AI: DSM partners with digital health company on personalized nutrition solutions


23 Mar 2018 --- DSM and digital health company Mixfit have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver personalized nutrition solutions, in an aim to provide individuals with the right blend of nutrients based on a set of health and activity measurements. The partnership is to combine DSM's knowledge in essential micronutrients and Mixfit technologies to provide the ability to analyze health data in real-time to effectively identify nutritional gaps.

Mixfit's Intelligent Nutrition Assistant (Mina) is the Artificial Intelligence that analyzes a person's genetic makeup, alongside their diet, lifestyle and health goals, to create and dispense beverages containing a customized mix of DSM's Quali Blends with vitamins and minerals throughout the day. 

“Mina is designed to be simple and intuitive to use, from the comfort of your own home using your mobile device or through the Mixfit device itself,” Nelleke Barning, Global Director Communications & External Affairs, DSM Nutritional Products, tells NutritionInsight

“Mina will work effectively with some very general personal health information, provided to Mina during the setup process. Mina’s intelligence and accuracy improves as users connect their real-time health data, medical data and wearables devices,” Barning says.

The combination of DSM's customized solutions and Mixfit's advanced technology means consumers can analyze and receive the nutrients they need at the time they need them, from the convenience of their own homes, DSM reports. 

Additionally, Mina provides users with proactive nutritional recommendations, supported by DSM's scientific research on the role of micronutrients for specific health benefits.

“Mixfit will provide benefit to all individuals, empowering healthy living. We anticipate that initially, active individuals will embrace Mixfit solutions as it seamlessly improves their current experience, nutrient supplementation and personalized nutritionist through Mina,” Baring notes.

”As consumers across the world become more engaged in their health and wellbeing, there is a growing need for a more personalized approach to nutrition. This partnership has been carefully crafted to connect the complementary and unique expertise of both DSM and Mixfit to support consumers in achieving their nutrition goals and to support our mission to help keep the world's growing population healthy,” notes Peter De-Meester, Vice President of Global Strategy of DSM Human Nutrition and Health.

Reza Zanjani, Mixfit President & CEO adds: “Personalization is the future of nutrition. By combining DSM's scientific background and high-quality micronutrients with Mixfit's unique digital knowledge and experience in personalized nutrition, we are ensuring that Mina improves the lives of health-conscious consumers worldwide. Our future plans include expansion into targeted, health-oriented boosters for specific health benefits.”

Barning tells NutritionInsight that a Mixfit App for iOS & Android will be available in May 2018, while the first 1000 devices will be available January 2019 in US. DSM Venturing has made an investment in Mixfit, but no additional financial information can be provided at this time.

The partnership is part of DSM's wider strategy of leveraging two of its key competencies – customized innovation and personalized nutrition – to address tomorrow’s nutrition trends for healthier lifestyles. A diverse range of personalized nutrition concepts will be presented at Vitafoods Europe 2018 in Geneva in May, together with the latest major consumer study into attitudes towards this space. DSM remains a strong investor in R&D, both within its nutrition and materials business. Total R&D expenditure in 2017 was €444 million, accounting for 5.1 percent of net sales in 2017. Nutrition R&D expenditure in 2017 accounted for almost half of R&D expenditure: €219 million. 

For a detailed interview with DSM's EMEA Vice President (VP) Human Nutrition & Health, Frédéric Boned, on the topic of personalized nutrition, see the March edition of The World of Food Ingredients.

By Lucy Gunn

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