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The benefit of probiotics in the gut and gut-brain axis

 26 Jan 2023

Join this webinar to learn how specific scientifically proven strains like Chr. Hansen’s DDS-1® can support gastrointestinal health and alleviate stress related to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Our expert team will walk you through the fascinating connection between the gut and the brain, explain probiotic modes of action, and spotlight the strong clinical evidence on Chr. Hansen’s DDS-1® strain. 

22 Mar 2023 | Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

What trends matter most when innovating, developing new products, or taking care of your own health? It can be hard to separate fads from trends with potential for a long-term impact on the field of health and nutrition, but the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute (KHNI) has worked with our network of... Read More

16 Mar 2023 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor Missy Green in a quick roundup of themes from the beverage edition. Adult beverages are in the spotlight, with steep growth in hard seltzers and flavored alcoholic beverages. Premium, ready-to-drink cocktails are leading the trend and are forecast to see high growth... Read More

16 Mar 2023 | Gencor

According to data from the Council on Responsible Nutrition, 77% of consumers of dietary supplements are women!Astonishingly, the number of sports nutrition lines and products designed for and marketed specifically to female consumers is relatively small compared to the greater sports nutrition market.... Read More

09 Feb 2023 | CNS Media B.V.

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor Missy Green for a quick presentation of the confectionery edition’s key themes. Highlights include plant-based confectionery, supplier efforts to right wrongs in cocoa and sensory trends in sweet NPD. Meanwhile, beauty-from-within nutraceutical formats expand and... Read More

15 Dec 2022 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor Missy Green who rounds out the year with an overview of “the consumer trends edition.” Highlights include diverse sources for plant-based products, bioactives from whey processing streams and alternatives to nitrates and nitrites in meat.

06 Dec 2022 | Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

How can we transform our industry to ensure that we can produce enough food for current and future generations with our available resources? On our current pathway, we would need the resources of 3 – 4 planets to accommodate the growing global population by 2050.  Over 30% of total greenhouse gas (GHG)... Read More

17 Nov 2022 | Bioiberica

Hyaluronic acid (HA) has a strong foothold in the mobility and skin & beauty segments. But what is it about this ingredient that continues to attract formulators? And how can brands successfully stand out from the competition?Join Bioiberica to discover an HA solution with a difference. Our experts will... Read More

10 Nov 2022 | Innova Market Insights

Innova’s global insights director, Lu Ann Williams, presents the eagerly awaited Top Ten Trends for 2023. Discover the consumer and industry insights that will inspire successful innovation over the coming year. Covering the full spectrum of the food and beverage industry, Innova’s Top Ten Trends are the... Read More

09 Nov 2022 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor Missy Green for a quick presentation of the key themes in the flagship dairy edition. Highlights include dessert-style flavors in dairy, consumer views on sustainable foods, nutraceuticals for radiant skin and ambient yogurt for convenient snacking.

27 Oct 2022 | Chr. Hansen Human Nutrition

Probiotics are well-known for their benefits in digestive health, but did you know that 70% of our immune system is located in the gut? There are various ways, in which probiotics can interact with and support the immune system, making it more efficient in responding to immune challenges. This means that... Read More

12 Oct 2022 | Gnosis by Lesaffre

Folate status is a crucial aspect of women's health at reproductive age, but not only …Is the industry aware of the market opportunities that the proper folate offers?In the webinar, you learn about:Why the folate market is so trendyHow Quatrefolic® differs from other forms of folate, like folic acidFolate... Read More

16 Sep 2022 | CNS Media

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ deputy editor Inga de Jong for a presentation of the main themes featured in this snack-focused edition. Healthy, mindful and sustainable snacking trends are prioritized in this edition. The gluten-free claim is powering the movement toward healthy snacking. Regulatory... Read More

15 Sep 2022 | Lubrizol

COVID-19 has resulted in people re-evaluating their vulnerability to disease and illness as they have increased their levels of health consciousness. Consumers are therefore taking a long-term and proactive approach to health, making wholesale changes to their diets and lifestyles in order to improve their... Read More

30 Aug 2022 | Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

Is the science linking intake of live microbes to human health strong enough to see a formal daily recommendation for their consumption in the future? How would that impact the consumer and food industry landscape? 

17 Aug 2022 | Lonza

Esports is one of the fastest-growing segments in the nutrition market. With nearly three billion active gamers globally, the time is now for brands to deliver innovative new products to professional esports gamers and fans alike.  

04 Aug 2022 | CNS Media

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ deputy editor Inga de Jong for a presentation of the main themes featured in this supplements-focused edition. Nootropics and its benefits on mood and overall well-being are one of the key topics along with the upward trajectory of formulating foods with microalgae.... Read More

15 Jul 2022 | Rousselot

Consumers and manufacturers are increasingly pursuing a holistic approach for mobility. Joints, bone, and muscle care are all key to maintaining, improving or extending our ability to move freely, comfortably and independently. To this end, collagen peptides have become a "hero ingredient" due to the... Read More