Sports Nutrition

BioActor Clean Performance Ingredient Muscles its Way Into Sports Nutrition Market

22 Jun 2017 --- As sports nutrition has continued its move mainstream, one major feature has been the rising interest in active nutrition, which is giving a performance positioning to more food and beverage products. One highly innovative ingredient that could exploit this market trend toward natural sports nutrition is WATTS’UP, an innovative ingredient developed by BioActor that has just been adopted in GNC’s Beyond Raw Precision BCAA Anabolic Recovery & Power Output (end of 2016, US) and Born Watts & Minerals Electrolyte Drink (early 2017, The Netherlands). The performance ingredient can offer the typical clean and natural label of “orange flavonoid extract.”

Arla Foods Launches New Whey Protein Solution

15 Jun 2017 --- Arla Foods Ingredients has launched a new whey protein solution that the companys says ensures that the protein bars it is used in stay soft for at least a year. Nearly half of US consumers (45%) purchased a high-protein bar in the past month, according to research. However, due to textural deterioration during shelf life – a common issue with high-protein snack bars – it’s likely that many of the bars had lost their soft and chewy texture by the time they were eaten.

Sea Lettuce Product Among Sports Nutrition Award Nominees

12 Apr 2017 --- Bridge2Food has announced some of the nominees for this year’s Bridge2Food Sports & Active Nutrition Awards which celebrate the innovators creating the next generation of categories, products, beverages and ingredients to cater to increasingly health conscious consumer. The nominees are Nootropics, sports shots and organic magnesium from sea lettuce.

Special Report: The Consumers & Innovation Driving the Sports Nutrition Sector

10 Apr 17 --- If there’s one market in the nutrition sector that can’t stay still for a second, it’s sports nutrition. Today NutritionInsight learns more about the consumers driving the latest sports nutrition trends, along with the challenges and opportunities occupying this lucrative, yet tricky corner of the nutrition industry.

UK Health Organizations Assess Availability of Gluten-Free Foods on Prescription

03 Apr 2017 --- The Department of Health has launched a formal consultation on possible changes to the availability of gluten free foods on prescription, suggesting that due to the increased availability of gluten free products, the need for an NHS prescription has greatly decreased. 

Nestlé to Expand Nutritional Products Manufacturing Capacity in US

10 Feb 2017 --- Nestlé has announced that it intends to expand its manufacturing facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Currently, these factories are used to manufacture more than 200 products, including infant formulas, medical nutrition products and nutritional drinks.

PEAK ATP Proven to Boost ATP Levels and Muscle Excitability

08 Feb 2017 --- A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, has shown that administration of PEAK ATP from TSI USA, an oral adenosine triphosphate (ATP), prevents exercise-induced declines in ATP, while enhancing peak power and muscular excitability.

Nitrosigine Found to Boost Cognitive Performance in Active Adults

31 Jan 2017 --- The results of two placebo-controlled human studies, published in “Nutrients”, have indicated that Nitrosigine – bonded arginine silicate (ASI) – significantly improves cognitive acuity, including processing speed and executive functioning. 

Arla Targets Mainstream Sports Nutrition Market With More Whey Hydrolysates Products

25 Jan 2017 --- Arla Foods Ingredients has unveiled a new generation of whey hydrolysates that they hope will take these “gold standard” proteins into the mainstream sports nutrition market for the first time.

Sabinsa's DigeZyme Shows Benefit For Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

11 Jan 2017 --- New Research has shown that Sabinsa's multi-enzyme complex DigeZyme, a proprietary blend of non-animal sourced enzymes potential for more rapid recovery from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). The study was published in Sports Nutrition and Therapy.

Gelatin Before Intensive Exercise Could Improve Bone and Muscle Health

21 Dec 2016 --- Consuming a gelatin supplement, followed by a burst of intensive exercise, can help build ligaments, tendons and bones, according to a new study from Keith Baar's Functional Molecular Biology Laboratory at the UC Davis College of Biological Sciences and the Australian Institute of Sport.

Future Supplements: Clean, Clear And Functional

01 Oct 2016 ---  Some 5 years after being acquired by private equity firm KKR [August 2011], former Pfizer owned Capsugel is broadening its technological reach to target clean label and functionality demands, as it applies its pharmaceutical steeped technology into the health & nutrition sphere.

Cambridge Commodities to be Exclusive Supplier of Genosa’s Hytolive Product

23 Aug 2016 --- Nutritional ingredient supplier Cambridge Commodities has announced that it is the exclusive UK supplier of Genosa’s Hytolive, a pure hydroxytyrosol extract ingredient.

Study Finds That Tart Cherry Juice Could Aid Recovery After Exercise

12 Aug 2016 --- The study published in the Journal Nutrients shows that consumption of Montmorency tart cherry juice may improve athletic performance and aid in recovery after exercise.

New Workout Powders Claim To Hydrate Body and Promote Muscle Repair

11 Aug 2016 --- The new workout powders from 1 UP Nutrition claim to keep the body hydrated during exercise as well as promoting recovery afterwards. There are two powders, one specifically for men and the other for women.

Protein Beer Plugging Gap Between Fitness and Leisure Industries

09 Aug 2016 --- A growing interest in protein beer could put pints back on the table for people wanting to get or stay in shape.

XYIENCE Protein Bars, The First to Feature Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine

05 Aug 2016 --- XYIENCE have launched XYIENCE Protein Bars, the first such products to contain Sustamine L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine.

Clasado’s Bimuno Demonstrates Significant Efficacy in the Reduction of Exercise-Induced Asthma in Clinical Study

04 Aug 2016 --- Clasado Biosciences Limited, the producers and suppliers of Bimuno(R) (B-GOS), a unique patented trans-galactooligosaccharide complex, have announced the publication of results for the latest clinical study using B-GOS.

Opinion Edge: Functionals to Meet Healthy Living Needs

01 Aug 2016 ---  Key suppliers offer their thoughts on the trends that will drive the nutritionals market forward. What has the rise of the “healthy living” trend and more holistic approach had on the nutrition industry?

Happy Hormone's Calcium Connection May Make Cows and Humans Healthier

26 Jul 2016 --- Serotonin is best known for eliciting feelings of happiness in the human brain, but scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found the hormone plays a role in milk production in dairy cows -- and may have health implications for breastfeeding women.