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Lonza Receives Regulatory Approval for the Acquisition of Capsugel

29 Jun 2017 --- Lonza has received all regulatory approvals for the proposed acquisition of Capsugel S.A. by Lonza, the company has announced. With all final regulatory approvals in place, Lonza can now complete the transaction, which is expected to close in the next days subject to the satisfaction of customary closing conditions. 

Key Interview: Algatech Targets Synergistic Effects to Advance Microalgae Industry

27 Jun 2017 --- Interest in microalgae has surged over the past decade, and as a result, a growing number of companies have sought to develop new products and technologies to harness the myriad health benefits these unicellular species provide. And according to Algatechnologies, we have only seen the tip of the iceberg in terms of microalgae’s potential benefits and applications. 

Buhler Awarded Contract to Support Food Fortification Program in Pakistan

26 Jun 2017 --- To support the fortification of staple foods in Pakistan, the UK-based Food Fortification Program has awarded Bühler a multi-million contract to supply more than 1000 micro feeders in 2017 and 2018. The program is funded with US$48 million from the UK’s Department for International Development. By directly supporting local mills and food factories, the program is aiming to have a substantial impact on the well-being of close to 100 million people.

Parry Nutraceuticals and Synthite Industries Partner up for Phycocyanin Extraction

26 Jun 2017 --- Parry Nutraceuticals, a division of E.I.D. Parry and part of the Murugappa Group, has forged a partnership with Synthite Industries to apply proprietary patented technologies for the extraction of Phycocyanin, a natural blue pigment found in Spirulina. Natural Blue is one of the primary colors, and is difficult to master as there are very limited sources that are acceptable by regulatory bodies. Phycocyanin, extracted from Spirulina, is approved by all major regulatory bodies in US, Europe, Japan and South Korea as food color or functional ingredient, as well as being GRAS. 

FMC Sells Omega 3 Business to Pelagia

26 Jun 2017 --- Pelagia has signed a definitive agreement with FMC to acquire its Epax omega 3 business. The transaction the terms and financial details of which have not been disclosed is expected to be finalized by the end of the third quarter. It is, however, subject to the customary regulatory approvals and closing conditions.

Meat Bars, Protein Soda and RTD Meals Score at Sports & Active Nutrition Awards

23 Jun 2017 --- Carbonated protein soda, meat snack bars, ready to drink meals (RTD) and ingredients designed to mask the flavor of protein were the winners of Bridge2Food’s this year’s Sports & Active Nutrition Awards showcasing innovation, the use of natural, functional ingredients and the continued trend to adapt mainstream products for the active nutrition market. 

Regularly Consuming Fish Helps Ward off Rheumatoid Arthritis

23 Jun 2017 --- Those suffering from rheumatoid arthritis (RA) might want to consider upping their intake of fish, as researchers have recently discovered that individuals with RA who consumed fish more than twice a week had lower disease activity (swollen/tender joint counts along with other assessments) than those who never ate fish or just once a month. 

OptiBiotix Signs Major Supply Agreement for its Microbiome Modulating Cholesterol-Reduction Probiotic

19 Jun 2017 --- Life sciences company OptiBiotix has signed a three-year supply agreement with HLH BioPharma Vertriebs GmbH for its cholesterol-reducing LPLDL probiotic supplement. Research into the LPLDL probiotic, presented at Vitafoods Europe in May 2017, demonstrated that it is a safe natural ingredient which reduces blood pressure and cholesterol, key determinates of cardiovascular risk. 

DSM and Evonik Settle on Nebraska as a Site for Omega 3 Production

16 Jun 2017 --- Evonik and Royal DSM have settled on Blair, Nebraska, as the location for the commercial-scale production facility for their omega 3 fatty acids from natural marine algae for animal nutrition. DSM Nutritional Products and Evonik Nutrition & Care plan to invest around US$200 million in the facility (US$100 million by each party over approximately two years). 

NattoPharma Signs Agreement with Nutriangels, Expands MenaQ7 Brazil Presence

16 Jun 2017 --- NattoPharma has announced a new partnership with Nutriangels, a Brazilian nutraceutical brand with products that include chelated minerals, further expanding the presence of MenaQ7 Vitamin K2 as MK-7 in Brazil. The company reports that Nutriangels launched K2 + featuring MenaQ7 in Q2 2017, adding that the product has already been well received. K2 + is positioned to support both bone and cardiovascular health. 

Algatech Opens New US Subsidiary

15 Jun 2017 --- Algatech has opened Algatech Inc., a New York City-based subsidiary created to serve its customers in the North American market. The company is appointing Ken Seguine to lead the new operation. Algatech’s expansion into the US will accelerate development of the growing market in North America for its leading microalgae ingredient brand, AstaPure, as well as new microalgae sources in the pipeline. 

Valensa Joins Algae Biomass Organization to Drive Innovation In Microalgae Nutraceuticals

15 Jun 2017 --- Valensa International has joined the Algae Biomass Organization (ABO), a major trade association for the algae industry, thereby joining the growing ranks of companies and organizations that are becoming part of the ABO to create awareness about microalgae as a sustainable source of human nutrition, animal feed, water treatment services, chemicals, fuels and countless other products. 

Hyris Introduces Platform for On-Site Genomic Identification of Botanical Species

14 Jun 2017 --- Indena and Hyris last month signed a strategic cooperation agreement for the development of methods dedicated to the genomic identification of botanical species, based on unique sets of reagents for specific DNA sequences (bKITs) and the use of Hyris’ bCUBE, a state-of-the-art device for the analysis of nucleic acids. Speaking to NutritionInsight at Vitafoods Europe, Hyris CTO Lorenzo Colombo explains that the portable DNA analysis platform “is made available not only to experienced users but also to non-experienced users,” and is highly user-friendly.

ExcelVite Passes US FDA Inspection

13 Jun 2017 --- PIC/S GMP-certified palm phytonutrients producer ExcelVite has announced the successful completion of its quality audit/inspection by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The inspection was conducted over three days at its production site in Malaysia. 

SternLife Places its Bets on On-Trend Sports and Health Foods

13 Jun 2017 --- SternLife has announced that it is strengthening its market position with an enhanced product portfolio, additional production capacities and packaging options. The private label supplier in the health, sport and lifestyle nutrition sector focuses on creative product concepts, such as a new high-protein bar mix. 

Key Interview: Ganeden Looks for Probiotic Opportunities Beyond Digestive Health

09 Jun 2017 --- Consumers increasingly self-diagnose and experiment with diets that they believe will improve gut health. These personalized diets are creating new opportunities for free from and fortification. Innova Market Insights has reported +25% CAGR from 2012 to 2016 for food & beverage launches with a digestive health positioning, with probiotics benefiting. In fact there was a +30% CAGR in new products featuring the word “probiotic” during this period, despite the term currently not being allowed in EU markets.

FrieslandCampina, NIZO, NutriLeads Join Forces to Accelerate Health Benefits Development

08 Jun 2017 --- FrieslandCampina, NIZO and NutriLeads are joining forces in the Challenge consortium, which will aim to develop new food ingredients that will support resistance to infections, as well as affordable and predictive research models in healthy volunteers to allow companies accelerated market access.

Study Uncovers Hard Data on Food Allergies

01 Jun 2017 --- Research has found that 3.6 percent of people had a documented food allergy, with highest rates among females and Asians. Investigators from Brigham and Women's Hospital combed through medical records from more than 2.7 million patients, identifying more than 97,000 with one or more documented food allergy or intolerance. Their findings are published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

Marinova’s Maritech Fucoidan Attains GRAS Status

30 May 2017 --- Australian biotechnology company Marinova has announced that its Maritech fucoidan extracts have attained GRAS (Generally Recognised As Safe) status. Fucoidan is a bioactive polysaccharide that occurs naturally in brown seaweed. According to the company, these Maritech ingredients are the first and only high purity fucoidan extracts to achieve FDA notified GRAS status.

Vitamin D Supplementation During Pregnancy Helps Protect Babies Against Asthma

30 May 2017 --- Taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy can positively modify the immune system of the newborn baby, according to a study published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology. A boost to the immune system could help protect the child against asthma and respiratory infections, a known risk factor for developing asthma in childhood.