Healthy aging and bone health at HiE 2018: Calcium carbonates, vitamin K2 and resveratrol among key ingredients

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30 Nov 2018 --- Due to the aging of the world’s population, there is an ongoing trend towards the enrichment of foods and beverages to avoid or prevent the health problems associated with growing older. At this year’s HiE in Frankfurt, Germany, bone health and senior nutrition were key themes and ingredient suppliers such as Omya, Faravelli and Evolva were keen to discuss their latest concepts which help target the growing trend for improving healthy aging.


At HiE 2018, Omya presented its Calcipur range of natural calcium carbonates. This all-round ingredient optimizes production processes and formulations, but is also a supreme fortification agent, according to the company. Thanks to a high bioavailability, this concentrated mineral source supports bone health as well as the proper functioning of muscles and nerves. Besides its nutritional qualities, the ingredient positively influences texture and processing, scoring well in applications such as powdered foods, bakery products, cereals, extruded snacks and vegan drinks.

Click to EnlargeStefan Lander, Omya  Speaking to NutritionInsight at the show, Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods at Omya, says: “We are very pleased to present our prototypes with calcium carbonate, which is a very pure, functional and nutritional ingredient.”

“The high elemental calcium content of approximately 40 percent means up to five times less Omya Calcipur is needed, compared with other available technical solutions, to achieve the same dose. This guarantees reduced costs and less impact on the sensory profile of the end product,” he explains.  

Moreover, calcium-related claims can also be made on packaging, says Lander.

Omya also presented Omyafit, an instant drink in sachet portion packaging which combines several specialty ingredients from the distribution portfolio with Omya Calcipur.

For powdered drink applications, anti-caking of the powder and good dispersion during preparation are of paramount importance, according to Lander. Both are guaranteed with calcium carbonate acting as a multifunctional processing aid. When it comes to ensuring an enjoyable drinking experience, it is vital to reduce calcium ingredient sedimentation to an absolute minimum.

The Omyafit food supplement contains 240mg calcium per 10-gram portion. This equates to 600mg natural calcium carbonate, offering 30 percent of the daily recommended intake and therefore allowing the nutritional on-packaging “high in calcium.” The further ingredient list of the Omyafit drink complements its range of calcium carbonate particles. Fortified with several vitamins such as C, D, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid and the minerals zinc, iron, selenium and chromium, it provides the perfect blend of essential micronutrients, according to the company.Click to Enlarge

Lander explains: “Thanks to the versatility of calcium carbonate in addition to our extensive formulation expertise and wide-ranging ingredient distribution portfolio, we can develop holistic products that combine the advantages of easy processing with indulgence and a highly valuable nutritional profile.”

Lander also discussed their prototype Omyabone, a chewable tablet containing Calcipur as the active ingredient, as well as vitamins K2 and D3 from the company’s distribution portfolio. With the combined use of its proprietary calcium minerals and specialty ingredients from its portfolio, Omya can provide holistic solutions for various nutraceutical concepts to meet current market demands, he says.

“We have combined our own produced calcium in combination with vitamins. For calcium absorption you need D3 and vitamin K2 that help to bring calcium to the right part of the body,” he adds.  

“There are obviously age groups who need more calcium, seniors and women over the age of 40 who are facing osteoporosis, for example. We came up with these concepts to demonstrate the way in which calcium can be used in various products.”

“Today’s consumers understand the benefits of preventing rather than curing disease. They are looking for nutritional all-in-one solutions, and so it makes perfect sense to offer functional combinations that meet their needs,” Lander concludes.


Tiziana Ferrari, the Co-Ordinator of Faravelli Nutra Division, also spoke with NutritionInsight about the trends on the market that relate to senior nutrition.

Click to EnlargeTiziana Ferrari, the Co-Ordinator of Faravelli Nutra Division   Seniors are a key consumer group in the market and at Faravelli, we are focused on this niche market which is becoming more popular. We have a strong focus on bone health and the ingredients that support the maintenance of healthy bones, which is, of course, one of the targets of the aging population.”

One of the ingredients that Faravelli is working with is vitamin K2, which, according to Ferrari, “moves calcium to the bones and reduces the risk of fractures.”

“Vitamin K2 is also ideal for women going through the menopause, and who are concerned about osteoporosis,” she notes. The lack of estrogen, a natural consequence of menopause, is directly related to a decrease in bone density. The longer a woman experiences lower estrogen levels, the lower her bone density is likely to be.

“K2 can prevent these type of problems, for the aging population and women in particular,” adds Ferrari.

“The K2 we are offering can be used both in food supplements and also in food applications. For example, K2 can be added to water or dairy foods, but food supplement concepts are also becoming more popular and easier to consume because you can take it in a pill, tablet or capsule format.”

“Natural ingredients are for sure a trend we see in the aging population and we are offering different ingredients and application concepts to suit these trends,” she adds

“Bone health is important for people who are aging and vitamin K2 is a real support to strengthening bones,” Ferrari comments. “Seniors are demanding they need more K2 to maintain their bones and keep them as strong as possible as they age.”

“We are also working on clinical trials and the importance of K2 in combination with calcium as the demand for bone health solutions continues to dominate the nutraceutical space,” adds Ferrari. “Faravelli’s nutraceutical ingredients and solutions are consumed to promote a total wellness effect for senior nutrition.”


Finally, Evolva presented its resveratrol ingredient, Veri-te, at this year’s HiE. Speaking to NutritionInsight, Sally Aaron, Senior Vice President, Health Ingredients and Marketing at Evolva, discussed the benefits of using resveratrol.

“Resveratrol is such an interesting molecule. Historically, it has been known as an antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, but the science around resveratrol has shown that it’s really more than that,” she claims. “It really works at a cellular level, on the regeneration of cells and because of that, there is a variety of areas where resveratrol can be applicable and beneficial to human health.”

Aaron notes that Evolva is currently funding a study in Australia, which is “the largest ever study of resveratrol focused on post-menopausal women.”

Click to EnlargeLeft to right: Clare Panchoo, Commercial Director EMEA (Nutritional) and Sally Aaron, Senior Vice President, Health Ingredients and Marketing at Evolva“The study is looking at the biomarkers related to bone health, cognition and mood, which can be affected when women reach a certain age. It also focuses on the way in which resveratrol could have a positive impact on those factors, where it becomes very relevant to the aging population and, most notably, women.”

Women’s health is an area of science where Evolva is advancing and understanding the benefits of the resveratrol, according to Aaron.

“Bone health is such a key issue right now and people are looking for ingredients that can help them support that demand from a consumer product standpoint to help women as they age, and help women feel better about themselves,” explains Aaron.

“Women’s health is, of course, a common topic of discussion, as is ‘beauty from within’ and we are seeing combinations of products that tap into both women’s health and bone health.”

At HiE, Evolva highlighted its support for innovation in applications and demonstrated its prototype products including a lemon stick, chocolate supplement and a cool water dispersible powder.

Click to EnlargeInnovation is an area which is very important for Evolva. We are passionate about resveratrol and we believe it holds great potential to support consumer trends. One trend we see happening for consumers is that they don’t really want a capsule anymore, they are interested in different applications areas,” Aaron states.

“Our cool water dispersible powder expands the application opportunities of resveratrol. It can be used in ready-to-go drink mixes, for example, and it goes beyond just a capsule. We are also highlighting our ready-to-go melt in the mouth lemon stick. You can easily carry it in your purse, take the supplement during any time of the day and we think it has a great lemon flavor, which appeals to many consumers and inspires new ideas and further concepts,” she continues.

“We also have a chocolate supplement prototype, which appeals to women especially. It is easy to consume, tasty and it doesn’t look medicated, it can be a snack consumed during the day, but it has all the benefits of a resveratrol supplement.”

“We are hoping to help our customers think of new ways in which they can deliver exciting applications for the end-consumers,” Aaron concludes.

By Elizabeth Green

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