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The benefit of probiotics in the gut and gut-brain axis

 26 Jan 2023

Join this webinar to learn how specific scientifically proven strains like Chr. Hansen’s DDS-1® can support gastrointestinal health and alleviate stress related to gastrointestinal discomfort.

Our expert team will walk you through the fascinating connection between the gut and the brain, explain probiotic modes of action, and spotlight the strong clinical evidence on Chr. Hansen’s DDS-1® strain. 

21 Nov 2023 | Chr. Hansen Human Health

Chr. Hansen delves into the areas of gut and gut-brain health: Christopher Martoni, PhD will take you on a journey through the fascinating science behind Chr. Hansen’s newest probiotic strain: CLEPIUS™ L. plantarum.

16 Nov 2023 | Gnosis by Lesaffre

Many factors influence women's health at all stages, especially the impact of modern lifestyles. Healthy habits are the best way to avoid illness and prolong life, but supplementation is crucial to ensure all nutritional needs are met. Research supports the emerging role of folate in improving various health... Read More

09 Nov 2023 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor, Missy Green, for a rundown of this flagship edition, focusing on dairy and alternatives innovation. She’ll flip through the key takeaways from articles covering AI in R&D, the proliferation of diverse “milk” NPD, food safety obstacles for plant-based proteins and... Read More

02 Nov 2023 | Bartek

Vegan vitamin, mineral, and supplement (VMS) gummies are popular. However, they pose challenges for manufacturers since the active ingredients affect pH and pectin gelling. You can overcome these issues and create perfect pectin gummies by combining the right formula, process, and equipment.After the... Read More

25 Oct 2023 | Rousselot

Sports Nutrition has become a key category which now reaches beyond elite athletes and hardcore sporters. New market players, increasing innovations and demand from all demographics have pushed Sports Nutrition & Active lifestyle into the mainstream. As competition increases, being able to differentiate a... Read More

17 Oct 2023 | Euromed

The presentation aims to showcase the potential of three botanical extracts (Pomanox®, Spisar®, and CuberUp®) from Euromed in supporting athletic performance, joint health, muscle strength, and cognitive function, promoting an active lifestyle and youthful well-being for consumers.

11 Oct 2023 | Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

In this webinar, Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute experts dive into the challenges and opportunities for future innovation in the ever-evolving sodium reduction market by answering questions such as;1. What is the current global regulatory landscape for sodium and what public health initiatives are working... Read More

05 Oct 2023 | Gnosis by Lesaffre

LifeinU® BSCU1 is a stable probiotic that supports immune health. This Bacillus subtilis is extremely stable making it perfect to be formulated into long shelf-life applications such as dietary supplements and functional foods. After an initial clinical study, Gnosis by Lesaffre decided to investigate... Read More

26 Sep 2023 | Balchem Human Nutrition & Health

With the end of summer approaching, parents are gearing up for the annual ritual of getting ready for the new school year. Beyond school supplies, prioritizing good nutrition is vital for optimal school performance. Choline and iron are key players in the healthy development of children. Join Oliver Riemann... Read More

14 Sep 2023 | CNS Media

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor Missy Green for a quick presentation of this month’s edition, which focuses on snacking innovation. She’ll break down the key takeaways from articles covering topics such as fiber-enhanced snacks ingredients, clean label and plant-based formulation, as well as the... Read More

12 Sep 2023 | Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients

Pre, Pro and Postbiotics have gained popularity in the EMEA region for their potential to improve digestive health, boost immunity, and enhance overall well-being. However, formulating and delivering them effectively to ensure their maximum efficacy remains a significant challenge. Brands have to innovate to... Read More

07 Sep 2023 | Lubrizol

As they adopt a holistic approach to boosting wellness, consumers seek products that not only contain science-backed, clinically substantiated ingredients with proven benefits but also those that offer sensory appeal to satisfy their more intangible, emotional side. The new paradigm delves into how consumers... Read More

10 Aug 2023 | The World of Food Ingredients

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor Missy Green for a brief presentation of this month’s edition, which focuses on supplements, nutraceuticals and sports nutrition. She’ll break down the key takeaways from articles covering the gut-brain axis and beyond, active ingredients for next-generation... Read More

16 Jun 2023 | CNS Media

Join The World of Food Ingredients’ editor Missy Green for a quick presentation of this month’s edition, which focuses on soups and sauces. She’ll break down the key takeaways from articles covering topics such as emerging fiber ingredients, vanilla as a complement in plant-based formulation, natural... Read More

14 Jun 2023 | Kerry Health & Nutrition Institute

Women’s Health has been recognised as one of the top 10 major health & nutrition trends in 2023 according to our KHNI research. Female-specific symptoms and diseases are numerous and widespread, yet our understanding of the female body is not comparable to what we know about men and there are many unmet... Read More

01 Jun 2023 | Roquette

Consumers globally are increasingly concerned about their personal health after the COVID-19 pandemic. While consumers know that fiber goes beyond digestive health, +80% of them say that fiber is important for achieving immune health, and high percentages acknowledge the importance of prebiotics for... Read More

23 May 2023 | Lactalis Ingredients

It is well established that nutrition during the first 1000 days of life can have major effects on growth and development. Moreover, this period is characterized by extreme sensitivity to external stimuli such as inadequate nutritional status of the infant which can interfere with the different stages of the... Read More