Weekly Roundup: CJ CheilJedang expands Indonesia plant, Valensa hosts expert panel on saw palmetto

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09 Nov 2018 --- This week in nutrition, CJ CheilJedang has expanded its Indonesia Jombang plant with a new production line, while Advanced Organic Materials is expanding its manufacturing operations into Spain. OmniActive Health Technologies CurcuWIN and Lutemax 2020 both gained US Pharmacopeia (USP) verification, and Valensa International appointed Sendhil Pani to lead its microalgae market expansion. Valensa also hosted an expert panel yesterday to examine the damage to saw palmetto extract’s sustainability following recent hurricane damage in the Florida area.

In brief: Acquisitions and expansions
CJ CheilJedang
has expanded its Jombang plant in Indonesia – where it currently produces Nucleotide, MSG, Arginine, and Histidine – with a new L-Arginine and L-Citrulline production line. The line is set to begin operating in June 2019. The company hopes that the line addition will increase competitiveness and enhance the quality of the products through strengthened quality control. Moreover, by producing L-Citrulline simultaneously in both China and Indonesia, the company will obtain multi-plant production. Both amino acids are used across the sports nutrition and nutraceutical areas.

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has expanded its range of omega 3 offerings with Onavita Algal DHA Powders. The new powder is part of ADM’s expanding portfolio of health and wellness ingredients, such as probiotics, vitamins, botanical extracts and nutritional oils. Onavita algal DHA powder can be used in a wide variety of dietary supplements and fortified food products – such as nutritional bars and powdered beverages – and provide vegan and allergen-free labeling options for food, beverage and supplement developers, the company notes.

Click to EnlargeAdvanced Organic Materials (AOM), a producer of specialty natural tocopherols, vitamin E and plant sterols, is expanding its manufacturing operations into Valencia, Spain. The expansion will make it the first fully integrated manufacturer of tocopherols, sterols and sterol esters in Europe, according to the company. The first wave of investment, totaling over US$10 million, will be completed by the second half of 2019 and is to enable AOM to increase its production volumes, to better serve customers in Europe and more efficiently source raw materials in the region.

In brief: Product launches and certifications
Health Technologies CurcuWIN Curcumin and Lutemax 2020 Lutein and Zeaxanthin Isomers are both now US Pharmacopeia (USP) verified. USP is described as a global agency which sets quality standards for medicines, food ingredients and dietary supplements. It is used in more than 140 countries. CurcuWIN is the only USP verified curcumin ingredient, while Lutemax 2020 is the only lutein ingredient that is both USP and Non-GMO project Verified currently on the market, according to Makrand Bhalerao, Vice President, Quality at OmniActive Health Technologies.

In brief: Appointments and retirements
International has appointed Sendhil Pani, former President of Rabo Bayir Inc., to lead the Orlando-based nutraceutical manufacturer’s expansion into the microalgae market. His primary focus will be finding additional market opportunities within the United States area for Valensa’s organic microalgae portfolio, including phycocyanin, spirulina, chlorella, haematococcus pluvialis and euglena gracilis.

In brief: Miscellaneous
Following recent hurricane damage in Florida, Valensa International hosted an expert panel yesterday to examine the impact on saw palmetto extract’s sustainability. Questions of pricing, purity and adulteration of the saw palmetto extract – that is often used to support healthy prostates among men – were prominent at the panel. The discussion included a report by Umasudhan C. P, Valensa’s CEO, that the company will continue to deliver USPlus Saw Palmetto Extract for its customers.

The European Commission (EC) has published a draft report on the first authorization for a health claim on a combination product referring to the reduction of disease risk (14.1 health claim). This claim was submitted by French natural supplements supplier Laboratoire Lescuyer on its Limicol product. In 2013, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) had already issued a positive opinion on this health claim. Limicol is now the first food supplement with data protection for a claim relating to the reduction in a risk factor for a disease. As of the European Commission's final approval, Laboratoire Lescuyer will thus be the only company able to make that health claim for its exclusive and patented formula for five years. The health claim is related to the combination of artichoke leaf dry extract standardized in caffeoylquinic acids, monacolin K in red yeast rice, sugar-cane derived policosanols, procyanidolic oligomers (OPC) from French maritime pine bark, garlic dry extract standardised in allicin, d-α-tocopheryl hydrogen succinate, riboflavin, and inositol hexanicotinate and the reduction of blood LDL-cholesterol concentrations.

By Laxmi Haigh

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