DATE: 08 December 2014
MOBILEE® the First Health Ingredient for Mobility
Today's consumers, especially those aged between 40 and 65, are increasingly concerned with maintaining an active lifestyle and trying to keep healthy through both exercise and nutrition. However, although the amount of time dedicated to sports by this age group has increased significantly over the past few years, more than 40% of them suffer from joint pain. Bioiberica, a biotechnology company that specializes in joint health, realized some time ago that joint problems should not be treated with drugs alone and so decided to focus its research on nutrition. This constant research has led to Mobilee®, the first functional food ingredient that supports joint mobility and targets this ever-growing group of consumers who want to remain active despite the health of their joints. Mobilee® is a natural extract rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen and polysaccharides that has been clinically proven and authorized as a Novel Food and GRAS.