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Diet High in Animal Protein Associated with NAFLD: Study

24 Apr 2017 --- A study has found that a diet high in animal protein was associated with a higher risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a condition which affects approximately 1 billion people worldwide. The study, conducted in the Netherlands, also showed that fructose consumption per se might not be as harmful as previously assumed.

EFSA Launches Consultation on Draft Opinion on Riboflavin Dietary Reference Values

24 Apr 2017 --- The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has announced an open consultation on its draft scientific opinion on dietary reference values (DRV) for riboflavin for adults, infants and children, pregnant and lactating women. The opinion finds that average riboflavin requirements range from 1.3 mg/day for adults to 0.5 mg/day for children aged 1 to 3 years and proposes a number of areas that require further research.

No Difference Between Fast and Slow Proteins on Long Term Muscle Adaptation

24 Apr 2017 --- A new study looking into the effects of protein intake on muscle mass and strength during resistance training has shown that the supplementation with 100% fast protein and 50% of fast protein does not lead to higher long-term adaptations in muscle.

Aker Biomarine Withdraws Patent Lawsuit Against Rimfrost

21 Apr 2017 --- Aker Biomarine has voluntarily withdrawn its complaint at the International Trade Commission (ITC), alleging that krill manufacturer Rimfrost had violated several of its patents.

Olygose Expands its Range of Prebiotic Fibers

21 Apr 2017 --- Natural health ingredients supplier Olygose has announced an agreement with Korean supplier Neo Cremar for the distribution of its organic fructo-oligo-saccharides (FOS) and galacto-oligo-saccharides (GOS). Neo Cremar’s Nature’s Oligo FOS is obtained from organic sugarcane and is suitable for use as a prebiotic in functional foods, dietary supplements and for sugar replacement. 

Vegan Protein Bar Among New Roquette Food Concepts

20 Apr 2017 --- Roquette’s insights into nutrition trends will be on display at Vitafoods Europe, where the company will showcase a range of new food concepts informed by key consumer trends, such as the need to reduce sugar, the growing interest in infant cognitive health and the mainstreaming of sports nutrition.

Gluten Free Has Gone Mainstream in Ireland, Survey Finds

20 Apr 2017 --- Gluten free has now gone mainstream with one in five (20%) Irish people shopping for gluten free food regularly, according to new Bord Bia research. The gluten free market in Ireland is estimated to be worth around €66 million, experiencing a 36% increase since last year (Kantar Worldpanel). Despite only 1% of the Irish population having been medically diagnosed with celiac disease, the research found that a gluten free diet is particularly popular among the upper and middle class earners, over indexing in the Munster area and amongst pre and older families. According to the research, the desire for a healthy lifestyle is the key driver. 

Study Finds High-Fat, High-Carb Diet a Cause of Osteoarthritis

19 Apr 2017 --- Scientists have found that saturated fat changes the composition of cartilage, particularly in the weight-bearing joints of the hip and knee, making it a prime suspect in the onset of osteoarthritis. Research, published today in Scientific Reports, conducted by Professor Yin Xiao, from Queensland University of Technology's Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation and his team, is possibly the first study to investigate the association between osteoarthritis and common dietary fatty acids. The research was conducted in collaboration with Professor Lindsay Brown and his team at University of Southern Queensland.

Anlit Bridge “Flavor Gap” with Chocolate Flavor Omega 3 Chew

19 Apr 2017 --- Anlit, Ltd has launched a high DHA & EPA omega 3 supplement in a single, fish-shaped chew for children and adults. Anlit’s “Kidi Bites” omega 3 supplement is a chocolate-flavored single-serving chew containing a high concentration of DHA and EPA with a total of 150mg omega 3 fatty acids per single unit. The company hopes to fill the “flavor gap” by providing a great tasting omega 3 supplement.

Beetroot Supplement Could Improve Brain Function in Older Adults Before Exercise

19 Apr 2017 --- A beetroot juice supplement before working out could make the brain of older adults perform more efficiently, mirroring the operations of a younger brain, according to a new study by scientists at Wake Forest University. The study, "Beet Root Juice: An Ergogenic Aid for Exercise and the Aging Brain," was published in the peer-reviewed Journals of Gerontology: Medical Sciences.

Zinc Intake Affects Cardiac Health, New Study Finds

19 Apr 2017 --- The level of zinc in the body affects the heart muscle, according to a new study. The research suggests that when oxidative stress occurs, it may be due to a shortage of zinc, which can be determined by examining the heart muscle.

Carniking L-Carnitine Increases Performance and Recovery of Working Dogs

19 Apr 2017 --- New Lonza-sponsored research conducted at Four Rivers Kennel LLC, in Walker, MO (US), has demonstrated the positive impact L-Carnitine, as Carniking, can play in the performance and recovery of working dogs.

Nutritious Seaweed and Lobster Jelly Snack is Dairy-Free Alternative for Kids Who Shun Milk

18 Apr 2017 --- South Australian researchers have developed a jelly snack for children made from seaweed and lobster in a bid to boost their calcium levels as large amounts of kids are not drinking enough milk. Due for commercial release next year, the dairy-free food is called SeaNu which has been created using biorefinery technology that takes the seaweed and lobster shell, formulates it into a small jelly for children, perfect for them to pack into school lunchboxes. 

Robertet Launches Two Ingredients for Skin and Joint Health

18 Apr 2017 --- Robertet has launched two new natural solutions for the skincare and joint health markets: a beauty drink aimed at restoring skin hydration and decreasing wrinkles, and a melon juice concentrate powder aimed at decreasing pain and muscular tensions.

New Registry to Increase Transparency in US Supplement Industry: Association

18 Apr 2017 --- The US’ Consumer Healthcare Products Association (CHPA) is encouraging its member companies who market dietary supplements to submit their product labels to the Supplement OWL (Online Wellness Library), a new dietary supplement product label registry set to launch in April. This announcement follows discussions between CHPA and its Dietary Supplements Committee, where the association and its committee members reviewed the rationale for the registry and the process by which labels would be submitted.

Dietary Supplement May Enhance Dairy Cattle Health and Reproductive Capacity

18 Apr 2017 --- Animal scientist Phil Cardoso knew that milk protein increases when dairy cows are fed the amino acid methionine, but he suspected that the supplement might have additional health benefits. "I wondered, 'Is that the only thing methionine is doing?'" the University of Illinois assistant professor says. "If I'm eating well, am I just going to put on more muscle, or am I going to be healthier overall? It's good to look at the protein in milk, but I wanted to see if other things are changing, such as reproduction."

Dialpha Asset Acquisition Among Milestones as Naturex Open Innovation Program Marks One Year

13 Apr 2017 --- Since its launch in March 2016, Naturex’s Ingenium Program has seen a number of significant achievements and is well-positioned to support Naturex in reaching its Bright2020 (5-year plan) objectives, the company reports. The open innovation program was launched with the aim of advancing technological breakthroughs and accelerating the introduction of new products through external collaborations.

Alfalfa Protein Concentrate Touted as “Next Superfood”

13 Apr 2017 --- L-RD (Luzerne-Research & Development) has developed an alfalfa protein concentrate, Luzixeen, based on 100% French alfalfa. The plant-based alternative to animal proteins has a protein content of 45 to 60% and can be sprinkled on salads, soups or yogurt, and used in the formulation of bars, beverages, food supplements, biscuits and protein shakes.

Intestinal Bacteria May Protect Against Diabetes, Study Finds

12 Apr 2017 --- A high concentration of indolepropionic acid in the serum protects against type 2 diabetes, shows a new study from the University of Eastern Finland. Indolepropionic acid is a metabolite produced by intestinal bacteria, and its production is boosted by a fiber-rich diet. According to the researchers, the discovery provides additional insight into the role of intestinal bacteria in the interplay between diet, metabolism and health.

GELITA Targets Gelatine for Soft Capsules

11 Apr 2017 --- Collagen proteins manufacturer GELITA is to present RXL R², a gelatine for soft capsules with fast fill release performance, at this year’s Vitafoods Europe. GELITA RXL R² has taken the reduced cross-linking concept provided by GELITA RXL one step further and brings revolutionary release (R²) performance to the market (3 times faster fill release compared to standard gelatine).