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Key Interview: How the FODMAP Trend Could Affect the Dietary Fiber Market

25 Apr 2017 --- The low FODMAP trend is making ripples in the nutrition industry, with Nestle recently launching its low FODMAP snack drink, “ProNourish” designed to help people with IBS snack easily, and get enough low FODMAP fiber on the go.

Today NutritionInsight talks to Dr Stefan Siebrecht, the Managing Director of Taiyo in Germany, who provided the low FODMAP dietary fiber, Sunfiber, which is used in the new nutritional drink. We chat about what opportunity the low FODMAP trend presents the company, and how the Sunfiber brand could profit from it.

Newly Discovered Molecular Mechanism Offers Perspectives on Targeting Autoimmune Diseases

19 Apr 2017 --- Scientists of the Luxembourg Institute of Health (LIH) have discovered a so far unknown molecular mechanism by which the human immune system activates its immune cells: T cells, a particular type of white blood cells, effectively ward off pathogens if a gene known as Gclc is expressed within them. The Gclc gene encodes a protein instrumental for the production of a substance called glutathione – a molecule that was previously known only to eliminate harmful waste products of metabolism such as reactive oxygen species and free radicals.

Applied Food Sciences Secure Patent for Producing Guayusa Extract

28 Mar 2017 --- Applied Food Sciences, Inc. (AFS) has announced it is now the exclusive owner of a process patent that covers the production of enriched natural guayusa, from a single source plant, containing antioxidants, amino acids and caffeine.

Arla’s Added Value Milk Products Boost Milk Category by $116m in 2016

16 Mar 2017 --- Added value milk products by Arla Foods UK have successfully boosted the milk category by £95m ($116m) in 2016, with 1.5 million shoppers trading up from standard fresh milk to an Arla branded product offering additional benefits.

Curcumin – Clinical Support for Bioavailability of Wacker Product

24 Feb 2017 --- A clinical study that was recently published in the European Journal of Nutrition shows that the bioavailability of curcumin can be increased significantly with the help of gammadextrin – by a factor of 40 compared to conventional curcumin extract. 

Positive Proof of Concept for NutriLeads Key Ingredient

02 Jan 2016 --- Nutrition and health start-up NutriLeads is celebrating the beginning of 2017 following the positive findings of a proof of concept study for humans in connection with the lead ingredient Immuno Modulatory Plant Polysaccharide-1(IMPP-1). 

Enhancing Immunity: 10 NPD Examples

22 Dec 2016 ---  Global new product launches positioned on an immunity platform continue to increase, with +5% growth recorded in 2015 from 2014. Excluding the Baby Food category, the leading sub-categories for immune health product launch activity are Sports Powders, Juice & Juice Drinks, Tea, Drinking Yogurt/Fermented Beverages and Hard Candy.

KEY INTERVIEW: Growth for the Krill Oil Market

20 Dec 2016 --- RIMFROST AS, a Norwegian vertically integrated krill company offering krill oil and krill powder to the world's food supplement markets, was granted regulatory approval in Brazil back in September. The approval marked a milestone for the company, which has been working towards entering the South American market. The health and wellness market remains strong in Brazil, and consumers are increasingly looking for natural products with a high degree of added value, something that RIMFROST are sure they are able to provide.

Progressive Laboratories Introduces NitroGenesis Pro with New Setria Performance Blend

06 Dec 2016 --- Progressive Laboratories is one of the first supplement companies to use a patent-pending blend of L-Citrulline and glutathione to enhance production of nitric oxide (NO).

Nestlé Health Science Collaborate with Aimmune on Food Allergy Project

08 Nov 2016 --- Nestlé Health Science has announced that it will make an equity investment of $145 million in US-based Aimmune Therapeutics, to accelerate the development of technology designed to desensitize people with food allergies, protecting them from the consequences of accidental exposure. 

New Research Finds Vitamin C Could Aid Treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia

30 Aug 2016 --- New findings have shown that by supplementing an epigenetic cancer drug called decitabine with vitamin C, it enhanced the drug's ability to impede cancer cell growth and trigger cellular self-destruction in cancer cell lines, prompting the start of a dedicated pilot study.

New Research Suggests Probiotics Could Prevent Allergies And Dairy Dust Could Protect Against Asthma

22 Aug 2016 --- Further allergy research has suggested probiotics could prevent or reduce allergies in children, and that dairy dust found in dairy farms could protect against the development of asthma.

US FDA Announces New Pre Market Guidelines For Food Supplements

12 Aug 2016 --- The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued revised draft guidance for the use of New Dietary Ingredients (NDIs) in order to improve the premarket safety notifications given to them by dietary supplement companies. 

GlaxoSmithKline and Alphabet Create $715 Million Bioelectronics Firm

01 Aug 2016 --- GlaxoSmithKline have announced an agreement with Verily Life Sciences LLC, an Alphabet company, to form Galvani Bioelectronics to enable the research, development and commercialisation of bioelectronic medicines. GSK will hold a 55% equity interest in the new jointly owned company and Verily will hold 45%.

Scientists Have Discovered Potent Anti-Inflammatory Effects of Sage and Rosemary

29 Jul 2016 --- Two plant-derived compounds found in sage and rosemary may be effective for fighting inflammation and pain, according to new research. Diterpenoids are found in certain plants, fungi and marine organisms with two in particular, carnosol (CS) and carnosic acid (CA), known to interfere with multiple pathways in the human body association with pain and inflammation.

Boysenberries Could be Beneficial to Asthma Sufferers Says New Zealand Study

27 Jul 2016 --- Scientists from New Zealand have made new discoveries on the role polyphenols play in reducing the effects of asthma and chronic airway inflammation. Globally it is estimated that 150 million people are affected by asthma, with children making up around 10 percent of sufferers.In New Zealand, one of every nine adults and every seven children are prescribed asthma medication.

Walnuts May Help in Inhibiting Colon Cancer Risk Factors

05 May 2016 --- New research has found that lipid extract from walnuts may positively affect the self-renewal capacity of cancer stem cells (CSCs) in colon cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide.

NutriScience Launch New Spray Dried Lactoferrin

22 Apr 2016 --- NutriScience Innovations LLC, a leading global supplier of nutritional ingredients and functional raw materials, has launched its newest functional specialty ingredient: Spray Dried Lactoferrin.

Red Palm Oil Supplementation Aids Liver Disease Patients, Study Shows

13 Apr 2016 --- Red palm oil supplementation has been found to reduce lipid peroxidation and monocyte tissue factor in chronic liver disease patients.

Allergy UK Launches New Accreditation Scheme for Caterers

05 Apr 2016 --- Allergy UK is launching the Allergy Aware Scheme, a new accreditation for catering outlets, after conducting research that found food allergy and intolerance suffers do not feel confident eating out.