Lactium - Inner Peace, Outer Strength


Lactium® is a milk protein hydrolysate which contains a bioactive decapeptide with soothing properties. The peptide, also called a-casozepine, is isolated from a milk protein thanks to a "food grade" tryptic hydrolysis. Lactium® decreases stress-related symptoms and helps to cope with occasional and everyday stress. Lactium® does not cause any drowsiness, habituation, memory loss, sedation or addiction.

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Nutrition & Health News  06 April 2018

Immunity booster: Ingredia launches new lactoferrin ingredient

06 Apr 2018 --- Ingredia is to launch Proferrin, a native lactoferrin derived from French cow’s milk. According to the company, its expertise in cutting-edge separation techniques allows it to ensure that Proferrin features the highest purity on the market, with more than 96 percent of lactoferrin on total proteins. Proferrin aims to help people reinforce their immune system, such as children, pregnant women, athletes and the aging population. 

Nutrition & Health News  06 April 2015

Ingredia Nutritional Forms Distribution Agreement on Immune Health Ingredient

06 Apr 2015 --- Ingredia Nutritional, renowned for offering truly innovative ingredients with scientifically validated health benefits, will have a strong presence at Vitafoods Europe this year presenting the newest addition to their range: Wellmune. In fact, the company recently finalized an exclusive distribution agreement with Biothera – US biotechnology company dedicated to improving immune health – for the promotion of Wellmune to the functional food & beverage industry in Europe.

Nutrition & Health News  28 November 2014

Benexia Oil is First Chia Oil Authorized on the European Market As Novel Food

28 Nov 2014 --- After introducing in Europe the Chia Seed (Salvia hispanica L.) for its exceptional nutritional value, BENEXIA brings for the first time to the European market its Chia Oil, a very promising new product for the food and nutraceutical industry. BENEXIA products are produced by Functional Product Trading S.A. in Chile and exclusively distributed in Europe and Asia by Ingredia Nutritional.

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21 September 2018

Customizing nutritional solutions to Asian market needs

At Vitafooda Asia, Activ Inside highlighted their collaboration with Aqurate Ingredients from Malaysia which has been in place for two years. Benoit Lemaire of the company notes: “The problem with active ingredients is that the taste comes from polyphenols and it is not a taste that Asian people like to consume. So we have to find solutions and looked for a partner to reformulate the active ingredients in order to find a good taste. The first thing required is to have the good fruits and then to work on the sweetness of the formulation. We are checking with Aqurate the different applications, whether a shot or functional drink.” The company highlighted a product for the Malaysian market in a sachet form (Memo-X from CellLabs), based on grape and blueberry extract for memory enhancement.

04 September 2018

Growing recognition of clinical nutrition’s importance

NutritionInsight spoke with Professor André Van Gossum, M.D, European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism (ESPEN) Chairman at the 40th ESPEN Congress in Madrid, Spain, about the growing importance of nutritional therapies for clinical patients.

16 August 2018

The role for personalized nutritionals

DSM is increasingly eying the personalized nutrition space. “We are looking at diagnostics for monitoring, so non-invasive devices which can prove efficacy. At the same time we are working for delivery platforms. So we are partnering with many players in the industry as we don’t believe that it is just DSM or anyone in particular is going to do the job themselves in terms of the total platform. One good example is that we work with opticians on a device that measures the lutein content in your eyes. We are working with supplement providers, diagnostics suppliers. We also invested in Mixfit which offers a total solution that comes from both the diagnostics side in terms of providing science and information on what nutrition does and delivery formats,” says Ivo Lansbergen at the company.

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09 June 2017

Plant Proteins – Overcoming Inherent Hurdles

This webinar that looks to the future of plant-based proteins and meat alternatives including the marketplace, consumer insights, nutrition benefits, sourcing and suitability, and how nutrition and food science can work together to improve the nutritional profile of plant protein products and solve application challenges.