Weight Management

Arla Launches High Protein Snacks For On-The-Go Health-Focused Consumers

05 Apr 2017 --- Arla has launched a new range of high protein dairy products that aim to tap into both the healthy eating and on-the-go snack market. The launch of the Arla Protein Pouches and Arla Protein Greens comes at a time when the company’s yoghurt category is thriving, and protein continues to rein king with consumers.

Holista Enter Medical-Grade Collagen Market

03 Apr 2017 --- Holista is set to enter the medical-grade collagen market after announcing that it will supply collagen made from skins of Australian sheep and lambs exclusively to units of Australia’s Keneric Medical Supplies Pty Ltd.

No Scientific Evidence that Sugar is Addictive and Leads to Weight Gain, Finds Study

31 Mar 2017 --- A study conducted by researchers at Maastricht University has found “no scientific evidence to support the general assumption that sugar is addictive and leads to weight gain.” The research comes at a time when high sugar content in food products is being penalized due to previous associations with obesity and ill health.

Nexira Defends Dietary Fiber Labeling for Acacia Gum Amid New FDA Rules

21 Mar 2017 --- Nexira, the world leader of acacia gum, along with other partners and regulatory advisors, has been working to highlight the benefits of its key ingredient ahead of FDA amendments on American Food Labeling, which may see the ingredient’s status as dietary fiber removed. However, the company remain confident that the amendments will confirm the dietary fiber status of acacia gum.

Canadian Scientists Create Food Guide for Brain Health in Older Adults

17 Mar 2017 --- Scientists at Baycrest, home to the Canadian Centre for Aging and Brain Health Innovation, have led the development of the first Canadian Brain Health Food Guide to help adults over 50 preserve their thinking and memory skills as they age. 

DuPont Probiotics Beneficial to Immune Function in Healthy Elderly Subjects

15 Mar 2017 --- The DuPont Danisco range of premium probiotics can enhance cellular immune activity in healthy elderly adults, according to a new systematic review and meta-analysis. The new findings make way for the company’s probiotic product, DuPont HOWARU Protect Senior, which is aimed at the elderly population.

Study Highlights Link Between Diet and Global Climate Change

09 Mar 2017 --- You are what you eat, as the saying goes, and while good dietary choices boost your own health, they also could improve the health care system and even benefit the planet. Healthier people mean not only less disease but also reduced greenhouse gas emissions from health care.

New Low Carb Diet Claims to Tackle Obesity & Diabetes

06 Mar 2017 --- The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) has released a book outlining their new low carb, high protein diet, which they say “provide another great option for people concerned about weight management or type 2 diabetes.”

Equol May Offer Heart Protective Benefits, Yet Only 20-30% of People in Western Countries can Produce it

22 Feb 2017 --- Being able to produce equol, a substance made by "good" gut bacteria when they metabolize micronutrients found in dietary soy (isoflavones), has been linked to providing protective benefits of the heart. However, new research shows how only 20-30% percent of people in Western countries can produce the substance, compared with 50-60% in Asian countries.

Scientifically-Designed Fasting Diet Lowers Major Disease Risk in Humans

17 Feb 2017 --- For the first time, scientists have proven that intermittent fasting can have health benefits in humans. Prior studies have indicated a range of health benefits in mice, but the new study from researchers at the USC Leonard Davis School of Gerontology, shows how human participants can lose weight and reduce their risk of life-threatening disease without any changes to their regular diet.

Obese Couples May Take Longer to Achieve Pregnancy, Study Suggests

03 Feb 2017 --- Couples in which both partners are obese may take from 55 to 59 percent longer to achieve pregnancy, compared to their non-obese counterparts, according to a study by researchers at the National Institutes of Health.

Study Provides New Evidence that Exercise is Not Key to Weight Control

03 Feb 20107 --- An international study led by Loyola University Chicago is providing compelling new evidence that exercise may not be the key to controlling weight.

EFSA Update Health Claim Application Advice

01 Feb 2017 --- EFSA has updated its advice for applicants on how to prepare and present a health claim application. The guidance presents a standardized format for a well-structured application and also details the kind of information and data applicants need to submit in support of their claim.

Alzheimer's Disease Linked to Lack of Vitamin A in the Womb

27 Jan 2017 --- Alzheimer's disease could begin in the womb or just after birth if, according to new research from the University of British Columbia. Scientists have suggested that biochemical reactions that cause the fetus or newborn to not get enough vitamin A could be the trigger.

Color of Sweetener Packet May Determine Sweetness Perception

24 Jan 2017 --- The packet color of nonnutritive sweeteners may impact the sweetness perception and overall liking of the product, according to a new study published in the Journal of Food Science.

Overweight Affects Almost Half the Population of all Countries in Latin America and the Caribbean

20 Jan 2017 --- Obesity and overweight are on the rise throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, and are particularly prevalent among women and children, according to a new report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

BASF and Nuritas Collaborate to Develop New Peptide Ingredients

19 Jan 2017 --- BASF Human Nutrition and Nuritas have announced that they are collaborating in the commercialization and discovery of health-benefiting bioactive peptide networks that aim to improve human health and nutrition.

Study Shows Calorie Restriction is Beneficial to Aging

18 Jan 2017 --- A collaboration between two competing research teams-- one from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and one from the National Institute on Aging, has shown that restricting calories helps rhesus monkeys live longer and healthier lives. 

New Studies Refute Hypothesis That Low Calorie Sweeteners Cause Weight Gain

17 Jan 2017 --- Following small changes in dietary and lifestyle habits including replacing sugar with low calorie sweeteners in food and beverages is a smart way to control body weight. Evidence supports that low calorie sweeteners’ use in place of sugar and as part of a behavioural weight loss program can lead to reduced energy intake and be a helpful tool in weight management. Adding further evidence to the already existing science, three new studies support the beneficial role of low calorie sweeteners in weight control and refute the hypothesis that they contribute to weight gain. 

Added Sugars Found in Two-Thirds of Packaged Food Items in Canada

13 Jan 2017 --- An analysis of over 40,000 commonly available packaged foods and beverages in Canada has found that 66 per cent of these products - including some infant formulas and baby food products and many so-called 'healthier' foods such as yogurt, juice, breakfast cereals, and snack bars - have at least one added sugar in their ingredients list, according to new research from Public Health Ontario (PHO) and the University of Waterloo.