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Top Flavor Trends for 2020

 21 May 2020

Flavors are more than ever at the center of new product innovation as ethnic flavors continue to expand globally. Meanwhile, storytelling is key to engaging with consumers. Health is top-of-mind for consumers while wellness flavors such as botanicals continue to thrive. At the same time, indulgence remains a key aspect that is reflected through the rise of brown flavors, combinations of flavor and texture, and the revival of all-time favorites. Hybrid NPD and a focus on the taste buds with combinations of spicy, salty, and sour flavors are driving experimentation and rich experiences. In this webinar, Lu Ann Williams, Director of Insights & Innovation highlights the top flavor innovations of today.

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Looking ahead to the years after the COVID-19 outbreak, consumers are expected to show higher levels of interest in their immune health. This could open doors for more products with a specific focus on immune health rather than those with multiple health messages of which immunity is simply one of many.

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