SternVitamin presents a new reference work on micronutrients 

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06 Jul 2018 --- SternVitamin has published a new book which seeks to provide ideas and advice for impactful micronutrient concepts. Micronutrients work. Little extras. Big benefits is a manual intended for product developers, marketers and other creatives in the food industry who are involved in new ideas for functional foods, nutritional supplements and the like.

Divided into sections corresponding to consumer life phases, the book gives an in-depth, scientific look at how various vitamins, minerals and plant extracts work. In easily comprehensible language it explains the micronutrients and combinations, and their suitability for various life phases and health conditions. 

Click to EnlargeThe application areas are divided into five sections based on the needs experienced by consumers today – Childbearing, Physical Health, Well-Being, Performance, Lifestyle. For example, the “Well-Being” section includes the chapter “Healthy Mind” which provides specifics on how certain B vitamins, iron, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids, lecithin and plant extracts boost brain performance. 

The “Lifestyle” section discusses targeted micronutrient supplements for vegans. Special color codes and icons guide the reader throughout this well-structured reference work. 

A foldout card shows the appropriate micronutrient combinations per application area. SternVitamin also suggests possible health claims in line with the latest EU directive, that can be used for marketing enriched foods and beverages. 

This 116-page practical manual Micronutrients work. Little extras. Big benefits is available from Robert Wenzel Verlag and costs 15 euros. 

Working to customer requirements, SternVitamin develops individual vitamin and mineral mixes that also include functional ingredients like amino acids and plant extracts. These micronutrient mixes are suitable for enriching foods, beverages and nutritional supplements. As a subsidiary of the independent, owner-operated Stern-Wywiol Gruppe, SternVitamin always has access to the concentrated expertise and modern applications technology of its sister companies.

NutritionInsight’s sister website, FoodIngredientsFirst, spoke to Stern-Wywiol CEO Torsten Wywiol about the outlook and opportunities that exist in the nutrition sector. Stern-Wywiol is eyeing strong potential in the nutritional space, with emerging platforms such as vegan being targeted. At this year’s Vitafoods in Geneva, their SternVitamin business presented micronutrient premixes that address individual consumer wishes. 

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Micronutrients for fortifying foods and beverages combine health aspects with convenience. Their importance for a balanced diet is increasing continuously. Established in 2006, SternVitamin offers a full service in micronutrient premixes: the company develops and blends vitamin premixes and mineral premixes specifically in response to customers’ requirements.

SternVitamin is a member of the Stern-Wywiol Gruppe and draws on the know-how of its sister company Mühlenchemie, that has been a significant global player in the field of flour fortification with vitamins and minerals for many years.

SternVitamin is in an excellent position to serve its customers: its profile includes applications research on a highly sophisticated level, an extensive knowledge of compounding, and close partnerships with universities and research institutions.

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