Senior bone health and cognition: Omya tablet concepts target key future NPD platforms

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09 Jan 2019 --- Mineral ingredients supplier Omya has developed two new functional tablet concepts for the senior nutrition category: fast-dissolving Omyasprint and chewable Omyabone. The tablets tap into a range of trending sectors, from cognitive and immune health to bone health. With the combined use of its proprietary calcium minerals and specialty ingredients from its distribution portfolio, Omya seeks to provide holistic solutions for various nutraceutical concepts that meet current market demands.

“Today’s consumers understand the benefits of preventing rather than curing disease. They are looking for nutritional all-in-one solutions and so it makes perfect sense to offer functional combinations that meet their needs. The dual role of Omya as a supplier of calcium carbonate and global distributor of specialty ingredients delivers real customer advantages,” says Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales & Marketing at Omya.

The berry-flavored Omyasprint prototype targets cognitive and immune health, while vitamin B12 helps to reduce fatigue. Seniors, as well as pregnant women and those who consume low amounts of animal-source foods, are at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency. As an orally disintegrating tablet (ODT), Omyasprint is designed to dissolve in the mouth within seconds, without the need for water. 

The primary challenge in ODT development is to simultaneously combine fast disintegration time, physical stability and acceptable mouthfeel with a cost-effective production process. This requires specific excipients that differ to those used in other oral dosage forms, the company notes. Click to Enlarge

Omyapharm aims to provide excellent carrier properties while also ensuring high mechanical stability and fast disintegration. Due to its mechanical strength, tablets formulated with Omyapharm can be filled in regular bottles, reducing costs and difficulty of the conditioning process.

Omyabone is a high-purity natural calcium source with 40 percent bioavailable calcium, Calcipur 2 - OG, specialized for an aging population seeking to maintain bone health and prevent osteoporosis.

Vitamins D3 and K2 also contribute to bone health and are embedded in the formulation. Both are essential for optimal calcium absorption and deposition into bones and are available through the Omya distribution portfolio.

At the recent HiE 2018 in Frankfurt, Omya presented its Calcipur range of natural calcium carbonates.  Speaking to NutritionInsight, Lander presented Omyabone, which was a prototype at the time.

“We have combined our own produced calcium in combination with vitamins. For calcium absorption you need D3 and vitamin K2 that help to bring calcium to the right part of the body,” he explained.  

“There are age groups that need more calcium, seniors and women over the age of 40 who are facing osteoporosis, for example. We came up with these concepts to demonstrate the way in which calcium can be used in various products,” Lander concludes.

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Switzerland-based company Omya is a global producer of natural calcium carbonate. Its “Consumer Goods” unit covers several application fields within the food and nutraceutical sector. A particular focus is calcium enrichment.

Fortification with Omya Calcipur®
In the field of supplementation, calcium carbonate is a globally recognized source of calcium that allows a number of related health claims. Thanks to its high elemental calcium content, only low dosages of Omya Calcipur® are required to provide a nutritional boost, positively affecting both cost and sensory impact. Possible areas of application include infant nutrition, (breakfast) cereals, bakery products and vegan dairy alternatives.

The ingredient can also be used to produce dietary supplements in solid dosage forms, such as vitamin D + calcium tablets for bone health.

More than “just” enrichment
Omya’s highly versatile calcium portfolio has multiple functionalities: it can act as a fortification agent, white pigment, extrusion aid and release agent for powdery products. Depending on the application in question, different ranges and brands are available to match specific requirements.

Thanks to its role as a global distributor, Omya possesses a comprehensive portfolio of multipurpose ingredients, such as natural food colors, yeast extracts, stevia, vitamins and other food supplements, as well as textured soy protein components. The combination of this vast application know-how with its wide choice of high-quality ingredients enables the company to develop holistic and tailored formulations. This all-round service is appreciated by customers all over the world.

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