UK Vegan Society calls for vegan public service catering

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22 Mar 2018 --- Today the Vegan Society celebrates NHS Sustainability Day by launching a new campaign calling on UK public services to provide “tasty, nutritious” vegan meals. They are also debuting a vegan menu for UK hospitals through a newly registered hospital caterer, Anglia Crown. The campaign, Catering for Everyone, aims to ensure the needs of vegans are met in public sector institutions, and that vegan menu options are increased.

Catering for Everyone is celebrating the – success of securing Anglia Crown - a manufacturer and supplier of prepared meals to UK hospitals – to register with the campaign and begin supplying vegan meals to UK hospitals.

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Vegan pasta peperonata, supplied by Anglia

Anglia Crown supplies over 100 hospitals with pre-prepared food, and the Vegan Society is actively calling on more public institutions to follow suit. They should "provide tasty, nutritious and appropriate vegan options not just for vegans, but for everyone, every day,” says Louise Davies, Head of Campaigns and Policy at The Vegan Society.

Further institutions that will be targeted through the vegan campaign will be universities, schools, councils, prisons, and workplaces.

The Vegan Society has been putting in work with UK hospitals for some time, for example collaborating with the Hospital Carers Associations, and it seems the work is paying off in the form of vegan and environmentally friendly food options taking an earned spot on hospital trays.

“Food plays a huge role in the Sustainable Development agenda within the NHS. It is hugely important we support environmentally-friendly and ethical vegan food and we commend both The Vegan Society and Anglia Crown,” says Scott Buckler, Campaign Manager at NHS Sustainability Day.

The vegan society promotes veganism as a way of life that goes further than the plate and personal health. They advocate the importance of a plant-based diet in sustaining the environment, both for humans and animal. With social institutions including more plant-based options on their menu's, according to the society, over meat options, they are engaging in not only healthy eating, but sustainable eating.

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Vegan butternut squash curry, supplied
by Anglia Crown.

The NHS has been reported as catering for specific dietary requirements, such as vegan and vegetarian, but often there were large variations in quality and availability over regions. Their own website, states that such options are available. 

NutritionInsight has previously reported on the NHS engaging with the importance of the food and drinks that reach their patients' hospital trays.

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