remains the only randomized, large-scale, long-term trial to test whether a daily multivitamin reduced cardiovascular disease risk, and researchers found that after 11 years of follow up, there was no significant difference in risk of major cardiovascular disease (CVD) events among men who took a multivitamin compared to those that took a placebo. 

Industry Opportunity: Vitamin E May Benefit Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

30 Mar 2017 --- An increased vitamin E supplementation may have a beneficial effect on patients with Metabolic Syndrome, as characterized by obesity, hyperlidimeia, chronic low-grade inflammation and more.